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February 26, 2007


Finally, a win for our team.
(Thanks to eric ewanco)  .


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first...with a vengeance!


And somehow, even in death, that squirrel managed to turn those two men from flesh and blood to plastic!

Beware the Squirrel Menace!

I recognize that scene from a Stallone movie - "Rocky & Bullwinkle IV."

Kudos to eric ewanco!

ROFL!! It's mini blurk & Wyo!!!

good one, eric!


*prints out for framing*

eric ewanco ==> coerce a win

****SNORK**** @ Awbh!

I sense an Academy Award Winning Movie in the makes! And now, I am off to prove I am a human below......

you're a human below? what are you above?

I found that one several months ago and sent it to Blurk. I don't recall if I ever got a response from him.

That's one big honkin' prize!

Insomniac, that is the same question the bot asked me. I think it's getting a little too fresh with me.

ROTFL at the picture, AWBH, blurk and wyo, and this whole thread in general

Ah geeze. A friend of mine sent me that picture weeks ago. Did I forward to to Dave as any logical person would? Oh no....

When Dave is President, these 2 guys will be the Secretary of Defense and ****General!

The only one missing is Teddy Roosevelt...

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