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February 27, 2007


"It's never a good idea to eat raw frogs or snails."


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Damn. There goes my plans for lunch.

That would be my first thot ... merely sayin' ...

eating them dipped in soy sauce and washed down with liquor

There's yer problem. Raw frog pairs with Zima, not liquor.

"This story has been viewed 427 times."

Boy are they gonna be puzzled by the end of the day.

Most days I think the FDA is a pain in the arse, but sometimes I want to hug them and say Thank You.

"It's never a good idea to eat raw frogs or snails."

no problem.

"Washed down with liquor..." Hey, who hasn't diced up a few frogs and eaten them raw after having a few too many?

Oh, OK... nevermind.

Personally, I don't like 'em cooked either, but I'm weird that way.

I wonder if his back feels better though.

I like escargot but I'll skip the frog, thanks

Stevie W - Still says it has been viewed 427 times: maybe we blew up their counter. ;)

I love meat. Big fan of sushi, sashimi, and tartare. But this one is a huge EEeeeeeeWWWWWWwwwwwwwww!!!

Med, I'm a meat lover too! I'll eat sushi as long as it's cooked. Medium well for me. No blood ...eek!

My point being...cook my damn food!!!

I like my sushi deep-fried.

deep fried sushi...i'm pretty sure i saw that at the fair next to the elephant ears.

Nothing to worry about.

The worm then dies in the brain without completing its life cycle... A worms unfulfilled life ...

Goes to prove the brain doesn't sustain life.

Pate de frog raw.

His back feel fine but his BRAIN HURTS

"The Rat Lungworm Experience" wbagnfarb

Rat lungworm WBAGNF....ohhhh...*faints*

*Revives just long enough to SNORK @ Stevie*

LMAO Stevie!!

There are just too many levels of EEEEWWWWW in that article to count!

*press Stevie snork button, lather, rinse*

"...which they are wont to do in Thailand."

Wont to? I hate anybody that uses that word when making reference to someone else. It sounds so 18th century Victorian. A grandmother in that age is wont to refer to her habit of taking tea and pacifying her picadilly froggets in such a manner.

Ugh! Spare me.

I wont you to wont ME

*indicates seat on geezer bus for Gad*

When I heard him play (not all that many years after Jud Strunk made it to the Top 40), my ears rang for two days afterwards. It would have been a nice, cheap trick for driving out the rat lungworms... if I'd been a corny sewer fan of wont to eat raw frog sashimi (which I wasn't).

Won't you be wont to be my neighbor?

That poor Frenchman.

*rustling papers, urgent whispering*

Oh. Nevermind.


w132, you talking to me? We're all bozos on this geezer bus. ;-)

I am surprised that no one has noted the obvious. That 'parasitic nematode infestation" WBAGNFARB

Ten points to JerseyGirl for the Firesign Theater reference!

What?! Have we no Python nerds in here, besides me?

Praline: Am I right in thinking there's a real frog in here?

Milton: Yes. A little one.

Praline: What sort of frog?

Milton: A dead frog.

Praline: Is it cooked?

Milton: No.

Praline: What, a raw frog?

(Superintendent Parrot looks increasingly queasy.)

Milton: We use only the finest baby frogs, dew picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and then sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope and lovingly frosted with glucose.

Praline: That's as maybe, it's still a frog.

Milton: What else?

Praline: Well don't you even take the bones out?

Milton: If we took the bones out it wouldn't be crunchy would it?

Praline: Superintendent Parrot ate one of those.

Parrot: Excuse me a moment. (exits hurriedly)

Milton: It says 'crunchy frog' quite clearly.

Praline: Well, the superintendent thought it was an almond whirl. People won't expect there to be a frog in there. They're bound to think it's some form of mock frog.

Milton: (insulted) Mock frog? We use no artificial preservatives or additives of any kind!

Praline: Nevertheless, I must warn you that in future you should delete the words 'crunchy frog', and replace them with the legend 'crunchy raw unboned real dead frog', if you want to avoid prosecution.

Prairie, we're all on a different thread ---->


Aw, shucks, Mr. C. At your cervix.

Oh. You don't have a cervix... ;-)

Mock Frog?

Jeezely, isn't it cruel enuf that ya EAT 'em ... ya gotta ridicule 'em first?

*applauds wildly in Prairie Dog's direction*

Prairie, some of us bozos are also Bonzos. ;-)

And now for something completely different, but still in an amphibian mode...

1631 viewed now

toad in the hole recipe

"First, alienate your chorizo."


Gad, we meet again.

I really like Minty's choice of culinary verbs. Sometimes the show airs on one of the NYC-area PBS stations.

I'm pretty sure that idea would not occur to me to begin with.

I've never seen the show, but when minty says "Hot-bubble for twenty fine minutes. Squeeze. Excite your chorizo in your gourmet lard for around five minutes. Talk the chorizo down. Then rest in space while you make your batter." I start to suspect she has been secretly filming me. (nttawwt)

Man: "Honey, what do I use for a backache? Advil or frogs?"

Wife: "Remember what happened when you licked frogs back in college?"

Man: "Right, I'll just eat them then. That should do the trick."

The man subsequently identified the frogs he ate as Rana Plancyi...

Which just goes to show that if you're going to eat raw frogs, you better darn well know their scientific name.

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