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February 23, 2007


(Thanks to ShadowKatmandu)


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And that right there is why I never speak to anyone at work. Ever.

Sweet, next time someone calls me into a meeting, I'm just gonna sit at my desk and drool. They'll get the picture.

Hat trick?

Well, it was my first first in, like, ever.

And that, El, is why we don't have a meeting.

So solving problems in groups makes you stupid. I don't know about this.

What do you all think?


Congrats, bali!

A few weeks ago we had a meeting to determine what we'd be discussing at a strategy meeting. The others couldn't quite understand my amusement at having a meeting to discuss what we'd be discussing at a meeting. They all thought it was perfectly logical.

OK, so WTFBBQLGBTQ...don'tcha think that when they noticed the snake missing, someone would've said, "Hey, where's the snake?" and the clerk would've said, "Eh, I accidently sold it"? What we have here...is failure...to communicate.

Cat, sorry; I got nuthin'.

This isn't true. Iv bin in meetingz al day tooday and deres nutin rong wit me.

Ducky, buckle up, we're in for a wild one tonight!
(I originally wrote, Bucky, duckle up!)

::sigh:: Wrong thread. Apparently, I've been in a meeting.

Hey guys!!! El....just got here, got your mail. check yours. Can you believe people wanted pain relief when they must have know Tiger was playing?? the nerve!!!

Writerdude, that's exactly the kind of fresh perspective we need to stamp out before something gets accomplished nurture and welcome into our group discussion!

Cat: I like cheese.

Sorry, I meant that for writer132.

Evidently there are a lot of writers in this group.

Also, I am having way too much fun with AFKAT's HTML site.

I can just go by W132. :)

I think I'm going to print this up and hang it on the door at work.

For some reason, this memory has resurfaced (idiocy in groups @ work?)....

A couple of years ago the company I work for opened up email to all its employees -- at that time, about 1,500 people. The email administrator set up a distribution group in the contacts list labeled "MAX..." etc. MAX stood for the first two letters of our company name and "exchange" as the third character. It was a distibution group of all 1,500 employees. I suppose the intent was so that Human Resources could contact everyone at once if needed.

So anyway, along comes Thanksgiving, and all of a sudden here's this email in the inbox that reads, "Hey, Max, are you going to Aunt Sally's for dinner Thursday? I have this really great pie recipe, blah, blah, blah".

Some poor soul who was typing an email to her relative "Max" didn't realize that the pre-fill function grabbed the first "MAX" it found in her contacts and she subsequently sent that email to all 1,500 employees.

Funny enough? Nope.

For the rest of the day (THE REST OF THE DAY), one manager after another REPLIED TO ALL regarding their outrage that someone would use the company email system for personal business! Harrumph!!! Sputter! Sputter! Harrumph!!! And then another manager, and then another, and then another!! These people (mostly middle management) kept replying-to-all, and we peons just sat back, watched our inboxes, and roared. It was funnier than this blog (well, almost).

When the indignant rants got really out of control, you could sense the shift in the room -- and then suddenly everyone was clicking away to "clean up" their email folders!!!

Pumpkin pie. Could you imagine how bad it could have been?

LOL that was funny, Cat!!

Since Mr Artchick and I both work at home, our meetings usually consist of things best not mentioned on a family blog. And we're not dumber afterward, just really relaxed.

Okay, do studies like this make anyone else think that we think just a little too much in general in this society?

Company I work for isn't just nationwide, it's worldwide. Just here in the 'home base' area of Kansas City there are over 20 locations.

One day someone sent an email to 'all' asking if we'd seen her sunglasses. She probably intended it to go to that version of 'all' that only applied to her location. It didn't.

We had massive amounts of fun reporting all the places around the world her sunglasses weren't, until management types got nasty about it.
It was such a 'team building' experience (at least for the rest of us).

Oh! And Cat R., that was hilarious. Too bad no one saved all the messages, that probably would have been a hilarious read for years!

Steve - That would have been a riot. Someone on vacation should have sent back obnoxious photos of where her sunglasses had been. *snoork*

LOL - I found the sunglasses!

One day last year, someone in the advertising department apparently sat down at a co-worker's desk and sent an e-mail out to the ENTIRE company that said:

I got a big fruity tooty booty
Don't y'all think?
Big boobies.

There was more, but I can't find the e-mail right now (yes, I saved it somewhere...wouldn't you?!). Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent responding to the message, with several references made to Denny's.

The perpetrator was never caught. We still talk about "fruity tooty booty" to this day.

There's even a poster for this one


*LOL* at Jim's link. I just had to read them all...

This ... um ... information? ... is sorta related to the well-known statistical axiom that states: The IQ of a mob is equal to the IQ of the most intelligent person in the riot. Divided by the number of persons in the riot.

Group think is dangerous.

Cheryl, I'd agree with you, but that would be considered 'group think', right?

That site, www.despair.com, has some hilarious stuff. We have some of their posters at work. Half the people just think they're boring motivational posters. AND you can make your own posters - add your own titles, etc.

We've had many idiot 'all' emails at work. One of my favorites involved someone who said 'you might not want to use the upstairs sink because I just used it to clean dog poop off my shoe.' I'm sure the people in NY were happy to read that.

Several years ago, a co-worker (now a former co-worker, maybe this was related) sent out an e-mail to all letting them know that he had found a dime and had anyone lost one. There was some calculation about how much work time was lost (and the dollar cost) over that dime.

Thanks, writer132 -- it's a day later, and "fruity tooty booty" is still popping into my head!

Minutes of my last meeting

Har netop oprettet et link katelog og taenkte om nogle af jer har en hjemmeside i kunne taenke jer at faa med ?



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