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February 21, 2007


(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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I'm allergic to stretching.

Isn't white, gooey stuff what you get AFTER you stretch your meat??

That's the second weirdest male enhancement technique I've ever heard of.

Yummm, Cream of Meat!

Yeah, I love the old movies where one kid says to the other, "Oh, man, I really pulled a boner."

*Makes note to thank Mom for all that Cream of Wheat when I was a kid*

You hear that boys??? Stretching meat is necessary AND patriotic! sooooooo get to it!

**SNORK** @ JD.

And...it "blends perfectly with different meats"


Can I just take this opportunity to note that "The Meat Stretchers" would be a horrible name for a band?

All of a sudden, I've lost my appetite. Must be the stomachache.

DPC, that was just awful and I thank you!

"You hear that boys??? Stretching meat is necessary AND patriotic! sooooooo get to it!"

yes, ma'am.

"You hear that boys??? Stretching meat is necessary AND patriotic! sooooooo get to it!"

yes, ma'am.

Tonight I will wear an American flag do-rag (only) and hum The Star Spangled Banner as I stretch my meat. I love this country!

This certainly sounds a great deal more comfortable than the traction devices we were discussing the other day.

If you think this is funny, go to http://www.superdickery.com and click on "Seduction of the Innocent".

I am offended by the phrase "Stretch Your Meat." I propose changing "Meat" to "Hoohaa."

When Hamburger Helper first appeared, it said,right on the box "meat extender".

I am not making this up.

wont that cause blindness?

jand - hairy palms & insanity, too.

Siouxie, are you offering to help???

... um ... FYI ... Cream (The Original Meat Stretcher) of Wheat™ wuz invented in Nodak (ISIANMUT -- merely a few miles from Dave's Sewer Lift Station) ... sometimes it might help take one's mind off those cold winter nights ... eh?

Umm, am I supposed to eat it, spread it on the approprate appendage....what?? Someone help me out here.

Whut ever hits your hot button, L'z'b ...

Ladies, do your part:

Stir the puddin' and warm the pie.

Stevie & Scott, don't we always??? ;-)

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