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February 26, 2007



(Thanks to Andrew R.)


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Time flies when you're...nope, I've got nuthin.

FIRST to be at a loss for words!

Why would you want to live that long without....that?

NOT worth it to live that long without...

No thanks!

but i don't want to live that long!!!

I should introduce this guy to my ex. Although she never liked my smoking either.

I'd rather die 'happy'...just sayin'

longevity thus:
the sound of one hand "clapping"

soft flesh, fragrant hair
make heart race but don't forget
her voice can break stones

if you've ever had
your stones broken you know how
painful that can be

I sure hope he gets cable.

snork @ annie

*snork* at mud

sounds like he went through menopause at a young age

So smoking is OK, sex is not. My ex should live forever.

"Now I want to quit," he was quoted as saying of his decades-long cigarette addiction. "Maybe the government should ban cigarette sales so I can give it up," he added.

Kids today. Blaming the government for their lack of self control.

Personally I hope to die in bed at 107 by being shot by a jealous husband while being caught in the act.

ArticAl, you must be young.

Patrick, no - Al's Canadian. They have strange aspirations.

That would be ArcticAl. Sorry.

Annie, I stand corrected.
Al, thank you for the sanctuary your country offered many years ago.

You see I want to experience coming and going at the same time....

well if the case for his longevity is no sex and smoking cigarettes, i'll live for ever. dammit.

Did he mean with others or by himself as well?
Poor journalism, IMO.

He could beon to something.

Still wondering how lousy it was for him when he was married. They must have been doing something wrong for him to have any thoughts it was worth it.

Patrick - sanctuary from what? Bad jokes?

By the way I'm not young. I'm almost halfway to 107. That's why I say that I'm middle aged when people ask how old I am.

El, good point. Is he blind?

WW, you could be my ex. Same name and everything.

Al, sanctuary from the US government. Unfortunately, it was no joke.

Patrick O, could be, i've been married 5 times.

WW, what a relief. She is still with her second victim.

Patrick O ... no joke, indeed ... I recall them days ... hope you're all right now, and ... Welcome Home! (I mean that, sincerely ... NEone from that era who had difficulties -- of whutever sort -- needs to know we're glad they're here ...)

Now ... as to the thread topic (?) ...

Reminds me of the old story about the Middle-Eastern Sultan who had a harem of 366 wives.

He kept them in a special oda, 50 miles away from the palace.

His eunuch's had the task of traveling to and from the palace, to bring a different one back to the palace ... every day.

The Sultan lived to be 99.

During that time span, the toll of time and effort claimed the lives of 400 eunuchs.

Moral: It's not the activities with women that kill ya, it's the chasin' after 'em ...

Great so at my current pace I can expect to live to see 242. Great.

LOL OtheU!

Addicted? you have eunuch's working for ya too?

I apologize for the superfluity of ' up there ... really ...

a widower whose youthful bride perished during the Japanese invasion in World War Two

Besides that sad bit of personal history, I suspect that "the rest of the story" re: Mr. Chan's decades of celibacy has to do with the "shortage" of females owing to Chinese cultural preferences...

From what I've read, there's a significant demographic problem in China (and India) nowadays because of the disparity between the sexes that traces back to traditional preferences for sons rather than daughters. Add social status, profession, finances, location, and other factors to the mix, and many Chinese men will never have an opportunity to marry.

On the bright side, it sounds as if Mr. Chan's morning tai ch'i has kept him going in spirit as well as body. Bravo, Mr. Chan!

I want to experience coming and going at the same time

*snork at ArcticAl*

So long as you don't meet yourself...

Patrick and OtheU, I remember those days of body counts only too well. My kid brother was just young enough to miss the draft...

Fairport Convention did a terrific cover of Jon Richards's "The Deserter" on their 35th anniversary album XXXV some years back. Really got me where I live. Although it was penned at the time of the Falklands War, it applies to any situation where a person's conscience sets them on a collision course with external authority...

JG ... The Deserter is Heavy Duty ... to coin a phrase ...

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