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February 28, 2007



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To where? Mars?

As has been said before...poor Eliot Mintz.

we could only hope.

That's strange...usually she's got her headlights going full blast.

I don't think we could get anyone else to take her. That probably means deportation's not an option...

Can she be deported to a galaxy far, far away?

Can we set the deporter to maximum dispersion in open space?

right, nurse tammy - deport her to where? how about the bahamas. she can move in with the anna nicole family.

I'm always amazed at the way people can mangle the language:

Paris Hilton was cited for driving on a suspended license after police stopped her for speeding and driving without her headlights on late Tuesday, authorities said.

-So she was driving on a suspended license (is that anything like a suspension bridge?) instead of a road?
-How did this bubblehead get the headlights out of her car such that she could drive without them?

*wishes he could live in a Fairy Land where he doesn't know if his license is suspended or not*

She called her publicist and asked if her license was suspended?


they meant that it was on late tuesday that the incident occured. maybe.

Ohh - can I impound the Bently?

She was rushing to get her application to Harvard in on time.

You mean deporting her to CA wasn't far enough away?

*he says from Central Europe*

I dont think there is any question she has been impounded and pounded multiple times. I think its even been video taped.

I've stopped trying to understand anything related to Ms. Hiltwat.

*tosses back a double shot of brain bleach*

Deportation's an excellent idea - how about to Iraq?

"starlet"???? star of what?

I suggest the Planet Formerly known as Pluto, or Uranus.

There's this island, part of the Seychelles group, called La Dique. No motor vehicles are allowed on the island, all transportation is by donkey carts and bicycles. hould suit her perfectly, only problem is the island is gorgeous and the weather is generally pretty damn good as well.

Not that I'm really trying to defend this galloping twit, BUT I would be pretty damn mad if I paid $160,000.00 for a car and the headlights didn't automatically come on at dusk or in changed light conditions. I though even Buick had mastered this.

But her Florida driver's license is still good, right?

*zips in*

Hey MOT!! Have a good and safe trip, and don't forget to bring me back a present! Actually you should get one for all the women to whom you have proposed. :)

*feels good about her sentence structure*

One present for all the women? How will they divide it up, Ms. Syntax?

She with the LARGEST kibby kitchen utinsil-electric screw driver thingie wins!

*goes to start web page*

*Checks bank balance to escertain whether it will be able to handle excess baggage charges*

*wants her own even though I have YET to be proposed to*


Wow, a car at that price should have automatic headlight activation

A Bentley on the back of a wrecker? HAH!


Thanks Stevie. Mom told me never to brag. *giggles*

Please change my previous post to one for each blah, blah

*finds blog corner and sits with her back to the room*

You're a good sport, El.

(Quick - somebody go get the "kick me" sign and some tape!!)

*wonders why Stevie wants to be kicked*

No one yet has commented on where she was shopping.

" ... unaware of it ... " ???

Whut part of " ... license suspended and 36 months probation ... " didn't the lawyer (or publicist) understand?

Short-term memory is not a valid excuse for ... OOOOH! Shiny!!!

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