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February 21, 2007


(Thanks to The Amazing Steve "Jack Bauer" Pietrowicz)


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Just don't set up a perimeter...

YAY! works now!

I foresee a thigh shooting in his future.

Thats even worse than the woman in SC that changed her name to Obiwan Kenobi. At least she got $1000.

"Former cop, Tim, who is single..."

Well, THAT'S a surprise.

to quote wm. shatner in an infamous SNL-star trek send up: People, Get A Life.

yeah. he'll be a big thrill in a bar.

Former cop Tim, who is single and lives in Watford, Herts, with his mother and a cavalry sword.

Ha! Dave figured out my middle name!

Oh, seriously. Who among the bloggals has not considered changing her name to "Chloe?" I rest my case.

man...that's creepy.

CH, that's just silly.

hmmmm, "random Bauer". It has a nice ring to it, and it describes the plot for every season.

Reminds me of the new guy in our medical company who told us, "Call me Hawkeye." He never asked us to do that again after a friend of mine told him, "You look more like a B.J."

YAY Steve "JB"!!

Well, I THOUGHT it was a snake.

A computer expert named Tim
Decided to indulge a whim
So he became “Jack Bauer”
Hoping to be empowered—
Well, sorta; Chloe did taser him!

*snork* @ empowered "Tim."

Makes me think of the Jack Bauer fact:
Upon hearing that he was played by Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer killed Sutherland. Jack Bauer gets played by no man.

'He said: “It beats being plain Tim from Watford.”'

So now he is "plain Jack from Watford".

Yep...that works...

Is it just me? Everytime I look at the headline it reads, "Tim: Just Call Me A$$hole."

Would be a hoot to have him join in the live blog, though.

Well, that's distinctive.

I think Jack "formerly known as plain Tim from Watford" Bauer seriously needs to get himself a life.

He's single, and now that he's changed his name, he's probably staying that way. Although it doesn't sound like that was going to change anyway.

I think some computer nerds are cute, but changing your name to Jack Bauer? Not healthy!

That does it! I'm changing my name to President Handbag.

SNORK at THCguy.

Seriously, though, this guy may be onto something. I wanna be called "Dave Barry" now.

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