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February 28, 2007


Avoid unhealthy meals and opt instead for tasty UK cuisine.

(Thanks to Siouxie)

HEALTH FOOD UPDATE, sent in by a huge crowd


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This is why I practically live off of Co*k-a-Leeky Soup and scones.

Crumpet crumpet crumpet.

Can you believe the evil spambot filtered out Co*k-a-Leeky soup? Creeping fascism creeps onward.

Yay, Siouxie!

My Mom, who was from Scotland, used to make me french-fry chip sandwiches when I was a kid. I just thought they were normal food.

What an idiot. Thank God we had that Revolution, coupla hundred years back. What a moron.

Chip Butty...the newest addition to Queer Eye!

get over it, sir - you're really the Prince of Whales.

I'm guessing that next, Prince Charles will be calling for a ban on marital infidelity?

Anyone got the pronunciation on that? Is it 'bootie' or 'butt-ee'?

If it's the former, then chip bootie sounds like that one country.

Has he recommended oats and hay for the Duchess of Cornwall?

Faggots 'n' peas as a fast food instead?


Sorry about the tiny url idiocy.

So where does this leave the status of Sh*t on a Shingle??

I don't know about the Chip Butty, but my favorite English dishes are Chicken Tikka Masala and Scotch Eggs.

In related news, McDonald'sUK has just added raw frog to its menu.

I've alswys fancied mashed potato samiches, myself. Tasty, plus I get my RDA of carbs in the first two bites! (You can put green beans on it, as well, the mash holds'em in place.)

snork at "huge crowd"

i recommend you click on the link of the "greasy chip buttie" song on the wikipedia page and get to the song itself on video. (you'll hear the pronunciation, too.)

for the record, i'm a fan of chip butties. ;) they are completely grotesque and really good, especially with brrrrown sauce (pronounced with a scottish accent).


*dancing to the Chip Butty (booo tea) song*

That chip butty concoction is nasty. Looks like it was rejected from "Super-Size Me" as being too unhealthy.

MY favorite English dish is the English muffin. :-)

btw, judi...those greasy chip butties look nasty!!

Shh...walk quietly and you can see the chip butty in its natural environment: Marlon Brando's heart.

why does anyone need bread with their fries chips?!

Drool, Britannia!

Siouxie - you probably wouldn't like Deep-fried twinkies either. Come to think of it, you should just stay out of Scotland. Up there, they'll deep-fry anything.

Mmm...deep-fried Angus the Highland Cow, with a side of deep-fried Nessie. Aghghghgh. (Homer Simpson voice)

"and who doesnt like free pie and chips...."
– GEICO Gecko

This is from the country that uses the least amount of toothpaste of anyone on the planet.
"Sire, I'm toothless, obese and constipated."
"Jolly good show - we'll ban McDonalds. That should do the trick, eh, whut?"

Seriously, being married to Cornzilla Camilla, I doubt he's eating healthy...

123 pound burger!

I have never been so proud to be a Pennsylvanian.

The Scottish idea of food makes me deeply suspicious of their good judgement as a group.

Yikes, Chris...seen those and ...well that's a coronary waiting to happen.

CH - vegetarian haggis? Why?

CH - they even deep-fry the haggis.

Haggis. It'll put hair on your chest. And your ears, back, feet,...

I'll have a McHaggis, please.

He may want to ban the ol' Big Mac, but, oddly enough, Prince Charlie's own officially endorsed Cornish Pasty is, umm... even more unhealthy (scroll down to handy chart). The Hypocrisy Meter™ is pegged.

yeah, but the Scotish have drinking down pat...no pun intended

For a true culinary Scottish treat, pass on the Haggis and try out the Black Pudding.

And deep-fried haggis will put hair on your... eyeballs?

Charles likes pasties??

dayam, Camilla!!! you GO old gal!!


hmm thanks, Baron

CH, from your wiki-link:

Odd facts and pop culture

Since many countries' food safety laws outlaw some of the ingredients in haggis (for example, United States law forbids the sale of any animal's lungs for human consumption), expatriate Scots and Scots descendants overseas have been known to engage in 'haggis smuggling' to obtain true Scottish haggis.

Haggis smuggling?!? Heavens! Has DHS been informed of this???

Haggis. It'll put hair on your chest. And your ears, back, feet,...
Posted by: Hammond Rye | 02:58 PM on February 28, 2007

God shave the Queen!

"Restaurant owner Denny" Need I say more!!

if Charles is a poster child for eating healthy, give me a couple Big Mac's and some fries to go. He looks like Haggis.

he looks like he caught Haggis from Camila...

Glad I could aid in your binge and purge effort there, Siouxie.

*SNORK* @ Meanie.

Baron, I hate you, but you are helping me stick to my diet.

