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February 28, 2007


...wanna do some eggs?

(Thanks to diverdowndoc)


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Somebody please cue the twilight zone music...

Yay, DDD!

*Waits for the first Columbian Chicken Cartel to form*

i'm confused. are we supposed to eat them or are scientists extracting what they need from the eggs and turning it into a more palatable form for those of us who loathe eggs?

VERY scrambled eggs.

No, more like scrambling eggs.

I'll take mine interferon side up, please.

For lunch today, I'm going out for Kentucky Fried Crack.

Imagine if they put THC in eggs. Eating breakfast would give you the munchies.

Which came first, the lentiviral vector or the interferon?

crossgirl: they extract what they need, cook it up, and shoot it in your arm. Not sure if that's more palatable to you or not. The influenza vaccine is made using this technique, if I remember my biochem class notes. If you're allergic to eggs, inform your doctor before deciding to get the flu shot.
Source: DrGreene.

*discovers an entirely new vertical market for his weed - chicken feed*

*sees the future grocery isle lined with various colo(u)red eggs each representing a different medicine - which could have a serious impact on Easter Egg hunts*

"This is your brain"

"This is your brain on eggs drugs"

Any questions?

I hope they don't put me (THC) in eggs!

I can see Nurse Tammy now: You'll take your meds and I'll force ya! Okay, fine then, FORCE! *smashes egg on patients forehead*

This is your brain. This your brain on eggs.

Let's see, if we combine the glow-in-the-dark pigs with medicine-laying-chickens we could come up with day-glow eggs which would either be color coded (it's green, it must be tuesday) medicines, or flourescant chicks with snouts that like to roll in the mud.... gawd! gotta love science!

Can they make them with bacon bits built in?

^5 Stevie! Have you had your drugs eggs this morning??? ;-)

oh and YAY DDD!!!

*goes back to science kit*

... let's see, add a little cheese culture .... tomato dna ... hum, just might work!

Complete ham/cheese/tomato omlette in a shell

*wonders what this does to the phrase "s/he egged me on!"...*

Why did the chicken cross the road??
he can't remember either.

I'll have mine with a side of purple hash browns.

So! 1000 years from now we'll be hearing jokes about "What came FIRST!? The drugs or the egg?"

*goes looking for the chocolate cow*

Hum, come to think of, that's probably not too far away....

...and 'Transgenic Cockerel' wbagnfarb...

When they start putting *good* drugs in eggs, call me.

One shell makes you larger
And one shell makes you small
And the ones they raise in Scotland
Add vibrations to the wall
Go ask Helen
Before Humpty falls

'Transgenic Cockerel'

... who's songs include:

These Eggs were made for medicalpurposes!
Genes, Genes in the Yoke
Like a Muntant (egg)

California Supermax prison, D Wing:
"What're you in for?"

"Attempted murder. What about you?"

"Three-egg Denver omelet."

"Bummer, man."

Let's see, if we combine the glow-in-the-dark pigs with medicine-laying-chickens

we'd be getting a lot closer to Green Eggs and Ham (Dr Seuse's birthday is Friday).

The Love child of Scarface and Foghorn Leghorn...

"Now see heeya, I said now see heeya, say haylow to my leetle friend".

Speaking of food, Stromboli is blowing up.

Oh, chives. Sorry, ma'am, I thought you ordered your eggs with chiva.

RE: Stromboli

They shoulda plugged it with some concrete balls...I hear that works.

*snork* @ Baron Von Foghorn

"The eruption (lava flows) are very well fed,"

whatever they feed it gives it heartburn

Eggs Benaddiction. That is all.

Got to admit, The eggs have DOZENS of possibliities...hehe......sorry

lol, hammie.

*groaning snork @ Layzeeboy*

"Let go my eggo!"


A SNORK before noon. Thanks, Tammy. My work here is finished.

*wonders how dark-a-world's the illegal egg market*

I think we are only cracking the outer shell of this stupendous break-through.

Attn dealers: The yolk's on you!

I'd apply the above to Hammie's statement

Wait, are they going to laser-etch these eggs with advertisements, too? Lasers...drugs...eggs...got the makings of a good Pink Floyd experience...!

Let's see, if they can make chickens lay eggs with medicine in them, and we use two eggs in Chocolate Cake, then eating Chocolate Cake can be just what the doctor ordered.

Would Viagra eggs be "hard" boiled?

Depends on the grading - large, extra large or jumbo

well, however it's done, i think it's an eggsaladent idea.

This makes me want to go home, get basted, and listen to my deep purple albumens

You guys crack me up.

humpty dumpty finally makes sense.

I mix genes as you mix genes as yours are mine and we all breed together
See how we blend as research extends, see how they try, I'm fryin
Sitting next to cornflakes, I'm waiting for the pan to warm
Coagulation t-cells, stupid bloody tubes day, man you've been a naughty hen
You left your whites too long

I am the egg man
We are the egg men
I zap the fetus
Coo coo ca choo

Interferon, chemists cheer on, pretty little chemists in a row
See how we try makin' Dolly with no guy, see how we try, I'm fryin
I'm fried, I'm fryin, I'm fried
Yellow pool of egg yolk
Swimming amid dead viri
Tumor blocker half-life, mutagenic priestess, man youve been a
Naughty girl you let your white cells down

I am the egg man
We are the egg men
I zap the fetus
Coo coo ca choo, coo coo coo ca choo

Sitting in an english barnyard waiting for the stun
If the stun dont come you gotta lay your eggs
in standard english way

I am the egg man
We are the egg men
And I zap the fetus
Coo coo ca choo, ca coo coo ca choo

Experts fixed birds, snorking yokels, dont you think the bloggers laugh at you?
See how they spew their awful Mountain Dew, see how they dry, not buyin
Salivated keypads, jamming up the bot for hours
Transagenic chickens bringing dairy mishmash, man you should have seen him
Picking boogers from his nose

I am the egg man
We are the egg men
I zap the fetus
Coo coo ca choo, ca coo coo ca choo
Coo coo ca choo, ca coo coo ca choo coo coo



"Tumor blocker half-life, mutagenic priestess, man youve been a
Naughty girl you let your white cells down"


I'm a little late to the board (just getting off work), but *swoons* at 2 postings in a week!

Thanks Dave!

Bravo, MtB! That just may be the best ever.

Oh, I believe
In scrambled eggs

*Has now had a chance to read posts*

Brillant, Meanie!
*LOL* at Baron for Viagra® hard boiled egg (actually, it was more of a muffled-hurt-myself-by-pulling-a-muscle-trying-to-keep-from-guffawing-since-the-Mr.-and-doclings-are-asleep-and-I-accidentally-set-off-the-house-alarm-last-night-so-REALLY-have-to-keep-it-quiet-or-I'll-get-in-trouble-again kind of LOL)
*SNORKS* at everyone!!

just on a serious note, this could be a blessing for folks who have multiple sclerosis, who currently have to spend about $11,000/year for their interferon...

*****SNORKSNORKFRIGGIN'SNORKSNORKSNORK at absolutely everybody on this post**** I'm dyin' here, man!!!

*collapses into fits of giggles*

Ummm....errrr.....golly gee 'n shucks 'n stuff.....

Thanks, guys.

(Delayed gratitude?)

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