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February 27, 2007


It's going right down the toilet.

(Thanks to WoosterGirl)


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Weren't we just doing Monty Python?

This should be helpful in future compensation discussion, Dave.

First to get my homework done!

Woo hooo!! Congrats, Dave!

A Harvard course on boogers.

keeping company with the likes of Twain and Wodehouse. Did Dave publish a book?

Dave, when are you going to receive your cap and gown now that you're part of the Harvard curriculum?

Oh, and WOW, Dave - you have a class about you at Harvard!

Mixed emotions... taking a course featuring Dave - woo hoo! but at summer school?!

Emphasizing wit and humor rather than "comedy" as classically understood...

Why pay Harvard $2,275 when you can get non-classical wit and humor here for free!

The instructor after the term papers are handed in.....

Good point there BJJB!

HA!! take that you Haaaahvad snots!

I had the exact same thought, BJJB. My jaw dropped when I saw that price...

Barry, Kubrick and the Pythons all in one course. I know I should of gone to college.

Professor; What is the difference between a pun and cat flatus?
Student; A pun is a shift of wit and the other a wift of,...........

It can't go down the toilet. I think they have low-flow.

Good evening class. Please turn to page twenty two of Dave Barry turns 40. Now the intent of this paragraph is jest or joke. Dave may say something that sounds stupid, but he doesn't mean it per se. In other word Dave is not really being serious, just like this dialogue is a parody or mockery of all of the so called professors Edgar has had. Compare with Peter Sellers. He doesn't really want to choke himself; he is just demonstrating the absurdity of life, and the inherent funniness of former Nazis. And now for something completely different.

Wait....who's Dave Barry?

Dave wrote a book?

wonders if dave is going to start charging us to use the blog now.



You have to read the previous paragraph in an Oxford accent for full effect.

got it, Edgar.

*reads previous paragraph in an Oxford accent with a slight Hispanic flair*

not the same.

shhhhhh cg, don't give him any more money-making ideas! He may even write a book about it.

Possibly even funnier in a Bahstahn accent.

OK, I read "Booger! Discuss." with the Oxford accent, as directed. Hm, not much different.

Indian accent is pretty funny though.

*misses all the fun unable to read aloud at work*

God, I hate him.....

oh, and I heard it was negative 3 credits....

But how many prairie dog credits do you get?


For that kind of money, it better be a really funny class!

The ladies of Anthrax Castle, 'tis rumoured, rather enjoy to be restrained and tickled

Reads Dave's columns in an Oxford Accent. Some work, some not so much.

Are these comments going to be on the test?

Please don't squeeze the freshmen.

There's a TEST!!??

**SNORK** @ Stevie W.

Though that does kinda take the fun out of visiting campus...

Ooh good. Now I can get Dave's books in Cliffs Notes versions.

He could write it off as a business expense, and maybe even get the Herald to pay for it...

Dave absolutely MUST enroll in this class. Can you imagine the look on the prof's face on the first day of class?

And then he can write a book about the experience.

DPC.... we'd have to assemble a crack(ed) team to keep the prof from having a heart attack. (DDD and myself, natch.) That facial expression would have to be immortalized in photos. It would be an instant classic.

but can they get him to poop on target?

Chris, do you think he'd know how???

*volunteers to be the official crap-papparazzi*

or as they say in the biz... crapparazzi!

"Dave absolutely MUST enroll in this class."

That would be hilarious, DP. Maybe he should wear Martin-Scorcese-glasses and ask a lot of stupid questions. And spitballs. Don't forget the spitballs.

Dave could use the prof's photo as the cover art for the book (he could probably handle that, especially after taking the class).

Could we get John Cleese enrolled also? Mark Twain is not really available right now...

*snork @ crapparazzi*

Do we get graduate level credits for being on the blog?

We should have a Master's Degree in Boogernometry by now, right?

Siouxie, better bring the hot wax. I just spotted Hammie's showcam in one of the Hahvud dorms...

AHA!!! BUSTED!!! Hammie?? ju gots son splainin' tu du!

JG, figures we can't be too careful, huh?

*packs black spray paint*

Hey, Stevie said not to squeeze the freshmen... he didn't say anything about filming them.

*ducks, runs*

Waitaminnit! I've been good!

Siouxie, I'm sorry, but you obviously did not study for the test. It was supposed to be ORANGE spray paint, remember?

What - he moved it out of NT's shower?

um, guys...if Dave's writing is a part of the curriculum, what does that make this blog?

Suddenly I feel like someone is watching me....

Oh wait - that's OtheU's shower cam. Never mind.

casey, you are correct!!

10 blog pts off the entrance exam for me!!

