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February 23, 2007


He's testing out some new night-vision binoculars.

(Thanks to Peter Gregory)


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Don't ask, don't tell, don't look

Overheard at the event:

"Dagnabit!!! These binoculars are faulty!"


Well, you buy binoculars made in China....

It was those wacky generals, I tell ya! How was I to know they painted little WMD's on the inside?

Well, that explains how Hez got the jump on the Israelis so many times last year.

Maybe the binoculars would work even better with a pair of plastic gonads hanging from them...

Hey people...for all we know he very well could be Superman.

Anyone seen Clark Kent???


just the visual...LMAO!

(maybe Hammie will lend him his??)

Bush Sharon Peretz.

And for the record, those were the kaleidoscope binoculars. Look, shiny.........

I thought he was participating in the monkey spear study. No wonder why it took 4 years to complete.

There was a picture of some US president doing the same thing in the Korean DMZ. The official excuse was that snipers like to shoot a glints of sunlight reflecting off binocular glass.

However, on a defence-related topic, the French have finally developed this awesome weapon that will enable them to constantly stop surrendering...

*snork* @ AFKAT's great link!!!

According to daily Yediot Ahronot, US President George W Bush and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have both done the same thing.

ah birds of a feather....

ROFLMAO AKKAT!!! too funny!!

whoops..make that AFKAT!

I blame the bot.

Those of us with Nanny.bots at work can only wonder...

Hammie, want me to email it??

Nah, Siouxie. I'll be able to see it at home. Thanks, though! May I offer you chocolate or liquor?

both ;-)

Hey, W., it could have happened to anyone.

And, yes, you spelled it correctly - I'm very proud of you.

Well, if snipers are shooting at light off of binocular glass, you just stand next to and slightly behind someone else with binoculars. Duh.

The bot just called me an "aaas". Off topic rant: Hey Typecast or Offkey, whoever does these blogs, why do other blogs have it together with no problems?? Someone should fire yo asses!

AFKAT, that was fabulous...thanks!

Someone call President Bush and tell him we found his binoculars.

Yeah but when Bush did it they weren't binoculors it was a viewfinder.

Art: "My strategery is working! Iraq looks like Disneyland!"

I usually just blurk here, not comment, but since I'm from Israel, I feel like I should say something...

Well, first of all, that's a pretty old pic as far as I know. Unless he's done it again.

:-/ And, well, I don't really have a second point. Maybe he did do it again. He's an idiot.
Way it goes.

*waves to Penny*

Hi there Penny from Israel!! Welcome!!!

Hi Siouxie!

I've been reading the blog for a long time, I just usually don't have anything to say...

Today you did! Takes a while to start posting. That's how most people start...blurk at first then gather up the courage to post. It's OK! we don't bite - hard ;-)

Seriously, it's always good to have a fresh opinion!

Hi from me too, Penny! You should feel free to post more often! Most of us don't really have anything to say either, but we don't let it stop us, as you probably have noticed. :)

AFKAT, there are people who send me a lot of emails claiming they can really make *that* moment look much more impressive.

Hi Penny,


I will take advantage of this opportunity to break Hammie's heart by telling him the lens cap as on all this time. Poor Hammie.

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