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February 26, 2007


After wasting 5 minutes reading this article, it turns out no one is offering to trade.

(Thanks to Jim Morse)


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Screw the environment. I want my beer.

As much as I enjoy watching other people when they are stoned, I'd rather have the beer than the blow.

*calls broker to invest in beer futures*

What the heck is rapeseed?

And I second DP Chris' beer. Although back home we make some good corn liquor distilled through a peach mash. Works for drinking and fuel.

1. That's okay, there is still lots of potatoes for Vodka. (I'm from Indiana like Dan Quayle.)
2. What it the heck is rapeseed??? I am surely disappointed there is MORE of it.

Hey, ladies, it's Blow for Beer Night at Swingin' Dick's!!

*realizes 'beer future' = pee*

*Will not interpret headline in sexual manner*
*Will not interpret headline in sexual manner*
*Will not interpret headline in sexual manner*

Cars that run on beer. Why has this not been invented yet? Get off the couch and get moving on this, you big lug!

...oops, sorry, got kinda carried away there.

psychic simul Jeanettera.

Hmm...somehow I don't think that's a fair trade, Layzee. Maybe Blow for Cosmos....

Okee dokee, Siouxie, we'll even use the top shelf vodka

*Looks up Cosmo mixing instructions*

*BIG SNORK* judi! I thought Dave was responsible for that headline, and I just noticed it was you! Now I can't blame guy's dirty minds. Now I know it is true. We all have dirty minds here. *waves to everyone*

Uh...thanks boys...I said maybe....

Layzee, Grey Goose is perfect.

Hammie, Like this!

Rapeseed = canola, by the way. "Rapeseed" is the term everyone outside the US uses.

Acrually Chris, they changed in here in Canada too. Too many unfortunate media references, such as headlines reading "Boom in Rape crop Expected" etc. The name rapeseed was perceived to be hurting marketing efforts, so they incorporated the terms "Canada" and "Oil" to get Canola.

Gee, I took the *other* meaning for "blow".
Guess I was a CDA for too long.

that's what i meant, el, but it could go either way ;)

El, it depends on how dirty your mind is. ;-P

Hey Judi,

Drugs are bad Um Kay

If you do drugs your bad Um Kay

Had to get my South Park Mr. Mackey refernce in 8^)

OK ... question of "rapeseed" cleared up ... nevermind ...

Oh, hell, Hammond - why not? It's just *begging* for the interpretation. I never even gave cocaine a thought until I read the first few posts!

judi, judi, DeskDiva said cocaine.

Is she in trouble? Oops, I did too.

never mind.

/gardener mode on

None dare call it rapeseed -- even if rape means "turnip."

Canola is a tradename for rapeseed that was bred in Canada to be low in erucic acid and pungent glucosinolates (the compounds that give mustard greens their zing). The tradename derives from CANada Oil Low Acid. (Tip of the hat to Answers.com for refreshing my memory on the origin of the name.) Broccoli rabe (Brassica rapa), eaten as a vegetable, is one of the two species that canola was developed from. www.gourmetsleuth.com shows a nice photo of the greens .

Elsewhere there's specific mention of canola being used for biodiesel... so there may be "hop"e for beer after all. ;-)

/gardener mode off

*realizes 'beer future' = pee*

*time-delay snork at DPC*

Dang, I'm playing catch up...

As one of my college English professors used to say, "You don't buy beer, you rent it."

DPC, I think you may be onto something there...

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