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February 22, 2007


The myssssssssssstery deepens.


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Is it Bindi or Bindy?

And I still say it was attacked by a sting ray.

Is anyone else concerned that they dont keep a close enough inventory to know if the snake was theirs?

So the cops will grab any old snake, because you never can tell if it has been acquired in a snakes-for-pot program.

Pretty little thing aint she?

Do ladies still wear boas around their necks or is that too old fashioned?

i agree... that sssssstore leaks like a ssssssieve!

*sneaking around behind bot's back to give you Mud's latest buttsnake poem (yesterday's, I believe)*

yo put that snake back or you'll get s3x-attacked
you know the devil is a bat looking for something young and phat its evil magic that he do when come looking out for you you'll be wrung out when he's through no now i ain't playin witchoo they say he come around at night so stay real close to the firelight better listen while i recite cause what i'm tellin you is right i know this story is a fact
and i'm telling you exact-ly what to do don't turn your back that snake will burrow up in your crack
my guess is you don't want that - it's a mess at best you detest the guest and request that dude would vacate and not violate the stink-winker get straight.

Hope the blacklisting thing resolves soon, Mud.

*moment of blog silence for Mud*

Poor snake... snakenapped from her nice warm vivarium. I hope the herp perp doesn't abandon her to freeze.

Would the thievin' b@stard be considered a perptile?

DPC, I just checked the Crocodile Hunter website. It's Bindi. I've seen it also spelled Bhindi -- which means okra in one of the Indian languages!

"unrelated theft of snowmobiles"

sssssnakessssss in sssssssnowmobilesssss....

Is it Bindi or Mindi? I'm not sure.

Morning, blogits!

Here's hoping I have a better day today than yesterday, and that the SpamBot behaves...

A case of missssnaken identity.

More offerings from Mud:

"mudstuffin's who i am the blog bot be d@mned over-zealous anti-sp@m like to send a candy-gram 'stead of candy be a boa gonna slink a little lower then that bot be jammed according to my plan got a snake in the drain-pan it's plumbing all crammed go bother someone worse the innocent you tackle first you back@sswards in reverse nothin but a cyber-curse you know page after page you read a blog rage toward the one that disengage your comments from the page time has come for decisive action put that d@mn robot in traction dave if you ain't no cyber-weenie unleash the prehistoric zuchinni"

okayyyyy.... well then.

Nice voik, tammy! Mud's gonna be jealous.

Tammy & all...

I have also been banned yet again from posting. I am now using one of the proxy servers to get around it and have already informed typepoop\'s tech support of my problem as well as given them my new IP address. Apparently Bell South changes IP addresses frequently so here I go again!!

Lets hope this works damnit!!!

*appologizing once again for showing my \'s*

No, Stevie, that is Mud's actual writing. He's banned here, but not on blogits, so I copied it and posted it for him.

((Siouxie)) ((Mud))

Bad bot.

Hooray for /////s!
Boo for bot!

Sorry, I meant \\\\\s!

shaddup, Hammie! I don\'t like showing my \\s! :-P

(((((((Tammy))))))) thanks! at least I have a way of getting here. I don\'t know why mud doesn\'t try a proxy server. Works for a lot of people


Sheesh...stop sulking! Don\'t you go taking that camera out now!

*tries to cover up*

Siouxie: Don't cover 'em up! Be proud of your \s! Let them out for everyone to see (and take pictures of and post to the net and stuff...)! 8)

I mean, you DID wear a toga at the Hunt...

Andy, yes...but it wasn\'t cold then ;-)

Siouxie, Mud tried a proxy, but it didn't work for him. Which one are you using?

CH, I\'m using the one you gave me...with the \'s hanging! The other one took too long to load.

Nobuddy wuz charged? (With the various misdeeds in the snake story ...)


I mean ... the guy CONFESSED that he stole the snake ... OK, it's hearsay on the pot trade, but ... whut kinda law system is this?

Not enuf "vote potential" so the DA/SA din't wanna bother with a prosecution?

Oh ... yeah ... snakes don't vote ... nevermind ...

you guys are sico you are talking about pot i am gunna call the cops!!!

u ra buncha moder fuching biches

bindi is so ousome!!
by biches

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