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February 27, 2007



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LOL @ poolpe rain!

Poolpe Rain,
Poople Rain....

*awards Technicolor™snork to TAFKAP*

Reminds me of what used to rain down from the mulberry tree next to my grandpa's driveway...

Isn't a Technicolor&tradesnork kind of messy if you miss the porcelain god?

Dangit. ™ ™ ™

Hey CH, if you don't mind,.....how do you do that?

Story of my life: showing up late with tarp and wesson oil.

Isn't a Technicolor™ snork kind of messy if you miss the porcelain god?

Yer darn tootin', CH. ;-)

Oops. Wrong thread. See Cat Flatulence. Do not inhale.

never too late for that casey,(you are talking about a slip and slide right?)

Sure Gad, whatever you say!

Gad... ampersand#153;

(Or you can do it the easy way, Jersey: ™)

Gadfly you can do it like this too:

Word ampersand trade ;<--(comma) (without the spaces) = trademark

word & trade ;


Souixie, CH & Jersey, nothing like a lot of technical mumbo jumbo to make me take my tarp and go home....

Thanx, Siouxie and CH... much easier to remember.

*waves at casey*

You forgot your Wesson. ;-)

Thanx Jerseygirl!, though I did have to google™ it to figure out what you were talking about

No, no! Stay! I still needed that backrub!

awww casey! it's not all real technical...just a few codes here and there.

What is this "codes" of which you speak?

C'mere Clean. All your back are belong to us.

What - I finally get here and the Wesson's gone home? Damn.

It's OK DeskDiva. I have BODY BUTTER!!! Ta Da!

So ... are these "right wing" pigeons, or "left wing" pigeons?

(Macs can do ™ with a simple alt + @ ... merely ... uncoded ...)

mmmmmm,...bacon body butter??

/OT on this thread

LOL @ Prairie Dog's crunchy frogs homage to Python back on the icky frog thread. It reminds me of an Engrish t-shirt worn by a student at a school where I taught ESL: Crispy Gal. Said student looked stunned when I told her it translated to something like woman with texture of tempura.

/BOT (not the bot, NTTAWWT)

Carry on blogging.

Big deal....Ms. Jazzzz had one of these implanted in my brain bone years ago.

casey, I'm your slave forever. What flavor of Body Butter™ are we speaking of here?

I really do have body butter. No particular flavor. It's just this really, really thick lotion and it makes every foot and back rub something to remember forever!

I'm next! I'm next!

Ooh! Ooh! Do me! Do me!

*tosses bacon bits across the room*

Go smell that & move away C! she's doing ME next!!!

er...giving me a back rub, that is...

*gets popcorn, settles in to watch...*

Gonna try some of that "Body Butter" on that popcorn?

If the Japanese get hold of this technology, it's going to be "Tora! Tora! Tora!" all over again, mark my words...

I see a Gold Medal for China at the Beijing Olympics in synchronised swimming.

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