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February 21, 2007


I need one of these.

(Thanks to Dan Nachbar)


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Yikes, Tammy... Caught me off guard. What the heck is "gusset density"?!?!?

*throws bot another botnip-laced chew toy*

Hmmm, it's not quite as efficacious as I'd hoped.

Are you sure botnip chew toys will work where the valium-laced gumballs wouldn't?

Tetchy my a$$, the friggin' misbegotten son of a beyotch is changed my mood from mellow to murderous.

I figured it was worth a try. Then again, you never know how stale the botnip is. Just like with catnip. Some of it drives my "nephew" Fergus the Maine Coon Cat out of his gourd, and some of it does zilch for him.

Perhaps a combination of botnip toys and valium-laced gumballs might do the trick... Does the PDR have any info on interactions? I wouldn't want the bot to get sick and toss its cookies all over the blog...

*tosses Mot a hot blueberry muffin*

No botnip in that, Gramps. Here, have a refill on the decaf. Don't want you to blow a gasket. You have a new grandchild to meet.

Methinks befriending the bot may be a lost cause today. Maybe the poor thing has fleas or something.

Oh. I was hoping the bot was behaving better this morning. Guess not, eh.

Evening everyone

*tosses Mot a hot blueberry muffin*

No botnip in that, Gramps. Here, have a refill on the decaf. Don't want you to blow a gasket. You have a new grandchild to meet.

Methinks befriending the bot may be a lost cause today.

kibby's been botified for at least the past 3 weeks. he just takes it in stride now.

*goes to enter codes*

Tammy, I'm becoming concerned with your recent fixation on the audible ejaculation of gaseous bodily emissions. Lie back and tell me about your childhood.

It's taken me 20 minutes to post this.

Hi sly, Hi faw...

We have unleaded as well as high-test to go with the blueberry muffins.

I thnk the bot just had a nervous breakdown. The link to the code field was broken. Peculiar.

Uh, Mot, what did you do to the bot?!?


I just tried to comment and the bot fried my connection. I've noticed that it's seems to be cranky around this time each day and suggested it needed a N. A. P. I guess it didn't like the idea.

FAW, Hi!

Uh, who me? *Guiltily sweeps up bits of smashed electronic circuitry*

Under the rug is the best place to hide those, Mot...

It refused to let me post, just sat there looking at me. So I fried it by re-booting, now I get the spam bot but at least I can post. This is only a problem when my laptop is plugged into the office ADSL, when I'm at home and using the 3G card, the bot only attacks me occasionally.

Mot, I blame it all on Mud. I thought I said that already. ;)

What were you hoping for, prurient tales of my electra complex? Here, have a cigar.

Hi, mm...

Our little friend did something like that to me, too. It's been running very slowly. I'm beginning to suspect it needs more than a N.A.P. More like a good dose of magnesium citrate!

That would make it retreat for a while, but when it returned, it would be very, very angry.

*puts out a tall glass of prune juice for the bot*

Mornin' All!!

Mot, gorgeous pictures! Congratulations, again!

any chocolate muffins??

Tammy, didn't you know I was a practising cy..si psychologist?

Crosses fingers and gives a sweet smile in the bot's direction. I have not seemed to have any problems before. Maybe the bot was out sourced to Asia? It likes me.

Here, bot... nice bot... have some prune juice. You'll feel a lot better. I'm concerned that you're not getting enough fiber in your diet.

I know you're only trying to protect the blog from evil spammers...

*scratches bot's ears*

There you go. Have another slurp.

Hi Sooz, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree I believe the saying goes. *tucks thumbs into armpits and puts on smug expression*

Doing a little happy dance. Last post went through no problems.

Ooh, and it's ribbed, for everyone's pleasure... .

*spikes bots beverage with kayexalate*

Mot, I had absolutely no idea you were a sickpsychologist. Thanks for pointing that out. Mmm... that eclair looks tasty. And the banana.

*slaps self on forehead*

Just realized why the bot's been cranky. It was that last productivity enhancement that Tammy posted. Bot got into a loop on it, and now has gas...

*sashays in with a tray of chocolate chip muffins for Siouxie*

*offers bot simethicone chip cookies*

faw, I noticed that when I quit previewing the posts have gone through without a hitch. The downside is that I don't catch my typos...

LMAO at JG and NT's cathartic solutions for the bot.

Was feeding the birds, Adult Lifetime Coarse compressed seed blocks anyone?

Tipos what tepos?

mm, sounds like your birds are getting plenty of fiber... I've heard of puppy chow and special diet formula for fat cats, but special birdseed... that's a new one on me. Oh, duh, these are indoor birds, not wild ones... Now I remember.

*gets another cup of high-test*

JG sashays in,

the bot sachets in.

After all the hystrionics the bot is as meek as a kitten now. I could use some of those choc chip muffins now JG.

After all the hystrionics the bot is as meek as a kitten now. I could use some of those choc chip muffins now JG.

hmmm ... OK ... mot, the only problems with a meeting in Denver (for moi ownself, NEway) is that sometimes I only have 40-55 minutes to change planes ... and ... um ... I forget the other clinker just now ... other than that ... it'd be a great experience to have a bloglit session there ...

oohhhh Yummmmmmmm!! thanks JG!!!

*slides 2 muffins down the blogbar to Mot*

There you go... Need a refill on the joe?

not just for birds, but specialized for parrots. Softbills get another kind and lorikeets get something completely different. Even the loose seed is divided into paraeet, cockatiel and (large)parrot.

mm, besides the various kinds of seeds, do some of your birds also eat vegetable matter?

NT... looks like our ministrations have helped. (Knock on wood.)

Alas, no. The bot is ignoring us because it has blacklisted our beloved Mudstuffin. He has the dealie where the "post comments" window is missing.

*humming butt snake funeral dirge*

I really like birds, except for one little thing, yhey all have bird brains.

OtheU, I'm not sure which cell phone I'll be using in the US at his stage. My current one belongs to the company and if they want me to be contactable they'll want me to take it along. I've had to take out a new contract for the new company but will only use that number if scenario one does not apply. I'll let you know which number in due course.

NT, at this point, all I can say is "booger!"

*scratches bot's ears again*

I guess we just have to make the best of it, and try to keep the bot as happy as possible. Simethicone chip cookies every day would be a good start. ;-)

Mot ... sounds cool ... I'm goin' out into the rain today to do "non-production" (not "non-productive") werk ...

I'll keep a Denver meeting in mind ... mebbe I'll get stranded in the airport for a few hours, at least ...

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