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February 23, 2007


(Thanks to JerseyGirl)


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OOOUUUUUCCCCHHHHH!!! at that headline!

Anything with the words "Plastic Gonads" in the headline has GOT to be blog-worthy!

Plastic Gonads WBAGNFARB... Just sayin'

Does this apply to my real Bull testicles that I have hanging from my trailer hitch?

You might know the seller's business is in BullHEAD City

First the nekkid lady mudguards now this...

what is this world coming to???

I have two eight-balls hanging from my rear view mirror...I guess I combinded this story and the teacher buying crack into one big implied weirdness party....

children shouldn't be exposed to giant plastic gonads

Exactly!! So the legislature is going to disband when?

i thought this was funny too, when i sent it in about 2 hours ago. plastic gonads is a rediculous idea to start with.

"Do we have to neuter all dogs that walk by us?" she asked. "Where does it stop?"

And no more pants so tight you can tell a mans religion

They can have my gigantic (plastic) gonads when they pry them out of my cold, dead hands!

This is an outrage! They should be busy trying to come up with the official state mosquito or some other important issue.

accccccck Hammie...uh..nice bumping into you and your plastic 'nads....

Sooo... the stickers of a Calvin-like boy with his pants around his ankles, peeing on whatever, those will be outlawed, too? For The Children?

Sadly, I live in Maryland and am embarrased by our legislators (on a regular basis).

Howdy, Siouxie! I was going to complain about being mugged by the bot (TWO captchas, and a snotty complaint about the formatting of my URL), but seeing as it put me in there with you, I think I'll buy the bot a drink, instead.

Does this mean that the Neuticles™ company will not be able to sell its products in MD? Actually, they will be able to sell them, but the buyer will not be allowed to use them.

Why Howdy doody, CH!!! care for a smoke?? ==~

already wooozy from running into Ham's Nads (agnfarb?)

*Waves gigantic plastic gonads at Siouxie!*



Shouldn't that be Howdy Doody Baby, there Siouxie???

"Lawmaker Comes Down on Plastic Gonads"?


No, but we might want pictures.

*thinks about what most lawmakers look like*

Or not.

Baron, baby? I'm not sure if Mrs. Hands will like it if I call CH ...baby.

Lawmaker with huge plastic gonads = Hillary

As a Virginian (as always, very careful with the spelling), it's good to know that all the other problems in Maryland have been solved.

Personally, I hate those things. I don't think they should be banned from the roads, just the drivers that place them there...like my boss.

Those are some pretty stiff penalties.....

I'd guess that it din't hurt nearly as much to land on plastic ones, compared to the excrooshinatin' painfulnessocityism of comin' down on your own real ones ... merely ... um ... cringin' ...

It's not the gonads on the vehicles that bother me, it's the a$$holes driving them. The vehicles, not the gonads.

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