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February 27, 2007


It's getting crazy.


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Ottumwa, IA... home of Radar O'Reilly from M*A*S*H.

Ottumwa ... that's where Radar O'Reilly wuz from ...

“Ethanol Co-Products: The Feedlot Perspective.”

With a program like that going on, how could anyone stay away?

Well ... DUH!!

Hi, Angel ... your post wuz not there as I posted ... GMTA and all that ...

Wow, it's amazing the amount of useless trivia we've retained. Now if I could only find my car keys.

“We raise our own special cattle.”

They ride the short bus to cow-school every day.

Good moooooorning!

"Ethanol production capacity of 5.4 billion gallons per year."

That's a whole lot of Tancredo!

I too thought of Radar.

"Strunk and her husband, Matt, have a 200-head cow-calf operation in Davis County."

I've heard of calves with 2 heads, but this is ridiculous!

He said he crosses Tarentaise cows with Angus bulls. The cross “makes very nice calves” and is “going to be something to hear about.”
How do you make a Tarantaise-Angus cross? I forgot.

Put crackers in its stall, don't have coffee ready in the morning, make snide remarks about its couture or gown, cast aspersions on its ancestry ... there are myriad ways, Stevie ...

"Eight speakers offered topics such as improving the quality and quantity of pastures, weed and brush management, animal identification and hay harvesting systems."

This a cow. This is hay. A cow is a hay harvesting system. End of lecture.

I grew up not far from Ottumwa. A cow having triplets would've been front-page above-the-fold news in my town.

That's why I don't live there any more.

*takes notes*

corn gluten feed (CGF)

got it!

16-22 percent protein and is 85 (dry CGF) to 97 (wet CGF) percent of the energy of corn grain

uh ha,

each gallon of ethanol comes with 18 pounds of distillers’ dried grains (DDG)


The primary co-products of the dry corn milling industry are distillers grains with solubles that are either wet, dry or modified (about 50 percent dry matter); or, condensed distillers’ solubles.

*checks his still*

No! Really! Mr ATF-man, it's not for resale!

so, ottumwa is a real place. i thought radar o'reilly [and the mash writers] just made it up. what do i know. i started out in brooklyn. everything west of ohio may be fictional for all i know.

I dunno, QB. Brooklyn can get pretty surreal too.

...improving the quality and quantity of pastures, weed and brush management, animal identification and hay harvesting systems...

Wonder what udder topics they covered?

I crossed a Bulldog with a Shitzu. If I could just come up with a catchy name.

Strunk? I wonder if they're any relation (GEEZER ALERT!!) to Judd Strunk, had a minor hit in the 70's with a song called "A Daisy A Day".

I'll bring you a daisy a day, dear,
I'll bring you a daisy a day..."

...and those people in Ottumwa? I wanna PARTY with them!!

we are all products of a TV generation

wow! nobody has mentioned Tom Arnold in connection with Ottumwa. sad but true TA is an Iowa native. i believe he's actually from Eldon (the town where the house in the background of the much parodied Grant Wood painting American Gothic still stands today) Ottumwa's neighbor to the north has the much cooler name of Oskaloosa but no one of any note hails from there afaik.

i was in Iowa(but no closer than about 70 miles to Ottumwa) over this past wekend attending a celebration of my Mom's 75th birthday and visiting my new baby granddaughter. the weather sucked and there were numerous power outages but i still managed to get around well enough to visit some of my old drinking buddies.

Hey (hay?), Mr. C... I remember that one. From before the onslaught of Disco Madness, as I recall...

Rick, thanks for the info on American Gothic.

Dave, isn't Walter from Oosikaloosa?

How much wood would Grant Wood grant if Grant Wood would grant wood?

Hah! *Points at YOU* Drink!

A better headline would've been "Wild Horses couldn't keep them away from cattle show."

MtB - Bravo!

Somebody's gotta say it. Since Somebody's not here at the moment, I'll go ahead:

It's the Ottumwa water.

There's a water park there. The Beach Ottumwa. Good times of my youth.

so, ottumwa is a real place. i thought radar o'reilly [and the mash writers] just made it up. what do i know. i started out in brooklyn. everything west of ohio may be fictional for all i know.

Posted by: queensbee | 11:01 AM on February 27, 2007

No, q'b' ... actually everything east of Chicago is a Fignewton from the minds of Dorothy Parker and Damon Runyan ...

Mr. C ... I remember Judd Strunk and that song ... sorta a OHW, wuzn't he/it?

Dave, isn't Walter from Oosikaloosa?

... um ... J'G' ... I think Walter's more of an Oosikisapertytighta type ...

Hmmm... So much for that oblique reference to Oly beer... Better get the slogan right the next time.

*continues looking for Prairie Dog*

Hey, Prairie, go back to the frog thread. ;-)

J'G' ... I remember when a classmate would come back home for visits (from the Seattle area) and he'd bring us a few Oly's ... it wuz a "local" brew in those days, and we thot it wuz perty good ... but then, we were perty young, and stoopid ...

So, now you're old and .... hey, look -----> shiny!!!

*Thanks the set-up God*

... still just as stoopid ... I'll finish it fer ya, MtB ...

HOWever, I'm sometimes a bit luckier, as I get older ...

Better to be Lucky, than Good - Albert Einstein

Thing I remember about Oly Beer™ was the so-called "bubbles" you could buy for like 27$

Oly Beer...not to be confused with Olean, which makes fat-free Pringles melt out of your butt.

But not my butt ... (I've got this "fluid retention" ... um ... situation ... ya see?)

O.U. - WAAAAAY TMI, good buddy!


Mr. "More than you EVER wanted to know" ... that's moi ownself ...

I used to live in Ottumwa - and survived. If you think this thing sounds boring, consider the fact that a few years ago, they didn't even have a Bridgeview Center to hold an event like this at.

Isn't this thing like the bovine equivalent of NAMBLA???? Why don't the Feds do something about this, I mean it's all out in the open and everything.

Olympia beer from Tumwater Washington

"it's the water"

when Oly was introduced in Iowa over 30 years ago EVERYBODY i knew was buying it. i was beginning to think i no longer liked beer 'cause all there was everywhere was Oly. once i had to buy my own beer and got a 12 pack of Bud i realized i just didn't like Oly. it WAS the water.

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