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February 22, 2007



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It's about time someone named a state amphibian in Washington!!!

There are newt and salamander lobbies?

Omigosh artchick, that was my first thought, too!

How many frogs does it take to make a chorus?

I was going to post a rant about the Washington State legislature wasting their time on this, and then I realized that I'm much happier that they're doing this sort of thing than the sort of thing they usually do.

That is all.

Let me just say that I, for one, am so glad to know our congress people are doing such a great job tackling the important issues!

90-3??, wow that vote was tighter than a pacific chorus frogs butt stretched over an oil drum!

And in support (HA!) of that..I\'ll even flash my \'s!!!

Just after introducing the measure, representative Williams took a moment out to read into the record the humorous contents of an email that he'd received from Austrailian politicial Brendan Pavier.

i'm gonna organize the gekkos to fight back.


Amphibians have their own state designation?! This is an injustice and an outrage!

Let 'em vote for a state amphibian. It kkeps 'em off the street and out of trouble.

What do I need to do to get MY state legislature to begin work on these important matters? Or the Federal Legislature, for that matter?

"Males make a "ri-bett," or "kreck-ek" sound when calling for females." Definitely beats: "Hey Baby, what's your sign?"

"all in favor, say 'ribbit'..."

My first impression upon glancing at the title was that they had finally come to their senses and voted Dave president by acclamation. Oh well, they still have a few months to get their act together.

On a 90-3 vote, with five lawmakers excused, the Washington House passed a measure designating the Pacific chorus frog as the state amphibian.

\"After the vote, they were seen snacking on a plate of frog \'taste\'s like chicken\' legs\"

This must have been another one of those closed-door, smoke-filled room deals, complete with greased palms and quid (not squid) pro quos.

Why wasn't the public toad?

KOW, do you think that, if elected, Dave will make alligators the national reptile?

*sics gator on 'bot* (ominous crunching sounds and fade to black....)

Hmmm...this tells me that the ratio of idiots to rational people in Washington state is 90 to 3...

Vivê le Estát Washington!

We had one of our local state legislators try to pass a resolution requiring eye tests for all sports officials, specifically the umps and refs at Razorback games....

Thankfully, it got shot down as just being kinda silly....

And I read where some legislator in North Dakota tried to pass a resolution honoring Bono of U2, but it got shot down since Bono has absolutely no connection to North Dakota.... I think the guy was just trying to get concert tickets.

The fact that nobody licks newts or salamanders swung it for the frogs.

Your tax dollars at work.

You mean 3 legislators actually felt strongly enough to oppose this? Hm.


The 3 against were probably just toadies for the salamaders and newts.


In a spontaneous public referendum, voters in Washington State have unanimously designated their House of Representatives as the offical State Orifice.

Spouse of State Rep: "Well dear how was your day? Di you help imprive educaiton? Fix the pot holes? Cut taxes?"

State Rep, "I'm exhausted, we had to vote for state amphibian today. I voted for frog. I need a nap."

Spouse of State Rep, "I want a divorce."

My mom always told me if I wasn't careful I'd put someone's i out ^^

DId you learn to spell? No. :(

i know who's responsible!

cg, I'm not looking unless you swear it's not a Manilow link. I mean, REALLY swear - on your cool framed cross (was that an old bowling trophy in there?) and everything.

i do solemnly swear that i would NEVER do a manilow link. and that's a softball trophy.

But I would.

Personally, I don't approve of sex with animals with a cloven hoof. I do have some standards.

Gingrich was not available for comment on behalf of newts.

Oops, wrong thread again. The music was too loud on my DVD.

It's not easy being green!

Jazzzz...there goes the Tourette's again!

W132....scrotum licker!.....uh, I mean, sorry

*Cursing the bot for forcing me to post via proxy again, using terms that would make a Russian sailor turn borscht-red*

How about taking definitive action against the spammers that make \'bots a necessary part of online communities? I\'m thinking death penalty wouldn\'t be completely out of line here.

Oh, and *snork* @ The French.

hehehe...CH\'s showing his \'s too!!


So proxy servers don't like apostrophes without backslashes?

Meanie, I think it's just that that proxy server puts the slashes in when an apostrophe is used.

Proxy servers don\'t like apostrophes, period. Some might question why this is, but there is no exclamation.

!!! sure there is!!!

The newt lobby? hmmm...

Sthnbelle - Somewhere in the grand and cosmic depths, buried within the infinitesimal static charges and the radiating streams of 1s and 0s, there is a reason. Or maybe it's just all f\\\\ed up.

CH - you need to comma down.

*zips in*

Hey Jazzzz, is it time?

"How many frogs does it take to make a chorus?"

Bud - wei - ser. Three.


thanks, Stevie!

Meanie, the secrets of the interwebs are beyond me. I'll go with f\\\ed up.

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