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February 21, 2007


(Thanks to Crash)


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of COURSE it was sent it by Crash

He's lucky he didn't hit the snake, if he was aiming that close to his leg.

Methinks he made up the rattlesnake story... and, was there alcohol involved? Bad journalism!

Dude - that's why the sights are adjustable.


"After he shot himself, he was seen running down the hall and flying out a window..."

The fire department took him to a hospital, where is in stable condition.

This is a VERY short article, but still no one had time to proofread it? I'm with CH--bad, and sloppy, journalism!

Cripes!!! I go away for 45 minutes, and Dave posts more links than he did all year. I must be ever vigilant!

Dave - Don't you mean Guys Taking Themselves OUT OF action, EPISODE 2,038?

Someone needs to have their eyes tested.

I live in Seminole County, and I am much more afraid of the moron who shot himself in the leg than the rattlesnake.

Officials said he is in his late 20s and he has a gunshot wound from a small caliber gun. and a hangover that just won't quit.

A Seminole County man said
He saw a snake on the trail ahead
“I’ll kill it!” he thought,
But ‘twas his leg that he shot
And the snake just died laughing instead.

Dave, judi?? the next link (Jack Bauer) not working???

Scenario 1: Man sees snake on trail 10 feet away, fires and hits himself.
Outcome not understandable. The man is an idiot.

Scenario 2: Man is asleep. He wakes up and finds snake crawling over groin, fires and hits himself.
Outcome is understandable. The man is not an idiot.

Scenario 3 (probable): Man is in woods practicing John Wayne quick-draw techniques, fires and hits himself. Man lies to cover his stupidity.
Outcome is understandable, but the man is still an idiot.

First on the above post

yeah and i was gonna be first

Gad....you gotta get up early in the morning to catch me peeping in the window

OWWWWW. dumbo.

*Ducky snork button press*

I got posted!

*snork* @ Jazzzz

CRASH - Hey nice shot, what a good shot (woe) man.


Someone needs to have their eyes tested.

Posted by: ScooterRocky | 04:12 PM on February 21, 2007

I'm afraid, he may have already shot them out.

Crash can probably back me up on this one, but I believe they were episodes 2 and 1,049.

Let us not be so harsh in our judgement of this man, for indeed only two men have ever held their own against a snake in a fight:

Samuel L. Jackson and St. Patrick (who, you will recall, long before he was known for green beer, was known for getting those mothaf**kin snakes off mothaf**kin Ireland.)

Cop: What type of snake were you shootin' at, son?

Man: (*mutters something to himself*)

Cop: What did you just say? Say it louder, son!

Man: (*mutters something to himself, but a bit louder*)

Cop: What's that? A trouser snake???!

*Snork* at th.c guy!

OK, they're not my favorite species, but what is so innately terrifying about snakes that a bullet in the leg is a preferable fate?

It must be the creepout factor.

Missed it by THAT much!

Someone's leg mistaken for a snake
Oh no!!!!

I have often mistaken my leg for a snake.

Oh wait. That's not my leg.


Meanwhile, the snake was reportedly mildly alarmed...

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