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February 26, 2007


Leading the Nation Toward a Better Tomorrow

(Thanks to -- it goes without saying -- JerseyGirl)


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Hmmmm...Jersey's only a half hour dive from here.

i've been to Tupperware parties in the past and i damn sure don't want to see those women learning to pole dance. trust me, i would not be a pretty sight.

Do they still teach you how to "burp" them afterwards?

and FIRST!!!

I've danced with Poles. They're usually not very coordinated.


Might be interesting bu I'd probably hurt myself trying.

Maybe this will finally lead to a decent state motto.

Tupperware parties with margaritas and drag queens. Really. You don't remember what you bought, but boy it was fun.

*adds a 't' up there*

Was going to add an r to my first post but decided it's funnier the way it is.

"portable pole" is a euphemism with which I am unfamiliar. BOB?

In a related story: Poles 'vital for climate science'.
Who would have guessed?

again no photos


Hey, a new career for Twitney once she gets out of rehab!

I thought Pole dancing was the Polka.

She'd stick to the pole, marf.

But have the RBR performed the "Pole Dancing Song"?

Although I suppose that could be taken in ENTIRELY the wrong way.

Y'know, I used to hope that Mrs. H. might someday host one of those lingerie parties... but I can see where this would be WAY more fun for me to stay up in my office, ignoring completely, and respecting everyone's privacy.

If pole dancing replaces tupperware, what am I supposed to put my tuna salad in when I bring lunch?

Eewwwe! Grandmothers too! Well, it might would keep her busy for a while...

ewww Layzee!

Gadfly I saw this article with a photo. All I can say is be glad this has none. I mean it was like a nursing home except with stripping.

DPC - major faux pas, talking about fish at a time like this!

Chris - you eat lunch while you pole dance?

"Sexual Kitten" WBAGNFARB. Or a pole dancer, come to think.

The bot is being VERY passive-aggressive today...

"WriterDude" would be a good name for a pole dancer, doncha think?

I think it's time we formed a Bot Posse. Get me some rope!

marfie, I'm gonna have to pole dance for the bot. It started on me!


Maybe, marfie. The visual reality, not so much.

I've been tangoing with the bloody thing all day. I think it's a stalker at heart. Give it a go Siouxie (and *snork!*).

Kill the bot!
Kill the bot!
Kill the bot!
Kill the bot!
Kill the bot!

You might check with Mrs. WD before you give up on the idea completely. There pole dancing and there's *pole dancing*, if you know whut I mean...

1) But I like fish. And tacos. And fish tacos.
2) I have a pole, and I dance, but I do not 'pole dance'. And I don't eat while I'm doing it.
3) There (still) is no 3.
4) I have been known to snack while my wife was dancing on my pole...

Do you dance on a pole, with a pole, around a pole, up a pole...? The mental images are endless.

What do the Poles have to say?

DPC... well said.

Alrighty then, Chris!! Carry on...

*reminds self to get extra batteries for her portable pole*

I am pretty sure this is not Polka which is far more difficult and fyi (Annie), not readily accomplished by klutzes.


I have been up blogging too long. Have lack of sleep headache approaching. Thanks for all the snorks!

Hey! I can polka!

Nite Nite, Tammy!!!

JohnGalt, any or all of the above depending on the music and mood.

Nobody is ever allowed to say anything bad about New jersey ever!!!!!!!!!

Where I come from we learn to polka before we learn to walk. There's a local band that has 12 Grammys for their polka albums ISIANMTU

The pole dancers aren't too shabby either.

**snork** @ Dagney

Or else they'll get whacked, At2?

(Sorry, grew up in Vermont, where just the words "New Joisey" were snicker-inducing, except when uttered in Town Meeting, usually in the context "Well, back where I came from in New Joisey, we..." Then it was groan-inducing.)

CH, were you anywhere near St. Albans or Montgomery Center? I've met some great people from that area.

Jimmy Surr, right, Layzee' ???

You got it, OtheU

Grew up in the Lake Champlain Islands -- about a 20-minute drive to Snalbans, in the summer. (In the winter, sometimes "ya can't get theah from heah.")

Gee, I go do an errand and nearly miss the thrill of snorkage induced by my own contribution (alas, not tax-deductible, but possibly charitable).

When I saw Dave's headline, I wasn't sure whether he'd posted this scintillating item from Meanie's neck of the woods: N.J. Town to Set Time Limit on Barking . Or this other heartwarming tidbit: N.J. accountant figures tax-filing, bars are a good mix .

fkaM: If DIY pole dancing is overtaking multi-level marketing as a social pasttime, wouldn't it be more like an indecent state motto? ;-) The current one only dates to 1959, which was about the time that farmland started being paved over in a really big way... Tho' when I was a sprout, you could still smell the pig farms in Secaucus.

Now, sadly, you can smell Secaucus from the pig farms.

JerseyGirl, Its not indecent, its culture. I think it certainly qualifies as performing art. Can they get a grant?

fkaM, I didn't know you're a vulcha fa culcha. ;-)

CH... When I was in college, the fragrance of the Rhinegold Brewery used to waft over from Orange when the wind shifted... Now that was a treat.

*starts singing "My beer is Rhinegold the dry beer" for DPC on the earlier thread*

As for the Jersey Meadows, I'm not sure where the pig farms are nowadays. Maybe way down in South Jersey... or over in Pennsy.

(BTW, I've been up to the Lake Champlain Islands... lovely country up there. Also used to go to Lyndonville for the American Society of Dowsers conference at Lyndon State College... Lots of interesting kindred spirits there, just like here on the blog...

Does this mean that Dave will be writing "The Pole Dancing Blues" soon?

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