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February 28, 2007


...to your garage door.

(From mama723)


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First again in a long time!

As an ex-Army Signals officer and Amateur radio operator, I understand the problem well. Someone with a $5 radio complains that they are receiving your radio signal, even when you can prove that you are operating on frequency and its their cheap radio receiving signals it shouldn't be getting. Now if we could get all the TV's to change channel and tune into 24 on Monday nights, now that would be a useful fault.

I'll try for hat trick.

I wonder if they can get the garage doors to open and close on command. It's be need to see 1000 garage doors open when the Base Commander says "Open Sesame!"

Looks like the squirrels are busy again.

Maybe the marines are jamming everyone else's access to the blog.

Helllloooooooo!!!! helllloooo, helllloooo, hellloooo....

Whay this must be Echo Bay! bay, bay, bay, bay.....

Throws a "neat" up there instead of "need"

Place has fallen victim to the Postprandial Quiet Period.

I'm too lazy to look up postprandial. Does that mean the Eastcoasters are heading home from work?

The Marines - When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight! Hoorah!

Matt - I think it has something to do with happy hour...

it's not an accident...

"When we broadcast the secret frequency, the automatic door to Osama's cave will be stuck, keeping him in forever! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!"

"What if he's outside?"

"Well, he'll still be ticked off."

The horrors of the central time zone. The majority of the blog people and my family hit the bar an hour before I do. Time to move back to SC.

CH, you gotta stop using dem big words!

Arctic, I wondered the same thing.

I guess we can call this phenomenon "Montezuma's Revenge"?

I just hope those remote controlled pacemakers use a different frequency.

'specially round Sandlappers.

(I can say that, born there, raised there, went to the bar instead of class at college there)

They have remote control pacemakers!?!?.

("Lunch Coma" Sheesh.)

This is a tough one and I feel for the neighbors, but lean towards AA *falls over as ArcticAl steps back*.

Fun story: as a Boy Scout, we had a camp-out hosted by Gitmo, the Navy Base in Cuba. They took us out to the boundary line where a Marine barracks sat next to a HUGE cistern with a concrete lid. The Cubans used to shine powerful spotlights at the barracks to annoy the Marines, until the Marines had a work party one day, hiding what they were doing behind trucks. That night, when the spotlights came on they illuminated a HUGE Marine Corps Emblem on the cistern lid. No more spotlights!

Of course there also are those military experiments where they transmit a loud signal at a high frequency and all of the bad guys poop their pants and fall down. Maybe they're just perfecting the device and trying to get the right frequency and they hit the garage door openers by accident.

The Marines - When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight! Hoorah!

Posted by: fivver | 04:58 PM on February 28, 2007

What does it say about me that I can only - no matter how I try - read that as "Hoohah!"?

Shouldn't we be using this kind of advanced weaponry againt the enemy instead of the civilian population?

Last week my dad installed a new garage door opener, and it closed on him! After mom pulled him out from under it by his big feet, they both uninstalled it and we returned it to the shop. When the man saw my Mom and dad walk in, he had this look of fear on his face, maybe because he thought my Mom was gona squash him, or my dads big butt that reaches the back of his neck.

Anyway, my mom told the shop owner what happened, and that she wanted a refund. The man then said that there was nothing wrong with it, and he wasn't gona pay us. He said the reason why it closed was because of the Signal company on our post. So she punched him in the mouth, and his store closed, but the Signal company had nothing to do with it.

If the frequency was "borrowed"...shouldn't the manufacturer and/or installer that "borrowed" it be responsible? ... They made money off of it. Seems blaming the Marines is not sensible. But, that's just me.

RC - How did it close on him? A couple of years ago I had to replace my garage door openers and the new ones came with a light beam assembly that you have to install on the floor where the door comes down. If that beam is broken the door won't close.

That was a bold statement, RC. Moonpie?

The Marines - When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight! Vagina!

Posted by: fivver | 04:58 PM on February 28, 2007

What does it say about me that I can only - no matter how I try - read that as "Hoohah!"?

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 05:15 PM on February 28, 2007
I dunno, Meanie...it says that you may need glasses. I read it as vagina.

*Wonders who else will get CJ's NRBQ ref.*

Sempher Fi

Proud to be the brother and grandson (no not the same person ewww) of one of the few the proud the marines

Me to, Meanie. Meanwhile, I sent this in but maybe it would go better here:


Hope that works; didn't look quite right. *snork*

My Grandma gave me a shirt when I was kid that I wish I still had. It said...

Join the Marines!!!!
Travel to new and exoctic Lands!!!
Meet new and exoctic people!!!
And Kill Them!!!

CJ, that was brilliant.

It also appears that Dave has a competitor for the Presidency. (Yes, of the United States.)

Spent 6 glorious years in the corps myself 24,
I worked on FM tranceivers and have to admit I jammed the local country stations on more than one occasion

I feel compelled to repeat that Mr. Ducky was a Marine, and my daughter would tell her dates in high school, "My Dad was a Marine. He knows how to kill you with just two fingers."

The girl didn't date much in high school...

