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February 21, 2007


I need one of these.

(Thanks to Dan Nachbar)


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Ribbed envelope?

Is that what they are calling it these days?

I saw one of these coming out of the Quik-E-Mart the other day.

*pant, pant*
Runs to keep up with postings

Is that a bed where the passenger compartment is?

the most maneuverable blimp ever built

Is that kinda like "the hottest sun in this universe"

The Personal Blimp uses hot air (rather than Helium) for lift and virtually silent electric motors for propulsion. (Note: Initial flight tests are using a conventional gas-powered motor. Electric motors will be added once these initial tests are complete. Similarly, the initial flight tests are being made with conventional -- i.e. loud -- hot air balloon burners. Quiet burners will be added later.)

So, we haven't really tested our quiet motor and burners, but trust us, everything will work just fine!

This looks like something the Joker or Batman (maybe both) would own.

"To the Bat Blimp!"

Wait for the sedan model to come out next year. You've got kids, you don't want a coupe.

Gotta have enough thrust....wait, wrong thread

Obviously, Dave needs one of these for getting to and from his campaign appearances. It will be christened "Hot Air 08 Express." (Consider that a Photoshopping challenge.)

I need one just 'cause it's so frikkin cool.


Actually, that would make getting around the Third World Miami much easier.

It's the blimp
It's the blimp Frank
It's the blimp

When I see you floatin' down the gutter
I'll give you uh bottle uh wine

Look up in the sky there's uh dirigible there

Edgar - how we miss you

*snork* at Jazzzz & CJ!

Somehow, this reminds me of Star Trek--they used transporters for the people because the starship was too huge to land. "Honey, I'm running to the store for some milk, and I'm taking the Blimp!"

Lairbo, and Dave could modify it by attaching a Cruisin' Cooler; then when he arrived, he could just detach the Cooler and cruise off to his appointed campaign stop.

Ribbed for her pleasure.

Could we get that in teal terrycloth?

Just Photoshopped a version for Dave's campaign and emailed to The Blog.

Ach! You beat me to it, funniegrrrl.

Nerdly [Surprise!!] question/comment: that gadget has aluminum supports running through the fabric; doesn't that mean this is really a dirigible instead of a blimp? Yes, I could go look it up, but thought it might be more fun if someone knew the answer.

*patiently waits for the posting of funniegirl's chop*

"Edgar - how we miss you"

Wow, I have a fan club.

Man, I'm not sure I'd want an airship from a company that doesn't even know the correct techincal word for their product. I'd hate to see the owner's manual: Turn thingy A in the doohicky b to make whatchamacallit d go vroom.


Every presidential candidate should own a personal blimp! A mid-air jousting tournament/presidential debate could be in your future.

**SNORK** @ WeatherB!!!

THAT I'd pay to see.

Blimp Jousting: Coming to the 2020 Summer Olympics

I need one if only so I never need to take off my shoes at the airport ever again.

Woo Hoo made it a whole without linking only 39 to go.

I've GOT two of these! *wink*

LOL Punkin!

You've done well, Addicted.

Can I get mine ribbed AND "glow in the dark"???

*snork* @ Punkin!

Keep up the good work, Addicted! One post at a time! ;-)

Nice knowing you, man.

Sorry, but I really wanna see this thing perform in a Tropical Depression

If we elect Dave Barry president, he'll provide his own air farce one.

Will you still have to pack all your goodies in see-through 1 quart ziplock baggie?

Choose one of two possible fixes:
1. ...in a see-through...
2. ...baggies?

Well, you don't take it out during a tropical depression, any more than you'd deliberately go out sailing in a major storm.

The possibility of rough weather hasn't stopped folks in Florida from having sailboats.

Throws a day up to myself

Ooooohhhh....I gotta get me one of those. And a big parcel of land....and lots of helium....and a pilot license....and the ability to convince my wife to let me fly in it.

Dave’s campaign will not scrimp!
He’ll have a Presidential blimp!
He’ll burst through the clouds
To the roar of the crowds
At least ‘till his gas bag goes limp.

Nerdy [Surprise!!] comment: THC, if you can get your wife to let you have lots of helium, you should sell shares. It's hard to get and very expensive. Edgar is filled with a fan and warmed with what amounts to the burners for a turkey fryer. Edgar would have it no other way!

