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February 23, 2007


Gene writes:

According to a report out of South Africa, new studies show that circumcision reduces the spread of AIDS by 60 percent.  This was hailed as a major breakthrough by the director of the World Health Organization's AIDS project.  His name is Kevin de Cock.


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I thought we had a policy of NOT making fun of people's names?

Oh, we're routinely ignore our policies. Got it.

SNORK at de Cock.

de Cock, de Cock!!

All Headline News. Yup.

Dave - the comment box is not accessible on the Amazing Times thread, and I've really gotta go.....

*snork* at Meanie -

Poor guy, guess there wasn't much in the way of work options for him, unless he wanted to get into breeding chickens.

It sounds like Mr. Weingarten is suffering from a lack of an online forum to interact with the public.

He has premise envy.

Dave and Gene, this has got to be "up there" on the list of best aptonyms.

I live in Washington DC and I just want to say this about Gene. His column in the Washington Post magazine always has, what I thought was, a caricature drawing of what he looked like. After seeing what he really looks like I've come to the conclusion that these were not in fact caricatures, but hyper-realistic representations of his true appearance.

Kevin was honored by Queen Elizibeth for his work. He was Knighted Sir Kim Size.

Uh! my 2 cents worth, De Kock (that's how it's most commonly spelt) is the Afrikaans equivalent of O' Toole. ISIANMTU


Peter De Kock!?

Where's Gene been? This was news about 2 weeks ago!


and a belated *snork* @ Mr. De Cock!

Actually, Peter O'Toole translates as Pieter De Kock, an extremely popular combination.

just a little off the top, rabbi.........

Isn't "Peter O'Toole" a redundancy?

I told you Gene's oosik looked circumcised.

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