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February 28, 2007


Presenting the Corn Bobber.


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And a confused first no less. Yay *does Snoopy dance*

*wonders if 'corn husk' dancing will become the next craze*

green giant - the frozen vegetable people, produced a "children's" book called "Sprout's Valley Adventure" which was really a long commercial touting the benefits of eating their products. Along with the book came a cassette tape which had a narrator reading the story interspersed with songs. songs written about vegetables. oh, i forgot to mention that in this story the vegetables walked around, talked, and were trying to convince you to eat them. the "corn star" of the story was named "shuckly" and his song featured these words: "do the shuckly shuffle, bend and sway and bob, wave your tassles, reach out for a cob..." isianmtu.
i realize that i'm not doing this masterpiece justice in this brief review, but believe me, play this tape for your friends after a gumball or two, and there won't be a dry pair of drawers in the house. i would like to close this comment by saying "touting vegetables" wbagnf something.

well i read this as corn bombers which would be an entirely different story. i'm quite disappointed, but i do love veggie tales!

This thing looks more like "corn hole" should be involved in its use. That, or replace every instance of corn with "p0rn".

Possibly it was the phrase "penetrate, rotate, and enjoy". Maybe.

Gosh, I can't wait to get one - my back was killing me, and I"m sure it was all due to eating that corn on the cob!

"epicurean delight". I like that. I'm gonna see how many times I can throw that into conversation today without getting arrested or at least reprimanded.

*wonders how many of these battery operated screw drivers he could sell as food accessories*

Snap on rotary blade - a steak knife!
fork attachment for spaghetti!
slotted attachment for peeling vegies!

*wonders how many blogdudes are lined up to offer to reprimand casey*

snork at NT!

OH MY!!!

*tries to get mind out of gutter*

Too late! Mornin' BOB people!!!

The Asian guy has an Austrailian accent. Kind of creepy

wasn't epicurean delight what got the kid in narnia in trouble? wait, no, never mind.

a big word for edible
lets not go there, girls

a vague suggestion
enough to start ball rolling
its along way down

into the monitor
back-feed the signal - frown rays
reprimand casey

Men calling food an "epicurean delight" is like men saying "periwinkle" instead of purple.


YAY ME! Only 10:00 a.m. and I have been reprimanded! My day is complete. Care to join me for a lemon drop, anyone?

casey's reprimanded by 10! Job Done! Time to go home!

unfortunately the English use reprimand to also indicate being held by the Police...

Here in Texas, your Corn Bobbers™ might be confiscated and you could be prosecuted if you possess more than six.

*all you need is pliers to retrieve the little knob from your cobb*

That is SO wrong on SO many levels in SO many ways.

Was there a Dick Gere involved in the production of this product and/or commercial?

You realize those were actual street scenes of people eating corn. That's how we roll here in the midwest.

"The Asian guy has an Austrailian accent. Kind of creepy."

I dated a girl from Hong Kong who went to college in Australia and she talked like that. I think lots of people from Hong Kong speak English with British accents - it may have something to do with going to school in England, or the fact that the prople who teach them English did.

what's a prople?

... that's what the Chineese call English teachers.

or the fact that Hong Kong was a British protectorate (not sure if this is the exact legal term) until a few years ago.

Gee, that looks like the Black&Decker screwdriver that I lost!

I think I saw one of these in an adult toy store. Hey, I just stopped in to ask directions. Yeah, that's it.

So Kibby you're saying that to be reprimanded is to be held by the fuzz. Painful!

*involuntarily crosses legs at Mot's suggestion*

So wrong. So very, very wrong.

Re: the English accent -- don't all cheesy infomercials have to have someone with an English accent in order to make the product seem more sophisticated?

I just about snorked up a mouthful of coffee when he started corn-bobbing the cucumber. Have I visited too many ambiguously-labled links, or what?

All this could be yours for just $59.95 (+939.95 S&H)

Are the products from a corn bobber called corn bobbits?

This is clearly a joke, and not worth a comment.

Hahaha...Siouxie, your name immediately came to mind when I saw the words "corn bobber." But yikes, methinks that might cause an infection.

*snork* @ writer!

uh...thanks, I think!

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