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February 21, 2007


You just know that the squirrels were behind this.

Key Journalistic Quote: NewsCenter 5's Lynn Jolicoeur reported that the cow is fat, and sometimes moves slowly.


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first! mooo

"The cow finally gave up and retired back to the farm."

I guess running from the law is hard work. That, and the cow was running away long enough to be a career?

Ya know what's really sad......as my-hubby-the-vet-an-ex-farm-boy watched the story on TV last night, he excitedly shouted out "That's a scottish highlander!" The man loves his bovines.



*not saying a thing*

*very mooooooooooooving, Dr. Poo*

I'm sure Dr Poo finds it an udderly fascinating subject...

*ducks barrage of objects thrown by Punkin*

And if I wanted to talk about gigantamous teets, which I won't...

la la la la

Maybe I should moove the forst post I blamed on mud up to this thread. It's much funnier here.

They just showed a video clip of the cow. That is one HUGE cow....with horns even!

The Horny Bovines wbagnfarb.

How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm
after they've seen Upton?
Life is a mad cow race, poor boy
Life is a mad cow race.

Bad Cows
Bad Cows
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Bovine: Man! Out for a friendly stroll and the next thing ya know I got these black & whites "escorting" me! Bringing down the Heat! Man! NO respect! ... so I dragged one of them for awhile ... so what! SERVED HIM RIGHT! Honkies!

*makes longhorn sign*

My headlines would've been "Upton cops on the horns of dilemma." Which probably explains why I'm not a journalist.

nurse tammy: i can't wait to get home so i can press that button!


That was supposed to read "first" post, up there. I blame my typo on anxiety over going to the "mandatory staff meeting" this morning. Somebody pass me an extra-strength gumball.

Mud, I wish I could see the expression on your face when you see it! My husband laughed a few times, but said it was disturbing. The second one I blamed on you in the toilet bowl teeth thread may be even more up your alley. It's a lovely little productivity enhancer.

*smirks, waiting patiently*

didn't want someone to run into the bull and get injured... "Oh yeah, she was mad," Tripp said.

Can someone please decide what gender this bovine is? You'd think udder versus johnson would be an easy distinction.

I grew up was raised (reared?) in Upton. Back then it was a one horse town. My how times have changed....

Seems the town is still involved with farm animals Boogzy.

OT - Just heard on the radio here in ATL. Today's severe weather drill has been postphoned until Friday due to severe weather. /OT

I suspect many in the town were involved with farm animals, that's why I left....

Fivver, are you deliberately trying to scare me? I will not be able to cope if there're any flight delays due to weather. I hope whatever crappy weather you're expecting will be gone in a week's time.

Mot - not to worry. Just a front with a bunch of thunderstorms moving through. Good light and sound show and pouring rain. Should be gone in a few hours. Screwed the h3ll out of morning rush hour though.

*relaxes in his jammies and sips coffee*
I love working from home!

I can't wait for this special edition of Cops...

Cows, don't mess with 'em.

NewsCenter 5's Lynn Jolicoeur reported that the cow is fat, and sometimes moves slowly.

This tidbit from the story is an exact description of my high school English Teacher. Just sayin'.

All this fuss over a horny Scottish red-headed lass out looking for fun on a weeknight. Must be a slow news week.

I'm gonna steer away from this udderly moooving story and wait for Annie and her endless bovine puns.

Good morning, Hammie....nice bumpin' into you...now mooooooooove!!! :-P

psst...maybe she was out looking for some Red Bull™???

Mornin', Siouxie!

Funny thing is Highland cattle are almost miniatures - usually less than hip high at te shoulder. They're usually very docile.

Moo-cow? Gee, how long did it take them to come up with THAT name?

"Oh yeah, she was mad," Tripp said.


if she winds up as hamburger, it'll be because someone had an ox to grind...

We should stay out of this argument. No one has a steak in the issue.


I am giving up on links for lent. It wont be easy but hey it's lent. You may commence celebrating 8^)

Hey Addicted. I am giving up on giving up for lent.