But Ducky, I bet the dates that she had were polite!

Oh no! The horror!!! Life without garage door openers!!! Lol

ArcticAl, yes, they were VERY polite. And also very pale.

I'm just looking for a few good men man.

Sio, *snork*, and...I can only imagine a Marine suddenly waking up in Miami as guessing they were on Liberty or Deployment.

CH, I'm looking forward to watching your link, but have to admit that my player is occupied; Free Agency begins Friday morning at 00:01 and I am just sickly, that way!

Gad....Mr Ducky...Wyo...all others.........Thank you

Sioux, good luck wit dat search.

I have a garage door opener. Now I need a garage.

Quantico has a Queen?
Since when??

Or at least a corral. Welcome home, bud.

CJ, thanks, good to be home; and a corral would be more welcome than even a garage, as those are particularly hard to come by here lately.

Any progress with Rosie, btw?

Well Padner, the trail she goes up and down. There actually has been progress, but work has been hectic lately. I'll send you an email for your next trip to the library; get yourself settled!

Actually, that won't work. Your old email doesn't work anymore [surprise!]. Drop me a note.

hold up on the email, 'till I reestablish an account.

things are still in limbo.

as you rightfully say, the trail is up and down. both ways.

In honor of Mr. Ducky, Wyo, Gadfly, and all the other bloglits who have served our country:

From the halls of Montezuma, to the ‘burbs of Quantico
We fight our country's battles; into your garage we go
First to fight for the right frequencies, and to keep those hertz unseen
We are proud to claim they're vital to United
States Marines.

You drag yourself out of your car to lift that big old door
You had fought with your remote control till sweat dripped from your pores
I know you don’t like to use your hands, and you’d love to make a scene
But you’ll find we always win a fight; the United States Marines.

It’s healthy to lift heavy doors; yes, we sure have our nerve
Suburbanites, you bought devices you think you deserve
But our national security takes precedent over machines
You will find it hard to argue with
United States Marines.

Wyo, until you do, go here. Just check around.

Bravo Ducky!!!!!

Ducky, you just made all of those push-ups worth it.

Thanks, CJ.

Wyo, Wyo, Wyo!

I'm so glad to be here at the same time as you! I've been catching you the next day and am feeling left out. So, now that we are here together, let me just say :


Whew. Now I'm all outta breath. My kids are hijacking the puter, catch y'all on the flip side!

Thanks, guys! Wyo, glad to help ease the pain. ;-)
Although when I told Mr. Ducky I had, well, kind of rewritten the Marine Corps Hymn, he gave me one of those "have you lost your mind?" looks.

He's used to me, though.

Missed you too, casey. ;)

*flaps at Ducky, glances at the sticks, then Jazzzz*

Hey CJ....anxious to hear your reaction to the draft. How ya been BTW?

*flaps back at CJ*

I always feel bad about talking about non-Blog stuff on the Blog, but by now it's recess. Briefly, Jazzzz, the draft is not yet formed. Free agency begins March 2nd. The value boards for each team are being built, for the draft, but first everbody has through the trading period. The Draft is separate.

Teams are getting smart enough, under the new rules, to protect Free Agents and draft best available player. Right now, the smartest teams will be protecting their Free Agents, beginning Friday morning. That madness, first, before the draft. My Jags won't be players in Free Agency, from what I can see. They may come in low and grab a competitor as a receiver. They have depth and experience at every position, except for Quarterback, but they have three good, young quarterbacks and don't see anything seasoned on the market to go grab there. Should be interesting.

Draft? Oh no! I'd better move to Canada while it is still legal.

What will the Chargers do?

Edgar, I checked and you were issued a deferment, so congrats!

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

My bad, CJ... I'm still curious if anything happens... :-)

El - don't rub it in- you know the Chargers don't need to do anything else to win.

Did George Bush announce the invasion of Sears yet?

Moon, no but he took Gore's Oscar.
(ty, Andy Borowitz)

Actually, El, what the Chargers must especially do is find creative ways to keep their UFAs , then their RFAs, before they think about the draft. Your coaches need to make certain that find a way to keep them during Free Agency, beginning Friday morning and yours is a smart team I fear. For example, I don't fear the Redskins; they will come after Jaguars and Chargers players in FA, but they are incompetent. Their Salary Cap will explode, but the ability of good teams to keep their players together during FA will be what we need to watch. Snyder can keep buying players and take them from any team until the next Owners meeting, hurting other teams, but the league will have to decide. San Diego can't protect them, much less the Jags, but Snyder is an idiot. For now, if San Diego has UFAs and RFAs to protect, watch the Redskins. For now, the only way to protect a player from Daniel Snyder is to Franchise him. Placing a Franchise tag on a player means that if Snyder takes him, he has to give you two First Round Draft Picks, plus, this year, around $13.5 M. The only way Snyder can keep this apparently cocaine-inspired level of trading going on is to destroy the Redskins. So far, they will never have a First Round choice, forever and they are spending a fortune and buying everyone's players.

San Diego, for now, needs to watch what DC does in Free Agency.

Gore did not win an Oscar. The movie and its director, Davis Guggenheim, won the Oscar.

