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February 04, 2007


I just had breakfast with a media source who told me that another media source friend of his was at a big VIP party the other night, and he (the second media source) went into the men's room, and a gigantic man blocked his path and said, quote, "Bathroom is closed." It turned out that Prince was in there. So apparently Prince does not pee without a security perimeter.

This has been your Prince Update.


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So it takes a gigantic man to patrol Prince's, ummm, perimeter??? Intriguing...

When they left, was the body guard carrying a step stool?

Oh, and how can I become a "media source"? Can I get my degree online?

*looks through urban dictionary for new definitions of "perimeter"*

Do you think Prince wipes his own a$$? Or does he have "people" for that?

*must cut down on coffee*

Dave, Could you tell us what you, as a media personality, had for breakfast? Did they have special "Payton Pancakes" or "Urlacher Benedict"?

Okay, I'm done.

The rest of you can come out now.

Security perimeter? That makes it sound like he has realy, really bad aim. (Kinda like the "splash zones" at Sea World.)

Please don't squeeze the Prince Charmin.

*snork* @ Stevie & Punkin

I peed next to a celebrity in a restroom at a movie theater once. A one-liner came to mind, but I held myself in check.

didn't want anyone seeing his purple rain.

*shakes head, pulls mint leaf out of eye, looks around floor of BlogBar, throws melting ice at other 'sleepy' bloglits*

You know what they say? You can't eat all day if you don't start in the morning! Today, we will be focusing on a special theme, ... no, not horse and bear, but organized around what's in the fridge and the freezer. Apparently, we will be starting with bacon, tomatoes, onions, eggs, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

Punkin' please don't talk about anyone carrying any kind of stool out of the bathroom just yet, 'K?

So you couldn't check out his Super Bowl package?

Sorry, CJ. Since I owe you one, I'll restrain myself.

Speaking of breakfast specials, though....do you think that restaurant now has "Prince's Sh!t-on-a-shingle" now?

*cj, I'm a baaaaaaaad girl*

and I apologize for my redundant use of "now" again.

And so he should have a bodyguard, by all accounts his royalness is so small, maybe they're scared somebody might shake his head and try to shove him into their pants. Just a thought.

and who let the sheep into the bathroom (Punkin's post) and why? How did she (the ewe, not Punkin) get past the security perimeter?

...and the bodyguard said, "Wait for the royal flush."

mm, she made a ewe turn

but did he sit on the throne???

Mornin all!!

'Morning, all! I'll have a cup of whatever Punkin's drinking, minus the sheep.

Wonder if Prince has visited the Netherlands? If so, do you suppose he used one of their nify streetcorner urinals? If so, how many bodyguards would it take to establish a perimeter? And how large would the perimeter be? Inquiring ducks want to know.

Oh and assorted *snorks* and LOL's and ewww's...

take your pick!

I've read that same thing about Madonna, Beyonce and other famous celebrities. It's really carrying elitism to a ridiculous extreme, IMO.

guess he didn't want anyone looking at his little red corvette...

or maybe his darling nicki dickie.

Do you suppose he doesn't want his "tinkle" to be heard? Perhaps the recording would be sold on E-bay...


U don't have 2 be rich
2 use this john
U don't have 2 be cool
Don't get me wrong
I ain't particular and I won't miss
I just want some extra time to just....


*with apologies to the real talented lyricists*

LOL Siouxie!

He suffers from urinal stage fright. He's small, ya know?

LOL thanks Ducky...a very lame attempt ;-)

He's got his Vanity (6).

Lol, sxi!

*strikes match*

One of my buddies peed next to David Gergen in the VIP bathroom at the Richard Nixon funeral. Top that.

tks, Stevie! ;-)

strike a match?? did Prince leave his stool behind again? sheeesh!

siouxie that is by far, one of the best blog parodies yet! worthy of even insom.

Hey, who's in there?

The fartist formally known as Prince.

I wish I could have a drink of what Punkin's having, but I gotta go back to work tonight. Ducky'll just have to have my share. Ducky, get a designated driver. I'm pretty sure you'll need one, even if it's just to get from room to room in your house, judging by the way Punkin sounds... (if I had more energy, I'd be noticing my english teacher cringing right about now, but I don't so she shall have to suffer in silence)

Please pray for me and my hospital tonight. A lot of staff have called in sick, some with the creeping crud that has laid me low, some with *coughcough superbowlitis* (may they roast for their transgression). When I left, our ER was full, our ICU was full, our stepdown unit was full, there were no beds, people were staying in guerneys in the hallways. We're critically short on staff and beds. For heaven's sake, the house supervisor was working in a patient care capacity last night.

