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February 22, 2007


He's loose in Santa Fe.

(Thanks to Xmygrits)


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Yet another use for Duct Tape

This is where I hwould have a link to to Barry Manilow asking was "he" seen in the neighborhood. Dang you lent.

That's why you don't want to upset the pages.

Alternate choices: Stariway to Heaven, Highway to Hell, Spirit in the Sky

....and yay Xmygrits...long time no see...

\\\"Police sent a bomb squad and officers blew up two the players outside the church. After determining they were not dangerous, police kept the third one for analysis.\\\"

A little over the top, doncha think?

Analysis? Hmmm... I\\\'m guessing they\\\'ll be analysing that data one by one in the bathroom...

oh come on, obviously someone was giving up porn for lent.

That was NOT a "joyful noise."

Hope nobody Mass-turbated.

I'm going to hell.

w132...there will be a lot of blog friends there

Are they sure it wasn't someone moaning in tongues?

"police kept the third one for analysis. They are checking it for fingerprints and DNA"

Boomboxes have fingerprints and DNA?? Maybe they WERE possessed by the devil.

How exactly did the yblow up the 2 players if they were not explosive in the first place? These stories open up all kinds of questions. Some of which I really don't want to know the answers to, BTW....

Jazzz...I misread as "fiends," but that still works...

Sorry, don't wanna deprive Jazzzz of one of his z's.

Re: blowing up the boomboxes

Between this, and the Boston bomb squad blowing up a Lite-Brite, it's clear to me that the collective bomb squad of the United States needs to be sent back to "Bomb Recognition 101." At this rate, I'm surprised they didn't blow up Anna Nicole's will.

Oh, my bad !! I should have said "fiends" *snork*

Merely RYI and sorta OT ... it seems there's a bit of a "math-challenged" status amongst these "journalists" ... y'all will mostly always see reference to the "40 days of fasting/penance/sacrifice ... leading up to Easter ..." and such commentary ...

Them Catholics are perty clever ... a penitent is s'posed to "give up" somethin' for the period of Lent ... which, sorta by ... um ... mention, or somethin' in the Bible ... is considered to be 40 days, symbolic of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert (not dessert, I gave that up for Lent) ...

HOWever ... Sundays DO NOT COUNT!

So, if you "give up" somethin' for Lent, y'all can partake of it on Sundays!

(Do the math. Count the days from yesterday, Ash Wednesday, to Easter ...)

(BTW, I'm RC ... if it matters ...)

The Lord would forgive. And He probably wouldn't have blown up any boom boxes.

OtheU - that was so no one would pass out in church on Sunday - so you were allowed to eat that day.

"Behold, I bring you tidings of Great Joy,
and Amazing Amanda, and Titillating Tabitha..."

Yeah, Annie, but not until AFTER church ... as I recall, y'all'n'usn's wuzn't s'posed to eat before Mass ... that useta mean "since midnight" ... hence, all the early times for Mass ... then they loosened the rules, and it's "one hour before taking communion" ... and ... if y'all fergit, and have breakfast (?) B4 mass, you can still go there, merely not s'posed to take Holy Communion ...

No ... seriously (that above wuz sorta tongue-in-cheek, BTW ...) I wuz shocked, I say, SHOCKED! ... to learn of that little trick them (us) Catholics have foisted off upon the secular world ... never bothered to even consider it, until someone said her son wuz goin' home to have some ice cream, 'cuz he gave it up for Lent ... but it wuz Sunday, so it din't count ... WHAT??? ...

BTW again ... I'm a prevert ... um ... subvert? ... CONvert! Yeah, that's the word ... if it matters ...

Once more BTW ... there's a perty funny bit in a John Sandford novel, with Lucas Davenport & another guy, and this suspect/informant is talkin' about stuff, and brings up the Catholics, and their " ... ring-kissin' ... stoopid ... blah, blah, blah ..."

Davenport says, "I'm Catholic."

The other guy says, "I am too."

Davenport: "What religion are you?" (To the suspect/informant)

S/I: "Ex-Catholic!"


Well, Sandford writes it better than I do ... mebbe y'all hadda've been there ...

Actually - having dated "Satan" I can assure you he's a Weston, FL resident!

Satan is an anagram of my mom's name (almost). I must go hide now.

Satan is also an anagram of Santa. Whatever that means.

I smell a terror plot. Someone alert the CTU. Where's Jack when you need him? Where's the tazor?
As for the DNA - let's think about what the source of DNA *would be* for someone listening to porn... Maybe, say, when they change the tape and didn't wash their hands. Just thinking here...

"Actually - having dated "Satan" I can assure you he's a Weston, FL resident!

Posted by: DQC | 12:13 AM on February 23, 2007"

Wow. I didn't know "Satan" enjoyed small-town values, attractive, affordable homes, friendly neighbors, PTAs, and boutique shopping?! He seemed more the South Beach type to me. It certainly isn't in the one place you can let your kids attend a Florida public school and still reasonably expect them to get into an ivy-league college.

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