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February 23, 2007


Please note that Pruned Mess would not be a very good name for a rock band. But Pruned Criminal might be.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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First again? I dunno...Pruned Mess kinda works for a death metal band or something...

...a man noticed activity in his hot tub and dialed 911...

Lord knows that if I see activity in my hot tub, I'm calling 911. After I make sure that it's not worth taking pictures.

Yay, my second first today!

Oh! I thought it said "Suspect hides from cops in hot tub."

Silly me.

Unfortunately, the family tree didn't get pruned.

"Puckered Suspect" might be a good name for something but I don't know what.

Silly indeed, Punk

If I'd seen the guy in the hot tub, naked, in Tacoma, in February, I'd have turned off the heater!!

Well, heck, if I am under the stress of a police chase, I'd rather relax in a hot tub before they catch up to me as well!

I'm assuming his gonads are now raisins???

Said "family tree" might be a little withered right now. And personally, I wouldn't mind a few cops in a hot tub. I have a few in mind. (Anyone for CSI?)

Lair - "Puckered Pecker" might be better. *snork @ self*

This so reminds me of this;

"Wish I was a Kellog cornflake, floating in my bowl taking movies, relaxed in while, living in style, talking to a raison who occasionally plays LA, casually glancing at his toupee." Places reserved on the geezer bus for those who can name artist and song.

**snork** @ DDiva

Simon & Garf: Bookends

I had to google the name of the song, though. Punky's Dilemma. I confess my sin.

Absolvo te, Med.

Got it in 2 Med, with a little help from your friends.

Sooz, heard you clearing your throat and tapping your foot way over here.

I'm off to wrestle with my duvet. 'Nite all, catch you on the flip side, It's Saturday already.

Mot, A little help from my friends is a Beatles tune, n'est pas?

I'm off to wrestle with my duvet.

Mot, is THAT what they call it in SA? tehehehe.

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