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February 26, 2007


(Thanks to Timothy Hunt)


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I'd rather have the caffeine soap, thankyouvermuch.

Caffeinated Soap. Pissing off the bot, one shower at a time.

I'm pretty sure my grandparents did this.

Saponificate? What states is that legal in? And is it fun?

CH - from your link:
does *not* contain any harsh ingredients like ethanol

Since when is ethanol a harsh ingredient? Maybe that ONLY applies to soap?


Trust me on this, Saponification is no lye.

Hey, look.....you can post comments on that sight if you wanna. I'm not suggesting a field trip or anything....

Hey, where did everybody go?

I think we finally have a way to give Scooter a bath she will enjoy!

I think I'll stick to raiding the dumpster behind the Liposuction Clinic. It's easier.

**SNORK** @ Mikey. You're on a roll today!

No, wait, that would have been the butter soap.

"This is an odd one, Jim. He's been riding these rapids for ten years and never a problem. Now, out of nowhere, a Grizzly pulls him down and mauls him. Durnedst thing. Say, do you smell bacon?"

I'll pass thankyouverymucho! I have enough probs getting my dogs to stop humping my leg as it is. Besides...why the heck would anyone wanna smell like bacon lard???

Ewwwwwwwwwww, Patrick. Ewwww.

(but *snork*)

My first "snork". Thank you CH.

Wouldn't it be easier to just go to the store and buy some Dial?

Eau d' Jimmie Dean

Thanks CH. :)

Ok..what is wrong with plain old NICE smelling lavender soap????

Yeah, Kevin, but can you get that in bacon flavor, and that looks like bacon, to boot?

Next we'll read about some smart@ss making bacon-douche....

yes I know...ewwww.


Neat.. If you make friends with your local biodiesel kollektiv, they'll have a whole lot of free glycerin to cart off for making soap..

Probably better for your heart than all that bacon (not that I should talk ;)

Siouxsie: I was going to reply with something about dogs sticking their noses where they don't belong...

.. But I didn't.

Mmm...suet...1,001 uses.

"You can render your own bacon fat by just cooking bacon "


Oh, Siouxie, that's sooo wrong!

There's a museum in Philadelphia, PA, which has among other thing, the Soap Woman. But I don't thing anyone has ever tried taking a shower with her.

I, uh... I've got nothing to say. Nothing that Mary's kids would understand, at least.

The previous comment was purposely vague about the nature of the exibit. Click but beware

With apologies to Ron White, "No thanks. Sluggo follows me around the house too much the way it is."

Ummm, ick.

That is all.

Execllent $$ saving idea.

*Installs small fridge in bathroom to store emergency bacon fat for soap, so I don't have to loose my voice yelling for more soap*

Or, maybe to save money you could stock up on soap at the dollar store. I wonder how much ten pounds of bacon costs. Wouldn't that get you strange looks in the store? You gonna eat all that yourself, buddy?

Anyone else get the vibe that these are college students?

I want more info on the "bacon fat bomb"

My wife homeschools. I'm thinkin' science experiment...right after we have breakfast.

And then you could try making bacon soap!

Bacon Soap? No. No, no, no, no, no.



Siouxie - re: bacon douche... I dunno, 86.2 percent of men surveyed said they like the smell of bacon more than they do lavender (it's true 'cause I just made up that statistic) - so if it smelled like bacon, maybe guys would spend more time down there.

Hey, I'm just sayin'.

Mr. C.

Go to your room. Alone. :)

Awww, jeez....

*slinks off, head down...*

I SAID I was just sayin'.


Finally, something I emailed got posted!

Congrats, Timothy.

Mr. C., do you think Mrs. The Point would appreciate that remark? I don't think so.

Let's start off fresh tomorrow, OK?
*perky grin*


Hmm..Mr. C?? then you guys should start thinking about chocolate and maybe WE'll spend more time down there.


Ok..what is wrong with plain old NICE smelling lavender soap????

Siouxie, I usually avoid flowery smelling soaps (and perfumes) during the summer because it attracts bees and other pollinators.

OTOH, slathering oneself with bacon grease might effectively deter folk with evil intentions who shun pigs. Just sayin'... Just came across this item, so I'm not the only person this idea has occurred to...

I call coffee "consciousness in a cup". That caffeinated soap sounds like the next best thing to total immersion. LOL

Ooh! A hairflip!!

*heart palpitations*

No matter how the finished product smells...the process of making the soap really stinks. I remember several trips into Sox Park along I-55 where I was glad to have passed the soap factories.

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