Topics include:
"Get thee to a funnery!"
"A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream"
"All @ss, poor Yorick, I knew (not gnu) him whale."
"Romeo and ...ohhh, shiny"
"To pee or not to pee"

Verily, thou dost realizeth that we might well be construed as part of said curriculum. Ergo, it would behoove us to speaketh in sucheth a mannereth as to not embarasseth our esteemed muse, Mr. Barry. Henceforth, we shalt commenceth with haught regard and personage, and speaketh with tongue set forthright upon our derrieres. Yea, boogereth!

Class reading will certainly make Dave Happy...he can read HIS OWN book...again

Annie, you think, perhaps...we're part of some comedic experimentation???

Dr. Doug??

*SNORKETH* @ Annieth!

Thank ye, Madamoiselle Siouxie. Care for some tea?

Forsooth, the Lady doth speak in a most mannerly fashion.

*Drops hidden camera*


*Exeunt, chased by a bear.*

Oooh, ooooh, I wanna crumpet! I don't knoweth what the hecketh that ith, but I like to say iteth!


Tea?? and crumpets?? why yes indeed!! I'd luv some, Miss. Anniebeth!

Annie, are you going to have those teeth fixed any time thoon?

Haha! They pay to get taught about Dave Barry and we just get to come here for free! Looosers!

A three way with a mind meld. No wonder I'm typing with a lispth.

Syllabus items:
Compare and constrast insomniac's parody song lyrics and mudstuffin's haikus.

24: Why blogging is better than watching.

If Twain were alive today would be blog? Would he tell booger jokes?

Is blogging better than crack: comparing posting frequency and addictive cycles.

me tooeth, Miss casey!

Hammeth?? why for are you with a camerath??

Thaaay! Thith ith fun!

and *thnork* at random sunking's thyllabuth

whoopsieth...I farteth!

must be the crumpets...

LOLeth @ random!

'Tis not mine, fair damsel. Perchance a mischievous spirit makes its entertainment with me.

Jesus, what I wouldn't give to see Mark Twain blog. That was one smart, funny, complicated man.

and if Twain were alive today he would probably host the mother of all humor forums. (fora?)

Also he'd probably be president.

and another psychic simul

At those prices for one class, Harvard oughta dig up Twain and make him a guest lecturer.

The least they can do is invite Dave, his being alive and all.

Siouxie of Miamieth ...blame it on the cat

sure now they have these courses at haaaavaaaad. when i was in college, we had to furtively listen to our python whilst hiding under the bed. but now, well, now, there you have it.

Not to rain on Dave's parade, but I vaguely remember reading about some fancy schmancy ivy league school that was teaching (and I'm not making this up) a class on "The Movies of Keanu Reeves."

So, you know, there's that.....

But, I do agree the bloggers should get some kind of credit. Maybe a $1 off in the student commisary... Course they're probably serving escargot and the $1 wouldn't go far....

"The Movies of Keanu Reeves."

Like in the ending of The Matrix when they make fun of how stupid he is by telling him to "run to the left...no, your other left"


HarHarHarvard...... that's all I got..zzzzzzzzzzzz

Siouxie ... I would never choose to disappoint you in any way, shape or form, but as a card-carrying member of the Profession of Photojournalism, I am compelled to suggest that I would be the "official" photographer of these class sessions.

Do not be dismayed, however. Your quaint little "crap-cam" is a useful tool, and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

After all consideration however, I feel that my expertise and experience might serve more than any other person's, to capture the essence of the moment, so to speak.

Professor? Excuse me sir or madam, as the case may be. In order to accomplish a more meaningful photograph for the Harvard Catalogue, could I respectfully request that you move slightly to your right ... yes, another step, please ... yes, that's very good ... now, could you turn your head slightly to the left, and lift your chin a bit? ... yes, a little more, please ... yes, and hold that pose, please ... *clickclickclickclickclickclickclick* ... ah, yes, the backlighting accents your booger quite well ... thank you.

Oh wait !! I do have ... "screw the bot"

Pssst. Anybody seen Prairie Dog? He has a nice Pythonesque interlude back on the frog thread.

Don't know as I could be president, unless I talked many townfolk into whitewashing my past.

Yay! I remember being forced to read "classic literature" in elementary and high school, always wishing for the day we'd be required to read stuff by Dave. The day has arrived.
That's it - I'm switching to Harvard.

Sorry, Eli, but with that name I believe you have to go to Yale....

But we still have to wonder if they'll be able to post quotes from Dave on their doorways.

KC - on their doorways? or doors?

*Makes plans to be out sick over Bad Song week*

Anybody know the tune to the "Whiff & Poo" song?

Fineeeeeeeee OtheU...you can be the official photographer..but I'm taking the 'behind the scenes and candid' crap shots.

Da-dum-da-da-da-dum Dum-da-da-dum -da-da ...

OOPS, that's Melancholy Baby ... sorry, Annie ...

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