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February 20, 2007


This thing just keeps getting bigger.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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FIRST to be quoted on-air from Dave's blog!!!!

Wooo hoooo!! WTG again, Cheryl!!

Nice work, Barney!!!

Gee Dave, now you're famous!

How very diacritic.

If I've made any of you search a dictionary for that word, then my work here is done. Or maybe nobody cares. Either way, I've done my job.

> channeling eeyore <

WTG, judi!!!

we know it was really you all this time ;-)

Apparently my "Word a Day" calendar comment hit a sore spot. Me thinks thou dost protest too much, Barney!

Cheryl and marfie are officially extended another 15-minutes apiece!

Wow, we're actually contributors, not just borderline psycho bloggers.

snork @ marfie.

15 whole minutes of fame. What to do?!

WTG now we just need Chloe to use the blog to find the bad guys and the world will be perfect.

Cheryl I suggest you go to the Oscars this weekend 8^)

Dave Barry's wicked wit!

Also, P. J. O'Rourke peeks inside Dave's medicine cabinet (Check out the interview part of the linked article).

"...or what the technophiles call a 'Blog'... "

Wow... I've never been called a 'technophile' before! I haven't even heard that word in years... maybe he has 'Word of the Day' on his webpage?

Remember to clear your cache if you want to really take advantage of thier bandwidth. hehe.

Addicted! Sounds like a great plan!

*packs formal Uggs*

Cheryl?? Can I go with?? I have formal kicking-@ss boots!

btw..technophile sounds like a cyber perv or something nasty.

Siouxie - then congrats on your promotion! ;)
Sounds distinktive.

Hey! There is no way I am borderline in the psycho blogger department. *sniff*

Fivver, nothing says we can't be both.

Do we have to register if we admit to being technophiles?

Given TypePad today, my 15 minutes will be spent trying to post a comment. Way to go Cheryl - I'll look for you on the red carpet this weekend!

Hammie, does "registering as a technophile" have anything to do with that suspicious new showerhead I noticed in my bathroom just now?

Hmmm... in the spirit of the day, I amend my previous post to "distinctive new showerhead". That is all.

Smile, Nurse Tammy!

snork @ nurse tammy. Um, you may discover that you are gonna need a bigger hot water tank. Just sayin.

Pack your boots Siouxie! A promotion! V. cool!

*packs boots & thong*

we'll get our designer gowns in Beverly Hills!

Perfect! Hmmmm, I wonder which designer is most in tune with formal Uggs?

I think he looks like the Amazing Steve. Somewhat. Maybe they're one in the same. Hmmm....

Bonus...by my count the errr "nipply" lady in the white bikini was shown three times...teen boys in Prineville thank you, Dave...

Cheryl, you'll have to find something that won't take too much attention away from these!

Maybe something very strappy and flowing??

OMG! I must have those!

So very One Million Years BC--and in pink no less!

Cheryl & Siouxie - I hear there is this absolutely fab salon in Tarzana where you can get your hair done before the awards ceremony. You'll have to bring your own Red Bull and bic lighter, tho...

So THAT"S what happened to all those dead Tribbles...

marfie, we must go there! I can't do a THING with this hear...sometimes I just wanna shave it all OFF!!

Cheryl, maybe a little skimpy outfit like Raquel Welch wore with those boots???

Maybe you can get your hair done to match the boots? The Red Bull and blue bic lighter will definitely come in handy in that process.

and I can't do a THING with this HAIR either!!! I hear OK!

*wakes up*

Waitaminnit.... I heard "shave it all off" and "little skimpy outfit"

> channeling eeyore <

SNORK @ chopped liver

He's got a face for radio, that's for sure!

/That wasn't really a "KICK ME - gently", was it? More like a cock punch. :D

*snork* @ Hammie.

I'm sure you'll bring us pictures.

I heard Siouxie say earlier that she was packing just her boots and her thong... which should make that first trip down to pick out a dress very paparrazzi-worthy!!

We're trying to decide what to wear at the Oscars, Hammie! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!

I need something appropriate to wear with my kicking-@ss boots. Something like this??

Ooooh, shiny!

Definitely, Siouxie, but instead of the black, I would recommend the "transparent."

Wouldn't want to miss out on any of that sun, now would you?

Does this negate the need for a thong if we are going to be in LA. While in Rome...

Hmmm, the theme of my outfit seems to be leaning towards Pat the Bunny. Might be trouble (with tribbles).

I did shave my head once. True story. Long blonde locks to a dyed black flat top. What can I say? Ummm, I mean to say aside from PMS.


I kid you not. That was exactly what Barney said about himself when KTVZ hired him.

We all love him for his mind (and comic relief). ;-)

We made the TV in Prineville? I'm taking the rest of the day off...

Siouxie - don't do the black vinyl look. It doesn't breathe at all. Way tooo hot, even for me.

So I've heard.

Sio, for matching black with LA, I recommend a fire suit!

CJ' ... in the trade, that outfit is also known as "Bunker Gear" ... merely ... curious as to how the bloglits will manage to turn that into somethin' risqué or pervie ... (I won't be surprised, actually ... merely amused at the adaptability of the bloglit thot processes ...)

Cj--Is Sio thee fire in question? Cause I think the model is wearing too many clothes otherwise.

Also I agree whole-heartedly with Annie, cause I've heard that too.

Go for the transparent version, you say? Why waste your money? A couple boxes of Saran Wrap and you'll be good to go.

Siouxie! Love the pink UGG boots. Can I come to the Oscars too?

Also, I think this is the dress to go with the boots. These "shoes" are all wrong. :)

Annie (5:49pm) -

That's hot.

It IS hot. Better to stick with natural fabrics. As in 'au naturel.'

I'm not just a technophile - I'm a DISTINCTIVE technophile!

I kid you not. That was exactly what Barney said about himself when KTVZ hired him.

We all love him for his mind (and comic relief). ;-)

Hahahaha! That was a pretty funny bit. Barney (!) has potential.

/He could move up to "weekend anchor looks" by getting rid of the "Peggy Hill" glasses, methinks.

//Sometimes it's kind to be cruel.

Barney looks kinda like Ben Stein to me.

I was waiting for him to hit the "snork" count -- but he would have to use exponential notation.

El! of course you can come with!!!

Not sure about saran wrap though...too sticky, marfie.

Annie, any pictures of that hot day??? ;-)

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