Best breakfast is a good old English Fry Up. Bacon, eggs, suasage, black pudding, toast, fries, all floating in a plate full 'o beans. This all gets washed down with vast amounts of coffee.

Well this is it folks, farewell for now. Next time we meet I'll be in the good ole US of A.

Ah Black Pudding. Thank God, it can't be made kosher.

*please turn your head before you spew*

Isn't 'Black Pudding' roughly equivalent to 'hot dog'?

Somehow they need to work peanut butter into the recipe...

**SNORK** @ Meanie's shaved queen!!

Waitaminit. That didn't come out sounding right.

Bon Voyage, sir. Be sure and grab yourself some NYC condoms when you pass through.

*waves bye to Mot*

*please turn your head before you spew*

Isn't 'Black Pudding' roughly equivalent to 'hot dog'?

Black pudding is made from blood.
That's why Baron VonKlyff likes to suck it, if you get my drift.

**SNORK** @ CH's waitaminit.

whot? no bangers and mash??? the brits invented the sandwich, so they will put any food between two pieces of bread, including... a piece of bread. ahhh. a bread sandwich! yum. and with ketchup. ewww. they need to eat soft food. what with their dental, er, situations.

Have a great trip, Mot!!!!!

Have a Fantastic Voyage, Mot!! (But leave the black sausage at home... pretty sure Customs isn't going to buy that it's "for a friend.")

...and it wouldn't be "duty free", IYCMD.

ain't for ME that's fer sure!


"Mot's leaving on a jet plane
Don't know when he will blog again..."

$h!t on a Shingle is definitely some of the finer foods of the Deep South.

Much belated Meanie *snork*!

Is that the hamburger-based version, or the chipped beef one?

Either way, YUM!

she was the dutchess of cornholio

on a side note...the bahamas get anna nicole...

I had SOS on biscuits this past Saturday, definitely chipped beef and definitely YUM!!

Deep-fried Twinkies™, deep-fried Milky Way™ bars, deep-fried haggis... What will they think of next?

Feast you eyes on a renowned example of haute cuisine in NJ... available in Meanie's neck of the woods.

(I have yet to eat at this fine establishment... but occasionally chowed down at the now-defunct Three Acres in Lyndhurst, downstream from Clifton and Passaic. Be sure to pronounce it "pah-sake".)

Don't they have something called "Bangers and Trots"?

And "Spotted Dick"?

Those can't be good for you.

Anyone got the pronunciation on that? Is it 'bootie' or 'butt-ee'?

If it's the former, then chip bootie sounds like that one country.

And the capital of "chip bootie"??? It's "chip bootie"!

/I've still got it! Whippersnappers!

Oh, and a really late "Me, too!" at Meanie the Blue!

/"God shave the Queen", indeed!

He's turning into the "Prince of Wails".

Waily, waily, waily!

A belated YAY SIOUXIE!

He may be worried about being Prince of Whales, but hypocrisy is never permissible.


Being from Clifton, I can say without bias that Rutts Hut is on a par with Sardis and the Tick Tock diner as icons of the American culinary dream.

Thanks for sharing their bold contributions with the blog.

*waves at Cheesewiz*

Pleased to meet you, Cheesewiz! Are you still in Clifton?

I had lovely cheese blintzes at the Tick Tock Diner in the early 70s... my only time there. As for Rutt's, some of my college buddies were true believers. Somehow I just never got over there. Gotta rectify that. ;-)

Jersey is the Diner Capital of the World, and one of my all-time favorites is Mastoris in Bordentown. Absolutely top notch... alas, too far away from Sussex Co. to be in my usual stomping grounds now that one of my friends moved out of Plainsboro. (Yes, Plainsboro is supposedly House country, but perhaps is most famous as being the home of Elsie, the hit of the 1939 New York World's Fair. ISIANMTU.)

QUOTE: When all the children picked up bottles of water and tiny bags containing fruit and vegetables, ignoring crisps and chocolate the Royal couple laughed.

That's proof enough that the royal family are little more than evil parasites upon a hapless public. They're laughing because they know that the scorned crisps and chocolate will be all theirs. What's next, tricking small children into choosing office supplies to play with while leaving toys behind in the hands of the royals? Shameful.

I'm a Burger King man myself but there is never a time when a Big Mac wouldn't be a good idea right about now. It's one of the world's most perfect foods. One Big Mac has the recommended daily allowance of a whole bunch of things, I bet. Prince ChubbyChaser is attacking an American icon here. Tell you one thing, if he says one word about Krispy Kreme it's going to be boycott time. I've a good mind to sit down right now and think of something that comes from the U.K. to boycott. I can't think of anything right now. Um... Do those Lorna Doone cookies in the vending machine come from the U.K.? I could boycott those easy - they're the same price as a Snickers, I mean, come on.

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