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February 22, 2007


We're staying out of it.

Here's another view. Yum!


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Kalamari, anyone?

Calimari rings the size of tractor tires.... Yummy!!!!

Edgar morphs again!

men are always comparing size. my squid's bigger than your squid. nyah nyah. don't they know size doesn't matter?

I'm sorry, but I prefer it when the predator/prey roles are clearly established.

Tell Nemo to get the Nautilus back to port, pronto.

Makes sense to me (not) -- find a unique animal, kill it and put it in a museum.

I saw "open water"...and I am staying out of the deep, thank you

Colossal Squid & the Calamari Tires WBAGNFARB

Okay, so as a change from painting my usual bunnies and kitties, I have a job painting little squirrels. Today the client told me I wasn't making them "whimsical" enough. I'm having a really hard time resisting the urge to draw them being eaten by the big squid. Somehow I don't think there's a greeting card sending situation for that.

*brings melted butter & marinara sauce*

I\'m hungry now!!!

Colossal squid v Giant squid? A bit of squid pro quo methinks.

Mot. Stop. That. Right. Now.
(BTW a belated congratulations on the grandmotette.)

Artchick, squirrels being eaten by giant/colossal squid? What holiday would not be right for that?

Yes! Nearly forgot - also belated congrats on the new Hoopling.

Better keep some fresh batteries on hand (stop it, you degenerates!) so you can keep beaming.

I think I'll also stay out of the shallows, just in case.

Mot, if you run out of batteries...let me know.

Hammy, apparently I'm working for the wrong company!

"Calimari rings the size of tractor tires..."

...and probably as tough.

The second picture reminds me of my sister-in-law in the pool.

Pogo, your sister-in-law looks like Edgar?

Pogo when you S-I-L lies on the beach, do the lifeguards have to ask her to move because the tide wants to come in?

Squirts errant "r" up there.

Pogo - absolutley do NOT let your SIL near any beach in Oregon!

(At least without the media being present).

Holy-all-you-eat-calmari-bar! We are gonna need a bigger pan!

Cheryl, I brought the marinara! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE Calamari!

Cheryl, I brought the marinara! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE Calamari!

*WHACKS* the bot upside the head!

"Makes sense to me (not) -- find a unique animal, kill it and put it in a museum."

AmerinParis, I was thinking the same thing. It ain't right.

990 pound squid should be able to feed a village or two!

non-humorous @ Sippi and Amer:

I'm not into needless collection, but there is a heck of a lot of information to be learned from these rare specimens. I have seen some 'pieces' of the Giant Squid never a whole critter, and never even a photo of the Colossus. Somethings in those photos look very unusual to me and I would love to see more!

Stunned squid expert?

artchik, they make divorce cards, right?

question for cj:
aren't these supposed to be living in deep, deep waters where if they're pulled up, they wouldn't survive? inquiring minds and all.

Sio--me too!

Although this does remind me a bit of the lobster girl from awhile ago. But it's not like we asked them to bring us a collosus.

Waste not. Want not.

Ugh!....not sushi quality, that's for sure!

Never mind the squid. Did anyone else wonder about the students they have down under? Why would you call "Dr O'Shea, a world renowned expert on the creatures at Auckland's University of Technology" to examine a squid? Unless...

cg, that species hangs out @ 1,800 meters and deeper. It would be complete mush when raised, but still something to study. I spent my whole lunch studying the three big squids, and learned a lot. That one is one of 6 ever found and the first adult [probably female]. This is the first whole specimen of a large one; the rest was theorized from pieces found in Sperm Whale stomachs. One very cool thing is that this size is exactly within the range that the NZ scientists predicted the adult would reach and proves an old theory of theirs that Colossus would prove to be the biggest.

*geeky giddiness*

Mushy calmari? Now that is just gross.

CJ, I read that the squid was male. Not that it matters much, I guess.

wp: that would be interesting. The Kiwis [these are only found super-deep, between NZ and Antartica] theorized that the maximum size would have a mantle-length ['head'] @ 4-meters for the largest [female]; they expected the males to reach a maximum of @ 2-meters and that one looks to be @ 4-meters. If that one's a male, they're gonna need an even bigger pan if they ever find his girlfriend!!

there we go with the men and their size again. sheesh. but...how could it be feeding when they brought it up? in other geeky wildlife news, at lunch today i watched an otter who was also at lunch. he chose sushi. i had pretzels.

cg, I know it\'s slim pickings out there but you need to be a little more picky with your lunch dates...just sayin\'

cutest, sweetest, actually showed up and stayed awhile lunchdate that i've had in a long time. pity he accidentally left home without his wallet.

So you had lunch with the guy from Animal House?

As for still feeding, I can believe it, but you could never get it back to land and into a high pressure tank before it assumed Calamari; too much damage to internal soft tissues.

bluto wasn't available.

OK ... one story uses the term colossus and the other uses colossal ... sloppy reporting? Or merely misuse of an adjective in the second example?

BTW, whut does a 990-lb. squid eat?

Mostly Nethin' it wants to ...

New Zealand wants to assure the world that we are only catching endangered giant squid for scientific reasons. We are hoping the Japanese Greenpeace activists do not send a ship down to Antarctica to disrupt our lawful scientific work. It is not true that we are making schoolchildren eat squid rings to help get rid of the stuff.

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