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February 27, 2007



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I saw this too! I was wondering if they could use this innovative technology to control squirrels, and it gets in the wrong hands Tancredo, we're DOMMED!!

No! We're not DOMMED! Say it ain't so!

Now we need to figure out how to get the implants into them naturally, like in their food. Then we can take over the entire pigeon population and make them attack people and stuff like that! Rob banks! Multiple remote controllers can command flocks of competing birds to fly into each other - or zoom over football fields in formations! The possibilities are endless!

... suppose this would work on Brittney?

LMAO oops...DOOMED!!


FIRST to make a typo on this thread...

DOMMED I tell you. DOMMED!

The scientists say it will only work on creatures with a certain minimum level of cognitive function, so Twitney and Paris are out. They can make Paris' little dog pee on her birthday cake though.

Again, Scientists doing really mean things to birdies for no good reason. Now if they could do that to some humans that might benefit mankind somehow.

But sometimes (everything in moderation) being DOMMED is fun.

Also, the Romote Control Pigeons are looking for a new frontman.

*smacks Hammie*

sheesh!!that was uncalled for!

can't we just make remote control robot pigeons?

Lol, hammie. You beat me to it. Some people have no sense of humar.

This is how I like to get DOMMED.

Oh! Dommed! I thought it was an instruction to Ed to do mm, shows you how stoopid I am.

"we had a deal....."

Judging by the weekly evidence on my truck, Dave, yes they can.

how about implanting electrodes in the Chinese leaders brains, then when we can control them successfully, we move on to the North Koreans.

Maybe that's what's happening to Bush! I'm sure he can't fly.

They can make Paris' little dog pee on her birthday cake though.

*sees we're making positive progress*

There's hope after all!

*steps back from ledge*

It found me! I don't know how but it found me! The bot has take to ambushing me on another blog!

Its TERMINATOR!!!Aaahhhhhhhh!!! The machines are taking over...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

*tosses up "n"*

Pigeons have brains? That's the real news here....

Excuuuse me! Mot!

I'm thinking carrier pigeon applications, here...

We talkin' bout Stool Pigeons here?

And the Lifetime EEEWWWWW!!! Achievement Award goes to ......*unseals envelope*.....Mr. Fisher!

this story reminds me of the spy cat

poor kitty.

No offence mm, I'm not implying that Ed would've got anywhere near succeeding.

I'm still trying to figure out why good money is being spent on getting pigeons to fly to the left and to the right on command.

I suspect that their next step will be primates, Mot. Then humans.

I am already under someone else's control

I'm afraid I'll never flap my arms fast enough to fly anywhere Hammond.

Mot: I imagine the intent - and I am wholly in favor of this - is to develop a flock of pigeons capable of performing an aerial electric slide.

Hammie, I'm afraid they've already mastered the art of behavioural manipulation on humans. For men it's beer commercials and for woman it's shoe sales.

Just hold this magic feather, Ex-Matt. Now go up on the roof.

You can fly! You can fly!

Did someone say Beer?

Screwed up on the feminine plural up there.

SHOES??? where?

Ouch. That didn't work. I'm thinking your magic feather is defective. Do you have another? And how long will a broken leg get me out of work for?

I rest my case. *smugly tucks thumbs into armpits*

Yes, someone said beer. But be careful, or there's this if you overdo it.

(Thanks for reminding me of this Dumbo scene, HR).

Today, pigeons; tomorrow, high school marching bands...

Brill, Meanie, and to think the original of that was done without a trace of CGI. The art has been lost somehow, I'll accept a wee little gumball.

In my family, DOM stands for Dirty Old Man. Take that as you will.

Can this technology be used to tell the pigeons to poop on someone else's car? Not that I'd have someone in mind. Nope. *smirk*

All you BDSM people out there, don't think we can't hear you giggling.

so what does DSL stand for?

Nurse Tammy - no, but breadcrumbs on the hood seem to doodoo the trick.

* giggle, giggle*

DSL = um, ..., ahhhh, ...
Sorry - I got nuttin.

*starts making stuff up*
dirty stinky loser?
dog slurped lovingly?
dad sorted laundry?
I got nothin'.

*makes note to save breadcrumbs for nefarious purposes no particular reason*

Sorry, Hammie...*I'm* not into 'Bird Doo Sado Masochism'

NTTAWWT (actually, there is)

Then again, I'm dommed so what do I know...

Siouxie, neither am I. I think it's kinda silly, but whatever two consenting mammals do in private is their own business.

I beliiiiieeeeeeve I can fllllyyyyy
I believe I can hit that guy
My colon squirts it all day every day
Spread my wings and it's bombs away
I beliiiieeeeeve I can soaaaaaarrrr
I'll fly and poop and then I'll poop some more
I beliiiiieeeeieve I can fffflly
I beliiieeeeeieve I can fllyyy
I beliiiiiiiiieeeeeve I can flllyy

They should straps lasers to their heads, just like they did to the sharks in Austin Powers.

*dommed if i do...dommed if i don't*

Dommed if you do and dommed if you don't, Sooz

Very nice, Gadfly Smelly!!

wow, outed and mindmelded in under 4 minutes

*feels woozy*

"WHAT is the carrying capacity of an unladen pidgeon?"

*wonders if the Chinese are planning to get pidgeons to carry suitcase nukes...*

Underground sources tell me that this technology has already been successfully applied by McD's against a competitor.

African or European pidgeon?

*retrieves spare 'd's from last post*

The government is making me type this.

Someone around here is insinuating that coconuts migrate!

Of course, if they did that, we have a defensive weapon available already.

ok that does it. i'm going to have to actually read the news item to keep up.

CH - apparently that weapon is classified.

Crudoops. Try this link instead.

Ahhh, the dreaded loopback

Ham - they COULD be carried!

Hammie, not at all...they could be carried.

^5 sbelle! almost mind meld!

Siouxiebelle - what's a nice grail like you doin' in a place like this?

Held under the dorsal guiding feathers.

*in awe of sportka - must have one*

Hmmm...Siouxiebelle. I like that name, Meanie!

very demure and lady-like...just like me.


Believe it or not, training seagulls to
relieve themselves on enemy periscopes
was actually considered by the British
Admiralty during WWI as a method of
dealing with the U-boat menace. . .


MtB - We're among the 4 score young blondes and brunettes, locked in the Castle Anthrax.

'scuse me - 8 score.

Hmmm, I wonder if any of the ladies in Castle Anthrax need punishing?

Yes. First, you must spank them. And after that, the 0ral s3x.

Woo! So glad that the thread went this direction... all it took was one gentle push, and we arrive expeditiously at the 0ral s3x.


Out of there, Gadfly.

A spanking! A Spanking!!

huh?, poop to porn in 85 posts, sounds about right

Doesn't usually take THAT long.

We're slipping, folks.

If we're slipping, it's all the Wesson oil.

yep, sbelle!

must be that global worming problem...

I blame flatulent cats, Siouxie.

I think we need to change the lubrication, we're not slipping fast enough, we tend to reach the gutter much quicker.

CH, you and that Wesson oil...sheesh.

Something like this, Mot?

We also seem to be having a lot of psychic simuls, I think we need some new victims blood on the blog. *Rubs hands and gets malevolent Mr. Burns look*

New post with Monty Python reference alert..

A chief chinese scientist named Xuecheng
put implants inside of a birds brain
his remote controlled flock
left the whole town in shock
when he left his initials in poopstain

**SNORK** @ Gadfly

*snorks* @ CH and Gadfly!

*slips & slides*


Poolpe Rain,
Poople Rain....

Getting ready to apply for the Program

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