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February 23, 2007


(Thanks to Mrs. Blog)


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YAY Mrs. Blog!!! I saw this on the news today. Sheeesh!

Yay, Mrs. Blog! Are you getting rid of your competition?

And by "sheeesh" I mean...another Florida story.

Mr. Blog, you are on to something with that weirdo/criminal magnet.

Hmmm... I have to wonder if MrsBlog had a bit more to do with it than that?
("wifely available", remember?)
*ducks evil glare from Dave*

*Ducking with Nurse Tammy*

and now he's the Uncola.

We seem to be having a weirder than normal week in Florida, and that is saying a lot.

He just risked his career...ruined his life for what?? $20 worth of crack?? how much is that?? Mrs. Blog??

a speckle?

C'mon, people! It was, you know, an everyday math problem.

Watch it, Hammie. Large angry Cuban hubby saw you duck behind me and he is vindictive. I think he broke your showercam, too.

G'night, all. *yawn*

Nite, Tammy!! sweet dreams....

Meanie, or maybe a chemistry experiment? As a chem major, I remember measuring a few powdery-type substances.

'night NT

Good night, Nurse Tammy! My apologies to Large Angry Cuban Husband (LACH).

*Places order for industrial strength showercam*

A dime bag is 4-5 rocks in the local market, depending on the size of the rocks.

Not sure about the supply/demand curve in that part of Florida. When there are a lot of dealers in the immediate area, the quantity goes up. Given that the "dealer" was delivering to the customer (not the norm for most markets where you have to find your connection on the corner), the amount is probably less than 4-5 rocks.


psssssst...Hi! Mrs. Blog!!

florida weirdness magnet school principal. wbagnfarb

As the mother of two middle school children and frequent hostess of large middle schooler get togethers, I totally sympathize with this man.

Got crack?

"paid administrative leave" and "three years' sentence" Don't really seem to go together. Must be the FWM.

Dont mess with Mrs. Blog she will take you down Michael Corleone end of the Godfather (parts 1 and 2 as they never made a third one and if you see part 3 in the video store you are on drugs) style.

Also it looks like Mrs. Blog convinced Tom Vilsak to drop out of the race. President Barry here we come.

Addicted, it is well documented on the blog:

There is no #3.

He should have had maintenance put up the Drug Free Zone, except room 26 sign.

Wouldn't the "You're (not your) not a cop?" defensive line have worked?

DP Chris, are you kidding? The local NEA chapter will be insisting on arbitration hearings to award him his back pay after he gets out of prison.

what happens in the principal's office STAYS in the principal's office... he thought he was in Vegas

he should get Mayor Marion Barry's (no relation) lawyer...

two things i like about this story:

1. "Additional officers posed as parents in the lobby and made sure no students were nearby..." - and I’m sure none of them figured out what happened for at least a half a milli-second.

2. "Giancola will be placed on paid administrative leave until school officials can investigate, school district spokesman Steve Hegarty said." - I'm sure this is just some big mis-understanding, so no reason to stop paying the guy.

Weirdness magnet indeed.

whos gonna do the wikipedia entry for weirdness magnet>

Now I finally understand the phrase "slipping through the educational crack".

"Now pipe down, students. I mean, pipe up... I mean...nevermind.

Casey, I'm sorry to hear about the middle schoolers. I used to teach, and middle school girls were a nightmare. Especially for a 22 year old guy with a baby face.

I tried to convince the guy doing my taxes that my bar bills were deductable since it was a necessary work related expense.

As a product of the Florida edumacational system, let me just say, "that explains a lot".

"....was arrested in the school lobby after buying the drugs from an undercover police officer...."

All children left behind.

Cheers, fka Matt. I keep the vineyards in business.

The girls are insane and the boys smell like earthworms.

He should know better - the rule is, don't bring it to school unless you have enough to share with everyone.

Crack is whack!!!

snork @ Annie...

*wonders if this will really post*

Article written by Phil Davis. Of Wallace & Davis?

YAY MOTW you are here!

And he's on leave with pay! I guess until they find out just how much of a crack addict he is.

If $200 worth of crack leaves the dealer at 11:30 a.m. and $20 worth of crack arrives at its destination at 2 p.m., at what rate does....ooooh, pretty colors!

So he's eligible to join Principals Sans Principles, now, right?

Looks like no one got your joke! THAT Phil Davis was a song and dance man, not a writer. He was just Dreamin' of a White Christmas, not buyin' himself something white for lent.

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