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February 20, 2007


A Quick and Accurate Estimation of Heat Losses from a Cow

Key Quote: The Gebremedhin-Wu method certainly is slow. Despite making a simple assumption - that a cow is a cylinder - it requires you to do some tedious calculating. Khan, Badruddin, Quadir and Seetharamu, in introducing their own method, pooh-pooh the Gebremedhin-Wu way.

We don't know about you, but we thought we would never see the day when anybody would dare to pooh-pooh the Gebremedhin-Wu way.


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First. Watered down milk shakes?

Heat loss is quickly solved by application of a barbecue to the equation...

Ah yes, I remember the Sreekumar-Nirmalan elephant surface area method real so well, nothing beat it.

Personally, I think the best sentence(s) in the whole thing are as follows:

Khan, Badruddin, Quadir and Seetharamu have removed most of the tedium by doing the calculations for you. That's why you don't have to do the calculations yourself.

Masters of the obvious, are we??

That has a nice rhythm, it would make a great chorus to a shoobop type song.

Let's pooh-pooh the Gebremedhin-Wu way. Yeah yeah, pooh-pooh the Gebremedhin-Wu way.

Why not just seal their cloacae?

PS I think KN Seetharamu should turn his efforts toward improving ladies' tank tops.

sthnblle ... I'm thinkin' that there wuz a precursor for their "mastery of the obvious" capabilities, as indicated by the phrase, ... can be used by any user ...

Merely ... um ... usin' this as an example ...

slyeyes - you have no idea how badly i want to work on that but unfortunately, adulthood calls. somebody else do this?

The old method involved measuring or calculating a whole herd of numbers - *snork*

A Quick and Accurate Estimation of Heat Losses from a Cow for benefit glorious nation of Khazakstan.

If Borat plans a follow-up movie, have we got a title for you!

First, assume a spherical cow. And assume you're doing E&M instead of Thermo. And could we make it a chicken? For President?

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