I don't know... it reminds me too much of a hornet.

CJ: Well...y'know...I'd likely just blow it by inhaling it to make my voice sound all funny...

Well, that would be Darwinian with the tanks that come with Edgar!

*Kaboom, sizzle, sizzle*

Oh, no -it's a '24' script - a volatile, floating load of hot air meandering its way thru empty space, keeping one guy aloft while we all doubt its maneuverability.
(and yes, it's been a long day)

Careful what you wish for, Dave.

*ding dong*

"Dave says he needs one of me."
"Aren't you Rosie O'Donnell?"

Annie's been working on that since 4:24pm. :)

(Good job!)

Andy - I wish! It would way more than fun than the stupid financial software I've been zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

*snork* to all with special mention to Vladias for "air farce one"

Look, up in the sky!
It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's... Slowlayne!

(Who knew personal blimps would be the draw?)

*Grabs a lungful of helium*

Blimp! Blimp! Blimp!
(What a great word.)

It's things like this that make me wish I was three of People's Ten Sexiest Women Alive.

Because then I could buy one of these things, and fly it to Watford, and meet Jack Bauer, and say I've always wanted to sleep with a guy named Tim from Watford.

I guess I could still do it.

"Dirigible" is not shabby either.


Air Farce One or, as it's known in Dave parlance, The Edgar.

They got a quote endorsement from DaVinci. I'm impressed.

Yay, slowlayne! Here's one for Meanie, who is having so much fun with words:

Dave just wants his own dirigible
(Our candidate can be incorrigible!)
But when he goes aloft
I hope his landing’s soft
Or his injuries wouldn't be negligible.

Boss! Da Edgar! Da Edgar!


Da Blimp! Da Blimp!

Much obliged, Ducky. Now, for some carbonated refrigible.

Another great word: clink!


We see too little of you.

You say blimp, I say dirigible.

Can't we all just get along?

*snork* at Eleanor!

Oh, he floats through the air
It’s a sight to be seen
Our candidate, Dave
In his flying machine
His actions are graceful
Bloglits he does please
My vote he has secured today.

Hello El and Ducky, Sly and the rest. Oh, look at the time!! Gotta get beauty rest. Tomorrow.

El...they throw out the red meat and open the Tiger cage at 11:00 a.m. PST tomorrow. TGC coverage at 12:00 N PST.

Nighty-night, Jazzzz! Happy golf dreams!

THis looks a lot like the blimp that the evil Baron had in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Oh, I need one of these for storm chasing!! Please, please let me have one!! I promise to take care of it, and feed it, and let it out when it needs to tinkle...OK, just a bit carried away, but our first severe weather day in Oklahoma is coming up and I am soooo excited!

...can we all just get a long what?
just askin'.

Annie, I'd like to get a long night's sleep! Hope you are finished wrestling with the financial software.

Nighty-night, all!

Oh, and wxgurl, I'm happy for you, but PLEASE keep that severe weather away from Texas,OK?

'Bye now!

Sweet Dreams, Ducky.

Night, Ducky....beware of blimps baring bearing boobs.

I don't see what's so personal about it. I mean, you're hanging out in the sky where everybody can see you. Not very personal at all.

Annie...I knew you were a Woody Allen fan.

I like this quote:
"For once you have tasted flight
you will walk the earth
with your eyes turned skywards,"

And then you will trip over a fire hydrant because you weren't looking where you were going. (My personal take on it :) )

Woody's ok. But Dave has nicer hair.

Kristina - that verse needs a few new endings. I like yours with the tripping o'er the hydrant. How about-
"For once you have tasted flight
you will walk the earth
with your eyes turned skywards,
...hoping this time to avoid the next loose-boweled pigeon."

Hi all you late nite revellers.

hi Mot

Would you like to ride in my personal balloon?
Would you like to ride in my personal balloon?
We could fly away until Hervay-ay
The midget says...

Look! Boss! It's zee blimp!
It's zee beautiful, zee beautiful


shoot...did i spill my scotch again...

this is all just a big mis-understanding...

officer I NEVER pointd my gun at this man...

This all just a lot of hot air.

Wxgurl, Favio is about to cause serious sh1t in Mocambique and our heatwave is continuing.

If anybody is interested, pictures of little Bronwyn can be seen here. Password is millicent

"I need one of these."

Hey, who doesn't?

