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February 26, 2007


...than a snowmobile/porch thief.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Not even me?

Look for that on ebay...

Guess not.

Hey Edgar. What's up?

Or, maybe I could just read down to the last paragraph.

Nothing much. No one to talk to.

'If I was advising someone to chain or cable their snowmobile to something, I would suggest something immovable like a tree or something that's not going to be able to be dragged away.'

Or, maybe not.

Officer: "Can you describe your snowmobile, sir?"

"Ummm...it has a porch attached to it."

maybe the guy just wanted the porch and the snowmobile was incidental. it was after all in Canada.

Edgar, stop harassing Edgar!

"Too bad, Son, you picked the wrong province to do this," the grizzled Mountie said and spit out a stream of tobacco juice, "We hang porch rustlers in these parts."

"Get a rope."

Yeah. You tell me Siouxie!

No. Why the heck should I.

Or stupider, for that matter.

Oh weird Hammond, I just posted "get a rope" about the same time you did on another story. Weirdness.

'If I was advising someone to chain or cable their snowmobile to something, I would suggest something immovable like a tree or something that's not going to be able to be dragged away."

Next Week: Snowmobile thief gets crushed by falling tree.

LOL Hammie & Sybil Edgar!

"Around 5:30 a.m., they found a man who is in police custody."

If he was in police custody, how did he pull off the snowmobile/porch heist?

Edgar, that was my thought. Instead of waking to the sound of the porch being ripped of, he could have wakened to the sound of a tree falling on his house. Great Crimestopper tip.

Maybe he should chain it to a pole next time.

CH, that's just sloppy journalism. They needed to insert the word "now" in there, to wit - "who is now in police custody."

At least this Mountie always got his man.

Could someone please tell me what does wwfbbq stand for?

sassafrazzemrekkampfh - I hate frames.

==> toons and culture ==> Dudley Do Right

wtfbbq = what the f*ck, bar-b-que

(The BBQ is added as an ironic commentary on the proliferation of acronyms... also to lure new blogits out of blurking. Welcome, Jelly!)

Ahhh, CH, the old BBQ blurker trap worked.

I think the thief may have had a hearing or attention problem.

Father of thief, "Son, I want you to take this snowmobile and steal me a Porsche."

Thief, not paying attention as usual, " Uh huh, Porch, Gotcha, Dad."

**snork** @ Mikey. I'm guessing that there was alkyhol involved in this mini crime spree.

Probly!!! :)

Aside from the missing "now" (in custody) ... this is a good example of how journalism finally has a reason to include the name of a product brand in a story.

A cousin of mine had one of his snowmobiles stolen.

They had stopped in for some warming refreshments after a trail ride (only a few miles from home, in rural Nodak).

Two snowmobiles were in the back of their pickups.

When they came out, one wuz gone.

A lot of folks kidded him about the Arctic Cat™ that the thieves left behind, sayin' that the bandits knew a Polaris™ wuz worth stealin', but a 'Cat wuzn't ...


What cracked me up was one of the other Ottawa headlines on the right side of the page there, eh: Halfway house to be moved away from school - I wonder if they're gonna use a snowmobile?

Take off, you hosers.

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