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February 26, 2007


They're awarding prairie dog credits.


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AND beer permits.....woo-hooo!

I didn't know prairie dogs needed permission to drink beer.

I have no clue what that whole thing is about.

Ok, I must be missing something...How many Prairie Dog credits do you need to graduate?

Prairie dogs are just squirrels with no tails and low aspirations.

What is this about??

Maybe they're peeved about the talking raccoon movie not getting props last night at the Oscars. We should probably ramp up the 'Squirrel Terrorism Alert' to six nuts.

Does it mean I'm supposed to hand out credits to the prairie dogs in the cube farm outside my office? Who gets the beer, them or me? I don't understand.

As a Utah native and sometime prairie dog hunter, I can tell you that this article was about... um... well... umm...you see the prairie dogs... umm...well...


(do you think they noticed I don't have a clue?)

I've never tried having a conversation with a prarie dog either!

I still don't know what this is about...

*needs another Cosmo*

"...alternatives for prairie dog relocation..." They're RELOCATING prairie dogs that are displaced due to development?? Are they nuts? Up here we shhot the destructive little varmints...

*snatches back an "h" and adds an "o".

*feels much better now*

We used to back a manure spreader up to the holes and open the dump pipe. A 5-inch diameter flow of poo can be the first step toward prairie dog fossilization. The tunnels carry the fertilizer and enrich the soil.

Without goin' back to look, I'm guessin' that word should've been conservation rather than "conversation" ...

Yeah, I could offer some suggestions as to how one might best send them rodents to "That Great Hole in the Sk ... um ... "The Great Mound in ...

... um ... nevermind ...

Commissioner Wayne Smith said Hildebrand is trying to get a grant and study better alternatives for prairie dog relocation. He asked her to present her ideas to the commission

Actually the coolest relocation scheme I've ever heard of was the guy who has what's basically a padded trash truck mated to a giant vacuum that sucks the little buggers up. Yes, somewhat like the gadget in Wallace & Gromit. I believe he was selling them to the Japanese as 'pets'. Apparently tastes have changed...

The fun thing about prairie dogs is that if you throw your arms up in the air and yell "Whee!," they'll do it right back at you.

There are some places in UT where we also just shoot the varmints. I don't know why anyone would want to relocate them.

Today we have a veritable surfeit of totally weird important communiques from Mr. Blog. I'm running as fast as I can, and I can't catch up... I need a seat on the geezer wheezer bus.

Hammie, a similar thought occurred to me: How many credits does a prairie dog need to matriculate?

KCSteve, I kind of remember reading something about prairie dogs being sold as pets... until someone came down with a nasty illness. Here's an account of putative infection of pet prairie dogs with monkeypox when apparently kept in the same facility as imported Wild Gambian Rats. In Illinois. ISIANMTU.

Gambian pouched rats are huge, and escaped captivity in Florida... On the plus side, in Africa they are used to locate landmines as they can smell traces of explosive. Since they weigh only about 4 lbs., they do not set the mines off...

Monkeypox, Prairie Dogs, and Gambian Rats, oh my!

*waves frantically at Dave*

Mr. Blog... We can use Gambian Pouched Rats to track down the South Florida Weirdness Magnet. Now if CJ can just catch a few of the critters for us...

Prairie Dog credits? For relocating prairie dogs? Are we going to the prairie dog reservation here? Well, I do like that they are rewarding them for reproduction, I might get hooked up with a hot prairie bi-, uh, lady.

Living cost can be highly differnet from noe city to another. I have relocated recently and ma adjusting my budget by huge margin

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