Mot- I'm assuming that's your daughter, son-IL, and first grandbaby? They're both adorable! What angels! And hair! - I'm jealous of that - mine were both bald. With little girls, you'd like something to put a little bow into. And such kissable chubby little cheeks. Your daughter looks like she's feeling fine, too. And her hubby's exhausted. That fits somehow.
Congratulations again, Mot. You're a lucky man...

--Officer, Officer!! Some thief just stole my dirigible!

--Do you remember anything distinctive about his appearance?

--Well, he walked with a blimp.

Yup mm, right on all counts, I'm bursting over here and the days cannot go by fast enough.

--Officer, Officer!! That pitcher just looked at first base!

--Do you remember anything distinctive about his delivery?

--Well, he balked like a wimp.

Well, Mot ... with the earlier one, I'm not needin' to tell you whut fun grandkids are ... even tho I've got eight of 'em, and think I know most everything there is to know about spoiling them rotten ... Looks like a heckuva deal, to me ... enjoy your time in Denver ... If you're gonna be there for all of March, I may be flyin' thru there in about 3-4 weeks ... we'll see how all this goes, mebbe a phone conversation could be arranged ... meanwhile ... enjoy!

--Officer, Officer!! That maestro just stole my baton!

--Do you remember anything distinctive about his conducting?

--Well, he was no Lawrence Welk.

Mot, how adorable! I bet you are counting the days!

As for Favio, I am glad he is almost done, but I have two tropicals right behind him! This is getting a bit crazy!

(Um, strike that last one. This one isn't much better.)

--Officer, Officer!! Some thief just stole my liitle doggie!

--Do you remember anything distinctive about the pup's disappearance?

--Well, he barked like a whelp.

Mot- you should post your pics-site over on the forum, too. Just in case anyone misses this late-night section of the blog. Just sayin'
If I were you I would be so excited, I'd be impossible to live with.

Hey, 'djahear? Britney left rehab again and got a tattoo of Herve Villechaize.

*spams the "*snork* @ stevie" button*

Hey, Grandpa Mot... Thanks for the baby pix! Bronwyn is such a cutie... As is her older sis. Glad to hear that she and her Mom came through in good shape. Bet you can't wait to get on that plane. ;-)

Ty, mm. Congrats, mot. And lol, aw. Did you know spring training is just around the corner?

"For once you have tasted flight
you will walk the earth
with your eyes turned skywards,"

...And then you will trip over a fire hydrant because you weren't looking where you were going.
...hoping this time to avoid the next loose-boweled pigeon.

*can't believe no one has commented on all the dog tancredo one would step in were one not watching one's step...*

*looks in the sky*


*wonders if it gets censored in AZ*

11 year old, "Mom? Why does that blimp look like a woman's boob?"

*sees that it's time to wack an 11 yr old upside the head*


Thanks to all of ya for the kind comments, now you know why I'm crazy about my granddaughters.

OtheU, WriterDude are getting together for some Sierra Nevada on tap during my stay, I'm sure we can arrange something.

Thanks to all of ya for the kind comments, now you know why I'm crazy about my granddaughters.

OtheU, WriterDude are getting together for some Sierra Nevada on tap during my stay, I'm sure we can arrange something.

Thanks to all of ya for the kind comments, now you know why I'm crazy about my granddaughters.

OtheU, WriterDude are getting together for some Sierra Nevada on tap during my stay, I'm sure we can arrange something.

I'm gonna destroy a certain plastic brained automoton.

*blows whistle*

You. Bot! Interference penalty, 10 bazillion yards.

*resume your regularly scheduled blogging*

Or, if I wanted to switch games: Mot just hit a triple, almost knocked it outta the park. Take your pick.

*sashays in with pot of fresh hot coffee and a tray of blueberry muffins*

Mornin', all...

*snags muffin* (wait... that sounds kinda dirty)

I blame this on Mud. (Had to get that out of the way early 8P)

sashay hot coffee!? Hum, interesting....

Hmmmm... bot's a mite tetchy this morning.

*throws bot a botnip chew toy*

That ought to keep it occupied for a while.

Yoo hoo, anyone else around?

*sees bot rolling around on its back*

Pssst, bloglits, the coast is clear...

Hey, Tammy and kibby... glad to see you got past the bot. It just crawled behind the davenport with the botnip chew toy.

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