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February 21, 2007


(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Sounds like middle school students to me

Better be careful in shipping Dad-O-Lot's prize, Dave.

You just KNOW a guy was behind (har!) this!

Once in elementary school, I got thrown out of a museum when I accidentally set one of those off in the gift shop.

Very traumatizing.

OK, now they've gone too fart.

I wonder if it was sent flatulent rate.

To close a mail sorting facility and surrounding streets is a fart I could be very proud of.

Eye witness' reported that after several screams were heard, a man brandishing a sword burst in to rescue screaming women and a porno movie erupted..

"Rotorua, that's the name..."

*snorks* @ Sio and spellcheck; I think the writer meant satchel bomb, but spellcheck liked sachet just fine. I don't think they would have needed to evacuate from a sachet bomb unless that was some serious potpourri!

Key Quote: "If you were a firefighter in Rotorua it would have been a run of the mill day but to the postal staff in Tawa Drive, they thought someone was having a real bad day at work."

I'll bet the firefighters love that ...

Snork @ Siouxie

Thanks ;-)

geezer alert!

Fart bomb.

Isn't that redundant?

****SNORK**** @ Mot's fart... I had an exchange studen from Switzerland once who had farts like that. I sweartagod, we had to clear that whole end of the house when he cut one.

My cousin once closed down basketball practice with a fart. True story.

CH, I thought mebbe it was DOL picking up his major award at the post office.

And New Zealand has a sorting office in Albany?? Seeems like a long way to go just to sort mail.

If your farts smell like sulfur, you should really see a doctor. Quickly.

When I first read the headline, for a moment I thought it said "fat bomb". I was picturing a bomb that would explode and fatten up everyone nearby. Was I relieved when I saw that it said "fart bomb"!

Are we sure this isn't the package that Dave sent to the winner of his bumper sticker contest?

I'm glad I don't live in New Zealand. I would have been very concerned that my prize was lost forever.

I have plans for this prize.

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