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February 21, 2007


All she needs now is a license.

(Thanks to PM)


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*wonders what would have happened if it had been the dog that died*

OKay, I have a lump in my throat now. And she's right, she shouldn't be driving.

thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, whoops!

wow...just wow....

"He was my life,".. Maybe we could fix her up with the sword guy who live with his Mom..

A TEAL bathrobe, my god she's never going to live that down.

A TEAL bathrobe, my god she's never going to live that down.

Trust me, she's lying. It ain't over a cat.

MOT - actually, she prolly fits right in.

Kids moved out of state.
Husband moved to Key West.
Cat commits suicide.
Sounds like a keeper.

*Sits in handbasket, waits for next truck to Hell*

Some people, when down, drive over (lots of) mailboxes and trashcans. Others shave their heads. But you can help, for just 15 cents a day.....

Nineteen mailboxes in line by the road
Nineteen mailboxes in line
You take one down
Keep driving around
Eighteen mailboxes in line by the road...

Hammond, does that truck have mudflaps?

*SNORK* @ Olo

Yep, JD, (nice song, by the way!).
Do you want to ride with me?

LOL Hammie and Ducky!

Key Quote

"To go six-tenths of a mile hitting mailbox after mailbox and trash can after trash can - this is a problem,"

Neither rain, nor snow
Nor gloom of night
Shall keep these intrepid couriers
From the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Wacked out hysterical maniacs, on the other hand.....

Reminds me of the trailer for "Clueless" where the girl drives her Jeep (tm thingie) while talking to the camera. When it pans out, she's running over a bunch of mailboxes. Her excuse was that her Daddy didn't realize she had only turned 14 when he gave her the car.

Does she drive the car into the pool when a fish dies?

Wow, even 42 year old grandmothers can't drive in this state.


I wouldn't even have the will to get out of bed if something happened to my cat. At least that means I won't be running over mailboxes.

Frankly, after reading about her bad luck lately, I'm inclined to give her a pass on this one. What's a few mailboxes, in the general scheme of things?

Give the old lady a brake. Running down mailboxes can be uplifting as well as entertaining. Not that I would know personally or anything.

If you had kids in the neighborhood (say, waiting for a bus beside the mailbox), you might feel a little differently.

Sorry; anyone who gets behind the controls of a large piece of equipment needs to be certain that they're capable of maintaining control over that equipment before starting it up.

"Chadwell said she didn't even realize she had taken down all those mailboxes. She thought it was just a garbage can stuck underneath her truck."

I don't know. I think I would stop even if there was only a garbage can stuck under my car.

"But once she turned onto Spring Hill Drive, she decided she shouldn't be driving and turned the car around to come home."

Um, maybe "she shouldn't be driving and turned the ignition off" would have been more appropriate.

This event merely proves that some people completely lose control when they've got pussy on their mind ...

(HEY! SOMEbuddy hadda say it! Why're (not wire) y'all upset 'cuz the old guy said it first?)

How do you not know you've run into mailboxes? Sounds like she was out of it. I'd be really upset if it were my cat, but yow!

Poor woman. It sounds like she's had way too much stress in her life.

My cat will be 17 next month and I know that when her time comes I'll be a basket case, too. Which, among other things such as sobbing uncontrollably, means I'll probably spend weeks getting on the wrong buses and trains.

It's good not to have to have a car...

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