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February 19, 2007


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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I thought you had standards, Dave.

I never thought I would actually feel sorry for Twitney, but I think this pretty much does it. Oh, well - there's a FIRST (?) time for everything.

Missed it by THAT much! Hey Siouxie - how's life treatin' you on this fine Monday afternoon?

It's almost getting too weird to be funny.

life is good, marfie!! how about yourself?? other than being posted on the article!! WTG!

i thought we weren't going to go there. can this tw@t go one day without making the news? and why is she newsworthy? carpet and drapes now match. that is all.

How am I? Hmmm, let's review the checklist:

Full head of hair? check
Not married/separated/divorced from K-Fud? check
Drug-free? check
Tatoo-free (NTTAWWT)? check
Skank-free? check

Life is GOOD!

Its like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I agree its no longer funny. She is soon on her way to the obituary page.

*throws extra "t" up for "tattoo"*

Can we petition the FBI to put the poor kids in preemptive witness protection? To protect them from witnessing this?

I used to think K-Fed was the lower end of this couple, but now, not so much. He might be a playa, but he's a below the radar, keeps his nose clean playa.

She's circling the drain.

she shouldn't have to worry about that. Her hair already clogged it.

Somebody stop her before FedEx gains custody of the children...a fate worse than Brit...And "going to have a mental breakdown?" In my off-the-clock professional opinion, we're already there, Scooter! Did anyone catch the report saying she didn't have a credit "car?" At least there was typo humor in this cesspool.

This is saddening. She may have not made the brightest decisions in her life, but she doesn't deserve this.

I hope someone cares enough to stage an intervention. Soon.

I seriously feel sorry for this girl. And for her kids.

Wait ! Her hair isn't really blonde? Who knew?

Maybe if Dave picked her as his running mate it would give her life some meaning.

Well, I think we all knew that when she did that there would be hell toupee.

Ohhhh Steve - that was so bad. I'm seriously pissed that I didn't think of it first.

That girl is seriously wigging out.

lol steve 24. Marfie - honorable mention.

Stevie: new bumper sticker:

From the Ridiculous to the Stub Slime

I'm beginning to cringe when I see the word "BULLETIN". Britney and Paris. (shudder) Why do I even click on these links?

Do you think maybe her kids would be better off being raised by wolves?

If Dave picked her as his running mate, that would certainly ensure his security! No one would want to attack him for fear that she'd be the president. (OK, Dave said something like this about Dan Quayle a few years ago.)

I wonder what Lindsey Lohan thinks about all this?

This one's crashing and burning at a really early age. Rather predictable though. Who's taking care of the kids? They need to be placed in protective custody. What a mess.

now the curtains match the rug

I can't help it -- must be a mom thing -- when I see her now I just want to wrap her in a blanket and make her a sandwich. Get well soon, Brit.

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