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February 23, 2007



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I thought the Fongoli community was in Brooklyn. When did they go to the Senegalese savannah?

the chimps sniffed or licked their weapons, as if to see whether or not they shed blood.

That statement is just so wrong in so many ways...

Somebody better alert the secret service!

They're hunting babies?!?!? RUN!!!!!!!!!

Snork @ Sean!

At first glance I thought this had to do with Brittany's new boy friend..

Am I the only one who hears "Thus Spake Zarathustra" in the background?

Guin, I was thinking more along the lines of the opening sequence of "The History of the World, Part 1."

We just need to hire the chimps to hunt squirrels instead of bushbabies. I hear they work for peanuts bananas.

My God, it's full of spears!

*snork @ meanie!* and 'Call it Spear Gate'

DPC, key quote here - they have experience!

Previously, researchers had spotted one chimpanzee using tools to flush out mammalian prey, specifically employing a branch to rouse a squirrel.

And Meanie, the only place full of Spears is a certain rehab unit in Malibu and Federline's apartment.

"chimpanzees that dwell in savannahs similar to those from which humanity's ancestors are thought to have emerged." And what are they trying to imply by that statement???

i thought it had to do with dubya's daughters...

Mornin' again!

I thought thought this was about Twatney too.

It's possible that if we were to give Ms. Spears to the chimps, they would give her back and look insulted.

I thought they limited themselves to flinging faeces.

Hooray! I've been unbanned again!

...why does the bot have a bloody spear hanging out of its neck?

Sounds like a lot of monkeying around to me.

*groans Okay, okay, I know that was bad.

Chimps still don't make guns, so I feel safe.

*whistles innocently*
I have no idea, CH....

Yay, a three way with Beppie and Nurse Tammy! lol

Not to be tempting fate, I've haven't had a glimpse of the bot all day. What a pleasure after yesterday's patience sapping endeavours.

Perhaps the bot exhausted itself. Or it's busy with the coffeemaker.

And a brokeback moment with DTR.

Wait. Fox News has a SCIENCE section??? What's up with THAT?

It took four years for the chimpanzees to become comfortable enough with the scientists to allow them to follow the chimps around and observe behaviors such as hunting.

"The greatest difficulty initially was finding them," Pruetz recalled.

That's because they were hiding out in their houses. Then in the am they have their cofffee, get ready for work, leave and lock up behind them, then head off to the savannah to lead the scientists around in circles...

*flashes mot*
*runs away, giggling*

"Thanks, Larry. Buy me 2000 shares of GOOGLE if it drops another $1.00. Listen, I gotta go. We're expecting the scientists again this morning. Say Hi to Marcie for me."
*Hangs up cell phone*
"Okay, everyone. The scientists will be here any minute. Hide the cell phones and the I-Pods. Steve, I don't want to see another Starbucks cup like yesterday! Everybody got a spear? OK. Starting positions! And...Action!"

I don't see what the big deal is. Even the adult bushes aren't that hard to catch.

*snork* at queensbee

I didn't know what lesser bush babies were.

Aww.... they're cute. Time to shock the monkeys.

"Perhaps the greatest obstacle to the research, Pruetz said, is the growing human population in the area, "which threatens to disturb the chimpanzees' habitat and may eventually result in either forcing them from the area or into extinction."

Wait a minute...these chimps know how to kill something with a spear, and scientists are worried that humans in the area are going to threaten them?
Anybody read 'Congo' by Michael Crichton?

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