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February 25, 2007



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Can't they just keep slipping mice into a window until the thing gets full and drowsy?

"Now the cops are wrestling to protect the people from the snake and to feed the serpent.
Now if anyone can make sense of this sentence they can go to the head of the class.

Sssssnakes on the perp walk. Who are they feeding to the snake?

"Police even roped in a snake-charmer to bring the snake out of the car, but the efforts were futile.".

Always knew those guys were fakirs fakers.

Now the cops are wrestling to protect the people from the snake and to feed the serpent.

Cop Wrestling!!!! The loser is fed to the snake.

How is "snake charmer" listed in the yellow pages?

Charmer....Snake....Moron ?

Good morning Dave!! thanks for the new topic! We weren't complaining (Meanie) or anything...

Earlier, the police had no knowledge about the presence of the snake in the car till the people started visiting the car due to curiosity after which the police got active.

I don't even know where to begin....

If the guy used the snake in a crime, could the snake be charged as an accessory?

that's acceSSSSSSSSory

The sssssssyntax in that item is rather ssssssinuoussssss, isssssssn't it?

How is "snake charmer" listed in the yellow pages?
I thought a herpetologist was a doc who dealt with STD's.

ssssssssssslidin' on through...

Can anyone actually see the snake in that picture or am I going blind faster than I thought?

If blind, you are in good company. (meeting bloglits via braille sounds interesting)

Ah, just as I am done with my morning rant about the dearth of new posts and disappear for awhile, lo, there appears a fresh, spanking new posssssst.

All is again right, that is to say wrong, with the world again, as it should be.

I wonder if those cops were on snakeout when they nabbed the driver.


you get the impression not much happens in Beguserai..

"mom, can we go visit the impounded car at the police station?"

"o.k., but be back for lunch."

"sanjay vijayaraghavan heard there was a snake living in it!"

"why didn't you say so? i'll pack a lunch and make a day of it!"

lol, insom.

a snake and a bat
what do you think about that?
on top of the wedding cake
that's where they're at
no, i'm sure it's no mistake
a snake and a bat
is this some kind of joke?
should i take offence?
mud's a handsome bloke
with classic countenance
his mrs. is a looker too
as graceful as a willow
(i'd give an arm and one nut to
find her face upon my pillow)
so what is this? a prank you think?
some juvenile act?
no, 'tis mud's sad commentary
on this set of facts:
his MIL's a "bat" you see
in the sense of "battle-axe"
and speaking metaphorically now,
she gave him forty whacks;
when he proposed, she twitched her nose
and conjured up a spell
and sent him, (a little too) personally,
a messenger from hell
far better than a chastity belt
this evil bottom dweller
for who would snuggle with a man
with a snake 'down in the cellar?'

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