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February 23, 2007


Any day now.

(Sent in by many people, with Boo Augustus first)


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he said beaver

Britney is outta rehab again?

Curses!!! It appears that the plot that we Canadians have hatched, that being, to invade the US, one beaver at a time, has been discovered...

*refrains from making a joke about the female part*


Casey-great minds think alike. 'cept I was gonna say Paris.
Darn, grossed myself out. (goes to find the German chocolate that she hid from the kids)

Beavers look like fish now?? Well...

*is the FIRST to refrain from said crudeness*

Out of rehab and apparently changed grooming habits.

Beavers gnawed out a prominent place in the city's early days

That was before prostitution, mudflaps and plastic gonads were outlawed.

My only concern is the possible return of the fur trade itself

Expanding Beaver WBAGNF Britney's next record labi-, er label...

**snork** @ Med

*SNORK* @ Diva!!

And ewwwww....

I, for another, would like to point out that I AIN'T SAYIN' A THING.

That is all.

Start spreading the news
I'm swimming today
I want to gnaw a part of it, New York, New York
This wet beaver fur
Is longing to stray
And make a brand new dam of it
New York, New York
I want to swim out in the city that never sleeps
To find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap
These little pond blues
Are melting away
I'll make a brand new lake of it
In old New York
If I can gnaw it there
I'll gnaw it anywhere
It's up to you, New York, New York

...Matt. I thought she shaved her head?

That wasn't a beaver - it was a terrorist squirrel on steriods.

Me neither Mr. Completely, not a dam thing

So I'm guessing that the beaver makes its dam out of all of the mob corpses in the East River?

Saying nothing speaks volumes.

neener, neener, neener. You're a smut mind too! :-b

Good one, Hammie! and damn right, Med!

Has it been certified disease free?

Great earworm, Hammie. Folks in the office are all wondering whyinhell I'm whistling that now, and what caused me to change from Yellow Rose of Texas.

Spot the Beaver WBAGNFA P0rn movie, or a game at a stag party.

Beavers look like fish now?? Well...

Posted by: Siouxie | 01:33 PM on February 23, 2007

SMELLS like fish!

/runs away...

Did Dave finally run out of Florida stories?

Moon, I THOUGHT about posting it like that too, but didn't think it very ladylike.

*adjusts gloves & bonnet*

This is just too damn funny...

BvK - I wanna play, as long as it's a live game an not some pansy-a$$ poster version...

If your beaver smells like fish, its been swimming in the wrong river. Either that or the dam's about to burst.

Beavers?! Dam.

or it's time for the Monistat™

"luca brazzi swims with the beavers..."

(or should be "sleeps with the beavers"...much more appropriate)

a biologist over-achiever
afraid that her lover would leave her
her flexibility to prove
she took a video crew
and proceeded to gnaw on the beaver

Taken from a 2008 political campaign speech: "My fellow New Yorkers, I look forward to that shining day when anyone can look out on our waterways and see beavers glistening wetly on every shoreline."

OMFGWTFBBQ, you people have me snorking root beer all over the dang desk!!!!

*snork* @ insom!

Jose you can sweem!
What a Bronx River sight!
What we previously flayed,
Has us jumping and screaming....


Are they absoilutely sure it was a beaver and not one of these ?

Warning, those faint of heart, or who eat at Taco Bell, should avoid the link...

*snorks* @ mud & Hammie!

AFKAT, I sent that in to the blog earlier today LOL

pretty gross, huh????

Is spotted beaver anything like spotted dick?

New advertising campaign:

"Now at Taco Bell, Rat Burritos! Tastes like squirrel, only meatier! Think outside of the bun."

Siouxie...it's hard to believe that kind of situation can exist in NYC (which last time I looked had a health dept.) Bangladesh....ok...NYC...tough to swallow.

fivver, spotted dick should be attended to right away.

fivver, I do think that they are related.

AFKAT, that's pretty much what I expect when I go to Taco Bell. Didn't they have one of those as a spokes'person' a few years back?

And CH, 'Snorkin' Root Beer' WBAGNFARB

Ohhh....BEAVER....I get it....I though you guys were...I mean the furry little guys....but you meant...women...parts...nevermind

This is just a cheap gratuitous beaver shot.

Mot - we always snatch the opportunity for a cheap beaver shot. Except for Mr. C - he's clammed up.

Spotted Beaver or Spotted Dick is what happens when you don't use protection... just sayin'

I wonder how long before any of these morons realizes that the Bronx River runs directly through the Bronx Zoo, and that one of the zoos beavers is unaccounted for.

Well Mot, the article said "in the flesh".

What did you expect?

Snork @ MtB

AFKAT, they posted it on the next thread but you should send the video link.

El, does in the flesh mean it was a shaved beaver? Enquiring minds would like to know.

CJ, is that the Star Spangled Beaver?

there is a womens college in SE Pennsylvania called Beaver College...where they train baby Beavers to be adult Beavers...

*...not a dammed thing...*

I blame global warming.

Yea me!

Sorry, it's my first time on the big board. Well, apart from the book signing photo and all.

Snork @ fivver - excellent use of snatch and clam....

CH - that used to happen to me all the time at family Christmas dinners. Try milk. It hurts less.

PS - What's the BBQ part of WTFBBQ? I get the rest.

DD - it stands for Bar-B-Que. Seriously. It's just a way of poking fun at all the initials. IYKWIMBBQ...

maybe they will all come back, and drive the rats out.


yes. really, DD

I've never found a true explanation for the BBQ, so I assume that fivver has it right.

(Better be quiet).

Chaz - Beaver College (sadly) was renamed several years ago. Their excuse was that if you did an interweb search for the school, you got a bunch of "other" links to check out.

On a happier note, Oregon State is still around.

However, Oregon will never play against USC.

Key quote:
"We're probably going to see more of them in the future."

Apologies if I came across a bit crude previously. I promise there was no sinister meaning at all.

1) KCSteve got to 69 the beaver

2) "Ward, you were a little hard on the Beaver tonight."

3) There is no 3.


1. Mot, go to your room.

2.DeskDiva, yes really. We used to just say OMGWTF, and then one day someone added BBQ, and it just seemed to round it out nicely and we all started doing it. It has no secret meaning, or if it does, no one told me. :)

3) There is no 3. Says you!

Aw Gee, do I hafta?

Don't make her sic the bot on you, Mot.

You. Won't. Like. It.

Mot, don't make me tell you twice....

Ten minute timeout.

Am I the only one around here who knows a mutant midget chupacabra when he sees one? Bunch of fleebs.


You learn something new every day. If you're lucky, you learn it in the bedroom. Thanks to all my teachers!

*snork* @ CJ!!!

DPC. Oregon has played USC. (And they couldn't lick our Beavers!) Go Beavs!

Industrious beaver
Your lover calls but you say
Not by a dam site

(No, I can't claim ownership ... I merely remember it from ... a magazine I read in college ... yeah, that's where I saw it ... a magazine ... title available on request ...)

DaChew - Geshundheit!

Oh I see, DaChew - Geshundheit. It never struck me before and this is the first time ever that anybody's mentioned it. DaChew - Geshundheit, yeah, that's funny alright.

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