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February 22, 2007


Holy Mackerel!

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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"As long as it's not $6.66"

Pie Iesu domine, dona eis requiem.
Pie Iesu domine,...
...dona eis requiem.
Bless this sandwich.
Pie Iesu domine,...
...dona eis requiem.

"Fish Snacker"

That is all.

\\\"Bring out yer dead\\\"

*snork* @ Chris!

Smells a little fishy to me...

Clean, someone is calling you!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, something's fishy here.

Hey, no throwing things!

casey, you talking to me?

I wonder if a single Papally approved fish sandwich gets turned into thousands of them

*waves @ Hammie*

Great minds and all...

and a triple with casey!!! wooo hooo!!

I hope it doesn't have Mayo on it or the Pope's in deep dookey. Er, you know, eggs? In Mayo? Animal byproducts? Okay. Not funny.

*Waves at Siouxie*

*Watches Siouxie's gown carefully*

*sleepily grumbling...* Eh, casey?

Some observations:
1. Publicity stunt for KFC; mission accomplished.
B. If they actually used mackerel in this sandwich, it would be greasy and yucky.
Γ. &c.

Ohh, must be the King!

BTW, the most blasphemous food in the world is... A bacon double cheeseburger on a Friday:
* Offends the Jews and Muslims thanks to the bacon
* Offends the Jews because milk and meat are together
* Offends the Hindus because the meat comes from a cow
* Offends the Buddhists because the meat does not come from a yak
* Offends the Christians because of the injunction against meat on a Friday, as well as the cardinal sin of Gluttony
* Offends the French because it was made in the USA.

Find me something more blasphemous than that, and I'll eat it!

uh..thanks for watchin, Hammie...it\\\'s still ON!


On a personal note. I \\\"try\\\" to abstain from eating meat (shaddup) on the Friday\\\'s during Lent. I usually forget. I am taking basket weaving classes.

Who\\\'s joining me??

Snork @ Sioux. That is my all-time fav MP movie.

Make mine a blasphemy burger ;)

Oh, I know I'm going straight to Hades.. Ah reckon ah'll have me some o' dem french fried taters, mmm-Hmmm...

This is a crappie idea.

Well Med...I\\\'ll share the *snork* with Chris. He was first to bring that up. ;-)

Some sects of Buddhism also eschew beef.

Everyone should eschew beef. You may choke otherwise.

Ford79............now THAT was funny

Sippi, I don't know nuffin' 'bout Lenten proscriptions, but that tartar sauce is likely 80% mayo [could be salad dressing].

If they can find a way to include Cream of Wheat and a slab of colossus squid in the sandwich, I *might* try it...

I'm sure of all the food in Italy KFC isn't at the top of the Pope's list.

you mean eschoke, Hammie??


and I do believe I have been unbanned!! THANK YOU "JESUS CHRIST & THE MACKERELS" (an excellent name for a Christian Rock Band!)

Are you people going to carp on this all day?

The Snapping Mackeral WBAGNFA Seafood Restaurant. Probably already has been on the Simpsons.

*Monsignor to the Pope*

"Sir, you can't have that! It has eggs, Benedict!"

*presses Ford-snork button*

Gadfly, we're just floundering around looking for direction.

"when you're the successor of St.Peter, Prince of the Apostles, God's Vicar on earth, somtimes it difficult to find time to eat, and even though man does not live by bread alone, I find that KFC Snackers really relieve my hunger pangs, even if they get my blessing fingers all greasy. so take it from me, i'm infallible in matters of deliciousness, and get yourself some today!"

Ride-on, cj, ride-on; if'n it has aiggs in it; 'hit's off limits.

Deep-fried in lard, perhaps?

Ok, Siouxie - I'll give it up just for the halibut.

hat tipping here for all

*snorkel, snorkel, snorkel* at you all!

I'd think for this sandwich, they'd use sole...

SNORKS all \'round! I\'m lmao over this whole thread....

It's Catho-lickin' Good.

*snork* @ "snorkel".
....I think I just injured my subdural-cranio-snorkus-sinus.

Well, the hometown has another hit! Fish! Not Holy Mackeral, but Alaskan Pollock - wasn't that the last pope though?

Typepad doesn't let me post at home but does at work. Why? I usedto be able to post from home, now it just loads and loads and loads, then cuts me off altogether. And, yeah, I tried everything, Judi, but Typepad still doesn't like my home address, I guess....

Jesus' Faves.

Patron Saint of Fish Schticks - Mrs. Paul. Who knew she had a video game? There are some interesting gaming links on that site that I can't investigate right now, in case someone is bored to tears interested.

Kathybear - contact Typepad directly - send them your ip addy - it will take a day or two, but they'll get you back on. I got booted off during the bumper sticker thread.

