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February 19, 2007


"Some day, you will be dead."

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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The Perfect Valentine's Day gift for one's ex.

Dave Barry Boulevard!!!

I was going to suggest taking a collection for Dave Barry St...but then we'd have to kill him.

Geez Sioux,

Hey, this is kind of like those new presidential dollar coins. You gotta be a dead prez for a certain number of years to get on one of those. Street name/dollar coin-they're almost similar, yeah.

GTMA, ec!!

I mailed this in, too, volunteering Twitney a nameless celebrity for early road-renaming status.

*is willing to contribute to making sure that Babs qualifies for an immediate listing*

I can see why they wouldn't let the living have streets named after them.

"What do you think, you own the road?"

Hasselhoff Avenue..

If we name suitable candidates do we get to kill them?

Mot: only if we really, really want to...

and, of course... Tancredo Terrace!

Take 2
Why do I get the feeling that every street in this village will soon be named after Stephen Colbert.

Siouxie: Great Thinks Mind Alike?

*snork, snork, snork* I'll go back to work now....

Do you have to be really, truly dead or just dead-pan? Cause if that works; I'm submitting:


I had a dyslexic moment...sheesh!

now go back to turtle watching or something!

Okay, is it just me or the blog taking a reaaaallly loooooong time today to post comments? *Goes off to feed dog while waiting for comment to finally post*

That's what I thought yesterday, no famous marfie!

But today it seems OK to me. Maybe it does it according to geographic locations.

'course they don't mention, there's only one street in the village

Snork @ Addicted

That was supposed to be noW famous marfie!

Sheesh. It's so cold here it's hard to type.

If you don't want a street, you can have a diamond made out of your dead relative!

To the Edge seems the most appropriate road name.

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