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February 20, 2007


Toilet Bowl Teeth


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hmmm.. wonder if it's ok for your teeth to be as RED as the whites of your eyes... hmmmm?

I dropped my teeth in a toilet bowl once - does that count?

Chiclets? do they still make Chiclets? That was the closest I ever got to a natural looking white smile. :-D

I dropped Mr. C's teeth in the toilet bowl once. Does that count?

Mine look great under blacklights though...

My first thought was dangly bits could be in danger. I'm relieved to know they're safe.

Time for a Guinness (or 8)

*snorks* @ Mr. C and Annie!

*brushes teeth with TidyBowl and joins TBRFKAM in a dark brew*

hmmmm ... won't Guinness™ make your teeth brown?

nevermind ... who cares?

But what if your toilet is, say, a beige refugee from the 70s?

Honestly - I thought they were going to talk about 'toilet-bowl breath.'

btw - my dentist is quite unattractive, but do I complain? Of course I do.

I don't like having to look at toilet bowl teeth. I wish their owner would remember to put the lip down.

I hate it when they forget to flush brush.

AWBH....that would be "bidet breath"


I forsee a new saying: "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their teeth!"

*Geezer Alert* Anyone remember The Flying Machine?

You really should accept
This time you’ve gone too far
Too late to go back now
Even though your smile’s bizarre
So, darling, dry your eyes
Those teeth you can’t disguise
You’d give the world I know
To lose that neon glow

Oh, c’mon, smile a skim milk smile for me
Honey, please
There’s no use in cryin’
Now they’re so bright I can’t see
Honey, please
Do not keep applyin’

I know your teeth hurt a lot
I know, darling, you’re distraught, but
Smile a skim milk smile for me,
Honey, please; honey, please

I guess you’re only now
Starting to understand
The dentist’s gel somehow
Whitened much more than you planned
You had a pretty grin
I hope you have thick skin
Cuz girl, I’ve just begun
To poke a little fun

Oh, c’mon, smile a skim milk smile for me
Honey, please
There’s no use in cryin’
Now they’re so bright I can’t see
Honey, please,
No, don't say you’re dyin’
Smile a skim milk smile for me,
Honey, please; honey, please

OK, "Toilet Bowl Teeth" would not, but "Skim Milk Smile" WBAGNFARB! Just sayin'

hey, wait a minute...my first house (in the early '70s)had lavender-coloured "fixtures" in the main bathroom...we also had a rakeable shag rug in the living room...I don't recall lusting for purple teeth back then. And now...well I guess we have the American Standard (TM thingie) bone-coloured fixtures in all four bathrooms....does this mean I have to work towards getting my teeth LESS white?

Merely wondering...

Beige Refugee. Bread meets Foreigner?

Wish my teeth were as white as bone porcelain the head on a Guinness.

Or Air Supply meets Petty.

Some of my patients have purple-black teeth. One particular shift in rural Georgia I was astounded when I figured out that if you put all of the natural teeth from all of my patients that you still wouldn't have a full set (32 in adults).


Really slow blog day?

"Anyone remember The Flying Machine?"

Sher do, ducky! XLNT!!

ooh ooh .. I got one comin'..but not til later...

*snorks* @ Ducky and 3D, just YIKES!

I'm with Lard; 'Skim Milk Smile' WBAGNFARB!

*prepares to hit "Snork at Stevie W" button*

Some friends back in the early 70s had a combination of avocado and grape porcelain. In their house, not their mouths.

But for real fun, it was hard to beat polyester. In Houston. In the summer (every month but February).

Now I live west of Chicago. And listen to Infected Mushroom (Techno For Dummies). I have white sinks and toilets. Life is good.

Old Peculier, anyone?

lol, ddd. You're too kind.

Remember when Ross whitened a little too much?

Thanks, Stevie & CJ! Stevie, can't wait to see the fruits of your labors (but don't hurt yourself)!

*snork* at dwv!
*Reminisces about wearing polyester in San Antonio*
*fans self*

I have some pics from Extreme Makeover pics, the password is bali.

*waves at bali* Yay!

Look at me, I made a linky! Woo Hoo!

Had to repost to change my url back- I'm not sure how I ended up with 2 blogs, but there you go. New posts for the eagerly awaiting, with special picture by male docling.

*Wishes Stevie W would hurry- my finger is getting tired on the button*

bali, did you see Sunday's Extreme Makeover? They did a house here in Austin! Wish I'd known when they were here!

BTW, there are quite a few other, um, interesting pics there. It took me a minute to find the EMHE subfolder up at the top of the page.

Just click on EMHE album! Yeesh!

I had no idea what she meant JD- glad you pointed it out!

They did one of their (not they're) shows near us in Detroit. One of our nurses had a HUGE crush on Ty and went out there (not their) every day! She brought us close-up pictures of his bluejeaned butt.

We loved it when she came in.

I don't know bali, some of those pics were so interesting I didn't even see a EMHE album! ;)

Thanks, Ducks!

*snorks* at ddd & El!

*Worked really hard on her song, and wishes more people remembered The Flying Machine*

bali - great pix! Isn't this the one where the tank flattens the wrong house? The tank operator couldn't see the address, so they told him it was the one with a hound dog out front, an old Chevy on blocks out in the grass, and a still around back. Naturally, in Oklahomie, that don't whittle it down too much.

Sorry, JD - I don't remember, but it sounds cool. Besides, as a child, I was musically ignant.

