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February 26, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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yay siouxie!


Whacks the 1 at the end there

Did the dealer give the teacher a wrong number or did she mis-program it into her phone?

What a moron! That has to be the easiest bust that trooper ever made.

nice thing for the state police to remind people to "Program your dealers into your phone", that way, you won't misdial.

YAY!! me..thanks q!

Talk about a big whoops!

Maybe it was for a drug education class. After all, the kids have to know how to identify it so they know what quality they're getting. I mean, can turn in classmates they see with it. Yea, thats what I meant.

Hope she doesn't teach communications.

No pictures of her??? I want to see if she's hot, I mean,.. nevermind.

How do you do the strikeout thingy?


< s > word < /s > (without the spaces and make sure to "close" it with the /.

oh and PREVIEW!! ;-)

like this easy!

Like this

Dam! Again? Some princple or something was just arrested for trying to buy crack at school! I beginning to see why so many of my teachers in school seemed a bit "off".

Got it, Thank You

Puff puff pass!


tsting strikeout skillz

Proof that the American education system has gone to pot.

This actually also happened recently in Tulsa - someone texted a drug order (whatever you call it) a wrong number, which of course belonged to a member of TPD. So he just texted back a time and place, and showed up w/ a few buddies!

Yeah Sio!!

And this will all stop when they let the teachers have gumballs!!!

(Kinda defeats the purpose, though...)

YAY Siouxie! This is a great, great story. Made my otherwise sucky day!

And we wonder why our children are not getting a better education...

OTOH, they're probably learning to appreciation pretty colors and shiny things...:)

DUH, moron dufus, bozo dimwit.

"She learned her lesson: Program your dealers into your phone," Meadows said.

Ummm, maybe the lesson was "Don't do drugs (or buy them either)"?

And she got suspended with pay! What kind of union do teachers have anyway?

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