BTW, Go Bears! If they lose, I have to put up with my husband griping about it for all eternity, or until they do win the superbowl, whichever comes first. Note that I am not necessarily an optimist.

much thanks, cg! I am truly honored.and unworthy...but sometimes this blog inspires even me. ;-)

I say we give him a break people...he's probably been holding it in for a while and wants to potty like it's 1999.

Good Luck, Tammy!!! don't work too hard!

and lol @ stevie and the fartist...

Hey NT, Are you over the dreaded lurgi?

Update on my daughter, the bp's back to normal and they're sending her home, we're hoping that nature takes it's course and she carries to full term.

Will do, NT! Best of luck to you and your hospital; sounds like the situation's desperate!

That's great news, Mot. We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed for her. Course, then we can't blog...

ok...ok how about good thoughts then?

Thoughts and prayers, Mot.

I wouldn't lose to mauch sleep over Prince in the men's room. All his problems are little ones.

Yay, Mot! Hope your girl continues to do well!

Many thanks to all the blog pals for the positive vibes regarding my daughter.

sending blessings mot and tammy's way. maybe everyone will wait til tomorrow to flood the hospital, not wanting to miss the game and all. though if memory serves me, anytime large groups gather with alcohol, someone's going to the e/r.

The Prince and the Plopper

Back from chores, just in time to spew coffee on my latop @ Mot [11:45] and a double Sio *snork!*

chores?!!?? who does chores on a holiday? that's chores with a C, not a W.

Hi CJ, There was such an outpouring of adoration (and rightly so) after your exploits in Lady Lake your ears must've been burning like hell.

Whoo Hooo, 1pm on a Sunday! There should be a football game coming on! What? Oh. OK, I'll be rooting for the Bears, NT. I like Tony Dungy, but I have to root for the underbears.

No, Mot, I'm working while still fighting the cold from hell and wearing isolation gear to keep it all to myself. (Totally hate the mask!!!!) (does wearing the mask make me look like Michael Jackson? **Cringes, rocking in corner**)

Melina Mercouri might have some issues with that statement, cg.

[Geezer alert, geezer alert]

I'm ready for the game - only five hours to wait....

Oh, this is the Prince thread.
never mind

I am NOT ready for Prince.

*waves hi to Mot* Will you be watching the game?

Stevie--Never on Sunday?

So this guy is Prince's own personal 'Bot?

Good luck, NT!!!!!!! And isn't it the tail end of a full moon, too? Hopefully the less sick of the sickos will go home to watch the SB.

Mot - So glad your daughter is doing better!

CJ - RELAX and watch a football game or something!

Siouxie - Giant snot-spraying SNORKS to you, my dear!!!

I've got the chili in the crock pot and the bread for the bread bowls in the oven! C'mon over everybody!!!

El, I'd love to watch it but it will be in the early hours of the morning for us. I'll just set the PVR to record it and hope that the radio doesn't broadcast the result during my morning commute.

I'm compiling a list of pastry names for each month of the year which I'll send to you. Use it, lose it, It's up to you.

I think someone would be entirely justified in returning with a good-sized stick or two good-sized friends and informing the bodyguard that the bathroom was now open if he knew what was good for him.

So what happens when the bodyguard has to go? Does Prince return the favor? In order to remain in protective custody, does Prince have to go in there with him?

*inquiring minds don't really want to know, but we're just asking anyway*

I heard a rumor that since Prince doesn't actually like to be "seen" (in the flesh) his performance will be delivered via holographic display.

*snorks* all around

Now (for Punkin'). I ain't pullin' mr happy out in the same time zone as Prince...just sayin'.


I hope he doesn't have to pee during his halftime show. They'll have to evacuate the stadium.

I can imagine that the limo driver was idling outside, humming Some day my Prince will come....

I eagerly await your correspondence, Mot. :)

I forgot in all the Super Bowl excitement:

(OK...so it was four hours ago. Jeez...I'm not PERfect...)

They showed a preview that I think might make people forget about Janet Jackson....


Isn't Prince star enough to bring his own men's room to various venues with him? If Bono can buy a first-class airline seat for his HAT, I don't see why carting a urinal around with you is out of the question.

At least he didn't kick a family out of their own home when he did it, Unlike Miss Hilton.

Was he in the men's room? Really???

eat my sack!

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