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February 22, 2007


Apparently, people in Washington state have a lot of spare time.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)

(We don't mean that Cheryl Howard is the reason people in Washington state have a lot of spare time.)


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No Way will I comment on this....

I'm so sad a nd pathetic. The English Language Vocabulary offends me. Boo Hoo. I'm going to sue under the Amerikans with Disabilities Act.

\"I am probably the most progressive liberal person in the world and I am personally offended by the sign,\" said Janet Stillman, executive director of the Wallingford Neighborhood Office.

She says that as if we are supposed to be surprised. About any of it.

Some people need to just get a freaking sense of humor.

Hey Cheryl!

You've become a Dave fave! I'm happy for you and jealous at the same time. ;)

It\'s MS. High Maintenance Bitch to you!!!



Probably a bunch of womyn all cranky from nettles in their leg hair...

This post ought to be about Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen. That's where the real story is if you ask me.

Again with this "how do I explain it to my 5-y-o child" crap. Here's a clue: Try the TRUTH! 'Bitch' means female dog, just like 'bull' means male elephant. This is a GOLDEN opportunity for your snot-nosed, over-sheltered little brat to learn something useful.

Now, who has those gumballs? Please share.

The people of Washington State should be proud of their distinctive merchants and legislature.

El...there is a goat sacrifice occuring on TGC

Mmmmm.. Bitchin' burrito in my bitchin' Camaro....

I demand they change it to high maintenance HooHa

Suddenly hungry for bitchin' burritos...

Jazzzz. I just asked you on another thread.

*zips out*

Dave it could be the reason ;-) Afterall, I'm pretty busy and Washington is right next door to Oregon.

Snork @ Sio. Right on!

And thank you Eleanor. I'm feeling very red carpet this week. Did ya see the boots Sio picked out for me?!

Mmmmm.. Bitchin' burrito in my bitchin' Camaro....

Posted by: otis wildflower | 03:37 PM on February 22, 2007

Nice Dead Milkmen reference....NICE!!!

Jazzzz, 5 up!!!

I agree with the DPC. Why don't more parents just explain what the words really mean instead of trying to ban them forever.

Also, while I'm sure some family photos will be "ruined" by having the sign in the background, others will perhaps be enhanced by the picture shooter strategically placing his or her mother-in-law on the right side of the photo directly in front of the "ance" in Maintenance. Not that I would dream of such a juvenile stunt.

^5 sistah!!

YAY on the posting!!! I\\\'m trying to fit into my leather gown but had too many bitchin\\\' burritos! and my \'s keep coming out...


Oh, don\'t worry about it, Siouxie. Just come as you are.

DPC & BJJB, I agree completely. And if the sign were is plural it would also serve as a great reason for a girlfriend roadtrip/photo shoot.

Although, I think I'll have to buy a gift cerificate just for the fun of it. Convince my friends that its thee new rage day spa.

Shades of Paris Hilton and her little bundle of joy.

*plucks "s" and substitutes "n"*

Jazzzz, you too. :)

Yay, Cheryl!

Yay, overly tight gowns!

Would The Overly Tight Gowns BAGNFA girl group?

Good News! The bokken has left a message!
"Bocken har gjort sitt för den här gången och är nedmonterad. På återseende"

Translation*: "The bocken has gone to sit in his den until the gang of eight (and Ned) pay him his money. Please send Dad."

*I may have gotten some of that wrong.

Hey wait I just bought a CD by a Seattle band called High Maintenance Bitches

So what's the big deal? In my hunt club, you ONLY refer to the female hounds (NOT dogs) as bitches. And we say this around little kiddies, too. Bitch.

Sure, CH. As long as we don\'t have to sit down.

Hmm...is Faye Dunaway somehow involved with this store?

Turns out, I finally realized I'M the most high maintenance "bitch" I know

Ok, now I am totally confused. I read this blog for the very first time and see my name all over it. Where is the blogger "Cheryl Howard " from. If it matches where I am (Cooper City) then I have a ghost writer.
someone please explain

cheryl meet Cheryl

Cheryl meet cheryl

Cheryl is from Bendover Oregon.

Okay Cheryl, tell cheryl where you're from, dear.

*waves to Cheryl B. Howard*

Sippi, Cj beat me to it! Snork @ Cj for remembering community pet name.

Opra Uma

Uma Opra


Half of the sign is made up of the word 'bitch."

And they're perceptually challenged, too. Clearly only a third of the sign is made up of the section that contains the word 'bitch.'

My pug, Otis, has no interest in that kind of place. He can get his cans of food with the gooey crap in it at Wal-Mart. I bet most male dogs feel the same way. So, that store is definitely just for the bitches. Just like Bath & Body Works is for the ladies, because men use Ivory or Lava and call it done.

I wish other parents had a sense of humor, and a desire for kids with a half-decent vocabulary. Bitch is a real, useful word. My kids are even allowed to say Hell and damn, but, like Marge Simpson says, they better be in church when they do.

Wow. People in Wallingford either a)have very smart 5-year-olds who can actually read the word "b!tch," or b)are exaggerating the impact of the problem because they're a lot of uptight morally stringent idiots who have nothing better to do.

Hmmmm, which one, which one...

Speaking as a proud citizen of Seattle (born and raised). Let me say yes we do. We are also fighting over a viaduct and tunnel right now and in the next few months comes a fight over a bridge. And believe me if I was linking right now you would not believe the stories.

Heaven forbid we actually talk to our children about what things mean.

Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen? That's the actual name of the place?

I would definitely pay good money to go there.

This is Cheryl from Washington State. I like frogs and I sometimes call myself a bitch. Good thing I live here and not somewhere else. Like someplace warm and dry.

I have a CD by the Four Bitchin' Babes, called Beyond Bitchin', it's a very good CD. Also people need to get a life. Don't they remember the old "Sticks & Stones may break my bones" thing? And yes,the term bitch really means female dog. Pass the gumballs, please. :)

cheryls-- if your middle names are Ann, then this is freaky.................

Back home in Nodak, there's a small-town saloon named

"Bitchin' Bob's Bar
Bitchin' Bob's Bar

So nice they named it twice!"

ISIANMTU ... (well, I haven't been there for a while, mebbe he sold it ...)

I din't ever hear of NEbuddy bitchin' complainin' about the name of it tho ...

Heehee. I've long told Mr Nurse that Dizzy (dog's name is Discord, cat is Chaos, BTW) and I are the b1tches in his life. I also told him if he were to say that, it could become... how shall we say... unpleasant for him. It may even end with him saying "yes, mistress". NTTAWWT.

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