This thread just keeps getting better!

*Flaps @ Ducky, up on her perch*

*Brainy snork*

Kathy, THC linked to Blogits, which has a Bot forum. It's a bit different for everyone, but there are solutions. And now, for posting this link, I will have to poke the Bot with a swordfish.

AWBH - I tried that, but no deal. It must be IE7 or something new in it or in my machine- Firefox doesn't work either, but I'm goingt o try dual booting with Linux again and we'll see what happens then. Heh, heh, heh...And CJrun, thanks - I'll check it out...

*flaps back at CJ*

McDonald's immediately sent their newest sandwich, the McFishop, to Rome for consideration:

Two blessed fish patties
Sacred sauce, lettuce, cheese,
Papal onions on a Holy See-d bun.


I got banned (again)yesterday from my work and emailed them this morning with my new IP address (apparently Bellsouth changes IPs after a few weeks/months). It took them a few hours but I was OK to post again. I'm assuming the same thing will happen (again) at home once my Bellsouth IP changes here.

Good luck!

Blessed by thy breasts. Is that kosher?


Only with some truly divine thighs

Walleye never! Salmon ought to look into this blasphemous abuse of religious authority.

Caviar emptor!

Ducky, I didn't actually roll on the floor, but I laughed out loud! Please stop that; I've been trying to listen to a 3 hour interview with a Presidential historian [President's Day], and I missed Grover Cleveland's first term!

Sorry, CJ! ;-) (1905 Grover Cleveland quote: "Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote. The relative positions to be assumed by men and women in the working out of our civilization were assigned long ago by a higher intelligence.")

Apparently, I am neither sensible nor responsible! :-)

Caviar emptor!


Whale, I don't know what else can be said. Godclammit, I'm out of ideas.

Perch-ance if you gave it one more try....

I don't know, Meanie, I'm havin' a shell of a time here.

You just conch give up now, w132.

All right, you've musseled me into it. *poof*

Those of us with a Largemouth can prolly handle (mandible?) these smaller sandwiches in one bite ...

Sorta like Phil Connors with the cake in Groundhog Day ... merely sayin' ... WHut?

(*Alaskan Pollock, din't he have an uncle named Jackson?)


These puns are making me eel

Awwww, just one moray? PLEEEEEAAAAASSSE????

Just one more???

Whew! a ray of hope

I got nothing, the scales have tipped.
Meanie You win. I owe You a Fin

*gasps for breath*

OK, I promised just that last one. Now I'll give others the opportunaty to take the bait.

Keep your money, Al. I'm no shark.

Enough, already! Clam up, you guys, or I have to get roughy!

Please, let's not get oysterical, Ducky. No need to flex your mussels.

*wonders if we are all still chums*

"Oysterical!" I can't breathe!! (Maybe it's just a frog in my throat.)

w132, could you type a little louder please. I'm a little hard of herring ever since I got sucker punched in the Marines.

*apologies to Kip Adotta*

Holy carp! w132 needs help! Anyone know the Haddock maneuver?

W132 in Trouble!!!....abalone, I fell for that one before. Last time he said he needed a sturgeon.

Gad, are you saying w's feeding us a line, making us panic for nothing? I'll wring his little neck for that!

I'm afraid so Meanie. The jig is up. W has been trolling for attention. Hopefully we can all put this little roe behind us.

How shad.

It is shad Meanie, really I'd rather make a friend than anenome.

Now THAT ONE is a great one, Gadfly ...

Merely ... LOL!

SNORK, all. Time for this oyster to hit his bed.

*snorks* @ Meanie the Bluefish and Gad the Flyfisher. That was punnerific. Let's all be good Catholics and give up meat on Fridays. Instead, we'll all have puns for dinner!

Group(er) hug!!!

*snorks* all around!

that was a reel hoot!!!

Yawl have sweet breams!

Betta get to bed, Sushi. School tomorrow.

See y'all brine and early. And hey, W132 is a she. ;)

Good marlin, everyone.

I was afraid I might have misgendered you w132. Apologies - I can be such a steelhead at times.

Annie - would you happen to have a bottlenose of sockeye to go with that Sushi?

Sometimes y'all are so quick with a quip I'm merely in a spinner ... usually, tho, I cod figure it all out ... if I can see low, can the punchline be far behind?

OK ... it's early ... I need coffee, esp. after that last one ...

Reely, O, your sardinic wit deserves more credit than that.

Are we sure KFC haven't hired staff writers from the Onion? That reads like standard Onion satire. This kind of crap in reality makes me crabby.

You're right, Neil, it does seem suspiciously Onion-y. This thread is certainly enough to make you cry.

Tartar for now.

Do KFC's fishes come on loaves?

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