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February 15, 2007


While you're away, the s.b. is hard at work taking care of business on the job.

(NOTE the warning, men!)

(Thanks to Clean Hands)


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stoopid "streaming media" filter...


First? Although my Mac can't play the video, but knowing Judi, I can guess what it is.

I came across this while looking into a work-related article in the Australian press. Really. Saw the teaser, thought of y'all.

Thanks, judi!

Heehee. And I had thought nobody looked good in tighty-whities...

It's all natural, there's nothing there.

Well, to be honest, NT, they'da looked good nekkid. Just sayin'...

Thanks, Judi! I needed a pick me up! :)

"I came across this while looking into a work-related article in the Australian press. Really. I wasn't out looking for male enhancement products, honestly, that sort of thing's not my bag, baby."

(pouts) i couldn't open it either.

CH! you sent it in!!

(told ya judi would find it interesting, didn't I??)


Yeah, in this case, though, I probably should have asked you to send it in... you can see what it's doing to for my reputation around here...

Sure...blame it on me.

Now, who would wear something like that under a kilt?

for the men....not sure if its work safe, but guys dont care


Posted by: Siouxie | 02:03 PM on February 15, 2007

Not to change the subject COMPLETELY, but am I the only one who detests Rachael Ray?

Nope. Guess not.

Interesting that they have to maintain an iron grip over the fora to ensure that only anti-Rachael views are reflected, DP Chris.

For the record, I think she's kinda cute, and lord knows she can COOK.

Chris, I like Rachael. She's perky and a great cook!
She does overdo it sometimes.

Dear Mr. Dave Barry,

Could you kindly post your travel schedule for the next six months? It seems that whenever you're out of the office some sort of computer malfunction causes an inordinate amount of male nekkidity to appear on the blog. (My IT wizards inform me that you probably have the JUDI 2007 OS installed).

I thought I would call this to your attention since I know it would probably concern you. It's not that I'm concerned about myself, you understand, but I worry about the women blogettes of the female gender. I'm sure they don't appreciate this constant barrage of offensiveness while you're away.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

I like Rachel Ray, but she is being over sold right now. Every time I turn around there is Rachel this and Rachel that. She must have a very aggressive agent.

But back to the balls...

*SMACKS* Layzee!

we. do. not. mind.

Thanks, Siouxie! (Putting down frying pan)

oh and YAY CH!!!

Anytime, Mikey!

*picks glasses up from the floor following the SMACK*

I wonder if those are available with larger pouches?

[PS, DPC, it's a promo for Aussie undies that are sorta jock-strappy. Naturally, the Australian approach would be to add a pouch for the danglies, for, um, ...lift! Think WonderBalls]

Clean Hands - not so much?

Well I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who;
Who has the balls of love?

I couldn't open the video either. :-(

DPC-I like Rachel Ray. I agree that she's being oversold right now, but it surprises me that someone would have enough venom in them to start a web site against her. (just my opinion, which I agree doesn't mean much)

I have to say that the most unbelievable part of that video was when they were interviewing one of the underwear models and he claimed that he likes the pouch for playing sports.

Uh, excuse me, but if you've ever seen Australian-rules football, you'll understand that having the danglies lifted out in front is, in the words of Bucky Katt, "not optimal."

You'd most likely want to keep the danglies safely dangling behind a plate steel athletic cup.

CH, I didn't hear what he was saying...

*was looking elsewhere*

judi's continued and sterling dedication in this area should be applauded. She leaves no stone unturned nut uncracked, jewels unpolished ... uhhhh She works long and hard tirelessly to serve the blog in this most important body of work research.

Sorry missy I'm no fooly, there nothing wrong with my tooly, little pouch is way too smally, won't even cover me one bally.

*snork* @ Mot the Poet

That pouch doubles as a good place to carry spare change.

No, no, no, you guys misunderstood me. I meant that the DNA test proved Howard K. Stern was the dad of the cow in the story.

It's the other Howard Stern who was proven to be the dad of Anna Nicole's baby.

Big big oops, sorry. That was supposed to go on the Kuala Lumpur thread. I have no idea how I did that.

try again, Stevie...



how did i go all day without seeing this!?! sends judi roses and chocolate.



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Better late than never.

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