It behooves us to do so, Hammie.

Addicted, I'm not sure I trust you just yet. But I'll be on guard. ;-P

this could be a trick!

*wondering what I should give up*

I've herd of similar things before.

About 7 years ago, when I lived in Austin, a truck with about 25 cows overturned on I-35 and most of the herd escaped onto the highway. It took the Sheriff's Department and State Police about 2 days to round up the AWOL cattle. Not all were recovered.
By amazing coincidence, the Sheriff's Department had a fund-raising barbeque two weeks later.

Hey Sioux, would giving up the blogaritas count?

Well the way I saw it I could have given up on 24, relations of a adult nature or links.

"...the cow is fat, and sometimes moves slowly."

So, once again police were involved in a low-speed chase?

random, that video was... disturbing.

*snork* at Hammie! I remember that! (BTW, that was GOOD BBQ!) ;-)

Med, I guess if we had to give up something...maybe impure thoughts?

nah...God wouldn't believe me anyways.

CH, that's from Kung Pao, my oldest daughter's fav movie LOL she's seen it 20 million times...and yes we own it.

Addicted, I guess 'links' was the easier choice.

Random, the fact that you found a video that CH found disturbing is also disturbing.

Two cows are standing in a field. The first one asks ‘Aren’t you worried about this mad cow disease?’
The second one responds ‘It doesn’t worry me, I’m a duck’.

Two cows are standing in a field. The first one asks ‘Aren’t you worried about this mad cow disease?’
The second one responds ‘It doesn’t worry me, I’m a duck’.

I laugh when people are surprised when a 1000 lb cow wont stop when they tug on a rope.....

"...I was surprise when my cow comand of heel didnt work on bessy..."

(think billy joel...)

Upton cows
going further than the law allows
all you needed was a barbed-wire fence
and it helps you're missing all your sense

Upton cows
you're not as smart as the Upton sows
but you're cuter in a bovine way
and all the farmboys that see you say

"moo-moo-moo-moo etc."

Upton cows
back in the pen you're safer now
with the cops an unlucky break
could mean you're tasered into steak!

Dang it, insom! You beat me to it--I was working on that song!

Good job!

very good one, insom!!

Ducky, you can do...Upton Bovines sing this song...dooo da dooo da. ;-)

Punkin - as my-hubby-the-vet-an-ex-farm-boy watched the story on TV last night, he excitedly shouted out "That's a scottish highlander!"
That's exactly what I said - really! I hardly ever see those.
btw - being 'docile' doesn't always mean 'tame.' In this case, it means 'not afraid of squad cars.'
Growing up with 'docile' cows, we had the same problem. Luckily back then, video cameras weren't so prevalent. Nothing like trotting up the street at 3 am behind a bunch of cows. Right, jazzz? ;)

Now, now, Hammie. There are lots of things that I find disturbing on teh Intrawebs. Doesn't keep me from clicking on them, but they disturb me nonetheless.

I just have to keep an industrial-sized pail of BrainBleach™ handy.

Maybe it's the editor in me (not like THAT, you sick little monkeys), but the quote that caught my eye was this one:

"a large animal walking down the middle of Route 140 that had large horns" - as opposed to the Route 140 that was hornless? Or maybe the reason Route 140 had large horns was because they were honking at the frikkin' COW on the road.

Ya think?

For all you city-slickers thinking only bulls have horns, now you know - cows can be horny too. Anyone in a bar at 1 am should know that by now. Right, Stevie W?

As to DPC's thot ... Udder v. Johnson (1837, 1893, 1918, 1945, 2005)

... um ... It behooves me to remind y'all that this wuz a continuance case, and the Supreme Court has yet to make a final decision ...

Somethin' about split hooves, or split decision or ... somethin' ...

Lol, insom. Great song too. Billy Joel's homage to early Four Seasons.

"Anyone in a bar at 1 am should know that by now. Right, Stevie W?"

I'm too tired to figure out how to take that. Consider yourself lucky.
Why did the Scottish Highlander cross the road?

To get to the udder side.

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