Very true, Stevie!

Urgent OT Alert:

My daughter has been accepted into the Planetary Geology Ph.D. program at Rice Universitt! Yippee!!!

/End OT

I ate an Oscar...does that count?....well, it was a fish named "Oscar".... actually, I made the story up, but I have a hard time with reality. Ooooooooo, something shiny......

Ducky!!!! That's outta this world!!!!

Rice! That means she gets to stay close to home, as well. Very good news!

Rice is nice, that's what they say.

Congrats to your little satellite, ducky!

Thanks CJ. That was very informative. :)

Congrats to your daughter, JD! Whee!!!

JD congrats!!

*Waves to everyone*

Gotta go to bed now- gotta get up early and hit it again! Literally- since I've had these afternoon shifts, I have to take the 6:30am kickbox class. Man- that is early to be knocking sh!t around!

*sets sleek new blog-o-matic coffeemaker to stun at 5am*

G'nite y'all!

CJ - Chargers have a new coach that I'm worried about more than FA's.

JD - Congrats!!! Ok, party's over. Back to studying.

Stevie - I didn't mean the movie award - I meant Gore's cat, "Oscar." Duh.

Thanks, all! We are very excited! Rice don't take no dummies! More details when I get them...

Annie, one thing the girlchild said was,"You know what this means? I'm gonna have to take a refresher course in calculus this summer!"

Sweet dreams, ddd!

jd - she's right. Do they have courses like that online? That way she can work, too. One of the best things I ever did was work during the summer, invest the $, and buy a house when I got settled after graduating. Huge investment and tax break for a single person.

Congrats to the duckling. Well done.

Hummmmm. duckling well done.

sorry, gotta cut out to the kitchen...

Annie, I don't think so, but I'll ask. She also doesn't know if she'll be starting in the summer or fall. That was very astute of you to save your $ and buy a house while young.

*Snork* at Wyo!
*Makes note not to get near kitchen if ever visiting Wyo*

Planetary Geology. Sounds impressive. Mazel Tov

Oh, and I knew I would get that deferment. They do not want Edgar in the army.

Thanks, Edgar. It does, doesn't it? Basically the girl would like to go to Mars to study the rocks there.

Her dad calls her his "rock star." *snork*

And on that note, nighty-night, y'all! Sweet dreams!

My sis-in-law is almost done with her Masters in geology at UT Austin. I have a great deal lof envy for her, as I have not yet finished my BSN. And, as disinclined as I feel right now to go back to school, it could take a VERY long time. Congrats to the rock star duckling.

A guy who works for me has a Marine son in Iraq and has a Marine bumper sticker on his car that says

"It's Allah's job to judge the terrorists...
Our job is to arrange the meeting"

Love it.

Congrats, JD, having gone the PhD route myself I can tell ya she's in for a helluva ride. (When I finished I bought myself a boat as a reward and named it "Phinally Done" the missus suggested "Piled High and Deep")

*salutes Ducky's rendition of Marine Hymn*

Congratulations to the Duckling accepted at Rice! ;-)

*hearty snork of appreciation @ Layzeeboy for USMC bumpersticker*

About those garage door openers... It could have been worse. Imagine picking up Marine transmissions with the fillings in your teeth... or having this happen...

*belated snork at CJ for USMC non-violent behavior mod tactics at Guantanamo*

Paint: $123.14
Brushes: $28.89
Keg for after party: $73.25
Look on Cubans' faces: Priceless

Join the Marines!!!!
Travel to new and exoctic Lands!!!
Meet new and exoctic people!!!
And Kill Them!!!

Addicted to 24, I remember those t-shirts...

*goes to back of geezer bus*

Similar t-shirts are still available. Ah, here's the one you want. Scroll down til you see it; shirt is black. Enjoy... ;-)

Morning, Blogits!

At least there's no fog today, and most of the company is on a fishing excursion today...I can get some stuff done now!

Good morning!!!

Missed last night's Wyo sighting - WYOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Missed Ducky's news - Congrats to your rock star!!

*will have to stop watching American Idiot*

congrats ducky!! baby duck and rice. great combination.

waves forlornly in wyo's general direction. the bot wouldn't let me on last night and i didn't feel up to doing battle.

Arroz con pato.

Sxi, one of the best homemade meals I ever had was arroz con pollo cubana style, in the manner that my friend's Cuban mama had taught her, hecho con cerveza. Yum!

Stevie, yummmo! that's how my aunt (GRHS) made it. With plenty of cerveza. It's called "A la chorrera". I attempted to do it ONCE and it wasn't as great. NOT horrible but my aunt was an awesome cook. I have lots of her recipes.

One of her specialties that I used to make was Arroz Imperial. Similar to arroz con pollo but placed in layers in a casserole dish. Rice, shredded chicken with mayo in the middle and topped with rice and cheese. That is SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!

Dang, now I'm hungry!!

Sounds good but I'm not sure about the mayo. Kinda like enchiladas rancheras I guess. What's GRHS?

God Rest Her Soul :-(

well it's mixed in with the chicken...very yummy.

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