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February 23, 2007



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If only Anna Nicole had heeded these words of wisdom:

"Before you stick your hands in there, think about it. There could something lurking in there to bite you," Page said.

You would think that as popular as they are, Wal-Mart would have a department dedicated to rattlesnakes, instead of keeping them in random boxes throughout the store.

Hmmmmm.....and in what section of which state did this occur?

i sure could use $28,000. if anyone needs me, i'll be in the garden center.

guess?? Dave is right!! we need that weirdo magnet outta here!!

*calling CJ to dig that thing up!*

Is the fact that the snake was 12 years old relevant? It was mentioned twice????

Mot, I wondered about that myself.

it is uncommon when a customer or associate comes across a snake in our garden center.

Just "uncommon"? One would hope for "extremely rare" or "it's happened twice in 25 years."

Just wait until some poor slob is mauled by a pack of lions in the lingerie department...

Now if people start getting bit while they are attempting to free themselves from the toilet seat they are glued to, that would be a situation..

...or by feral squirrels in the electronics department...

ah, yes. posterior....the end
where all snakes go my friend
they may start in Jakarta, Burma or France
they all end up right here in my pants
divergent origins, different species
all end up in the tunnel of feces
pulled inexorably toward the pit
in rhymes of completely juvenile wit

Just another reason not to shop at Wal Mart!

Am I the only one who looked at the TV call letters and thought WTF rather than wft? No? Maybe its too early here. (staggers off to make coffee and light the dynamite under teenager's bed to get him out of it)

Might need one of thoses suitcase nukes, I don't think dynamite is up to the task.


That is the second time in less than a year we have had a snake bite someone at a Central Florida Wal-Mart garden center. I think I will be staying out of the Wal-Mart garden center.

How do they know how old the snake is?

mud never ceases to amaze . . .

"Page took pictures of the reptile with his camera phone from his bed at the hospital."

I guess he got more attached to the snake than vice versa.

How big was the cup to imprison a 18 inch snake?

Must have been at a 7-11 before going to Wal Mart.

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