LOL! Nope, but the tank DID get pretty close to the house next door. The builder got pretty nervous and yelled "Hey, we just have enough lumber for one house!" Best funny moment, Tracy was looking for her hard hat, and the guy behind me said "I got somethin'. It's kinda hard." Laughed my a$$ off!

*snork* at bali! You must have had such fun!

Annie, I know what you mean. That's why I put both of my kids in band. The Flying Machine's "Smile a Little Smile for Me, Rosemarie" came out before I was in high school, but I really enjoy 60's music.

*still has geezer bus pass*

*puts finger away for another day*

I'll have to snork at Stevie tomorrow. Getting late here- see y'all tomorrow!

Nighty-night, ddd! Sweet dreams!

Wow, bali - that was some...um...pumpkin, yeah, that's what it was....

*snork* @ bali's 'hard' comment.

Sorry to disappoint; it's just not coming. It was going to be "Beauty's Only Skim Teeth," based on the Temptations' early hit, "Beauty's Only Skin Deep," which may be even less-remembered than "Smile a Little Smile For Me," though the group was a jillion times more popular.

So instead, I will ultratackily and unabashedly reprise one from late late last night which you may have missed, with apologies to Pat Benatar:

Well, your revealed muff-cookie’s got no more mystery
Displayin’ private parts to the paparazzi
That’s okay, let’s see how you shaved it
Pull down your skirt, that thing is over-rated

Britney is the best twat
Britney is the best twat
Britney is the best twat
Fly her away

You’re slummin’ in your Hummer, choppin' off your hair
Drop your locks, and leave ‘em there
Go next door for some more tattoos
It’s time you put down all the pills and booze

Britney is the best twat
You know that Britney is the best twat
Britney is the best twat
Fly her away

You had a real short friendship with that nut Miss Lindsey
And even Paris Hilton thought you’re too ditzy
Before you slip another notch, listen up amiga
You better pack up and get back to Antigua

Britney is the best twat (Hoo-hah!)
Britney is the best twat
Britney is the best twat
Fly her away

well, while on the topic of rock bands:
fivver and I had a little conversation about "snorks in heaven" being a GNFARB or praise & worship group.

Stevie, I will find a way to get even for that earworm/mental image. I will do shots of brain bleach for a little while, and when my chi is less ruffled (plaid taffeta, no less) I will plot this vengeance...

Be afraid.


*maniacal laughter echoes around empty blog, frightening the new coffeemaker into fainting*

*apologetically places large container of chocolate-covered expresso beans on blog table in case coffeemaker doesn't recover*

*slowly backs away*

"I will plot this vengeance...Be afraid."

I do not scare that easily, Tammy. I will remain armed with my tattoos of a silver stake and a pink crucifix.

*takes another shot of brain bleach*

Hey - I paid good money for those. Almost cut my hair!

Vengeance WILL be mine.
*stabs Stevie voodoo doll in eye with toothpick*

Thank goodness I just switched to hard contacts.

*pours grit on Stevie voodoo doll contact lenses*

Go torture Mr. Nurse. At least he gets the good with the bad.

Jeez, are you guys still up? Tammy I can understand but Stevie???

You can understand NT? You're one in a million.

I'm about to turn in. (I'm a west coaster).

(Thank goodness the tag team has arrived. Careful, mot. She's in a mood.)

Hey there's absolutely nothin' wrong with fiesty wimmin. 'nite Stevie

This is like swimming through treacle, it takes 3 to 4 minutes to do a posting.

1. Mr Nurse has consulted his calendar and sees the wisdom of being very nonoffensive in a non-patronizing and placatory fashion. Besides, I already tortured him.
2. I am not meant to be understood. I don't even understand me. How does Mot accomplish this herculean task?
3. There is no three.
4. I am a woman of many moods, most of them bad. My favorite tea mug says "I look good in black, it matches my mood"
5. Sounds like Mot has some experience with feisty womenfolk. Perhaps Feisty Womenfolk WBAGNFA girl group.
6. Swimming through treacle sounds kinky. Should I be reading this? (moral of the story: if you have to ask, the answer is probably "no".


Fiesty women seems to be a family trait, apparently little Bronwyn lost her temper when they tried to wash her hair. "I see trouble on the rise"

She's going to be quite the little firecracker. You might want to start innvesting in quality body armor.

Congrats Mot!! Sounds like a spirited lass...I am getting ready to start looking at Denver's weather for you, and I've already forgotten what day it is you are flying into Atlanta. I wrote it down, and one of my coworkers seems to have misplaced it!

You gotta watch out fer them theivin' co-workers. Especially if coffee or chocolate is involved. I have no clue what they or the mysterious office gremlin would want with an innocuous, insignificant scrap of paper, though...

OT: I blame mud for this. Does this mean the butt snake has been replaced?

Hi Wxgurl, I've been wondering where you've been. You've got a lot to answer for missy. We're having a heat wave, (98.6 degrees) and Favio seems hell bent on strijing the Mocambique coast soon.

Believe me, Favio is my bitter enemy right now. Also have another storm in the Indian Ocean that has now been names Gamede, and another one just to the east about to go tropical on me! Sorry about your heat wave. I called in all my favors with the Weather Fairies, and they still won't listen!

This is also somehow mud's fault.

BTW, we fly out of Jo,burg on Friday 03/02/ and get to Atlanta the next day, from there on to NY for Saturday and Sunday night. We fly to Denver via Cincinnati on Monday evening 03/05. We'll be in Denver for the rest of March.

Mmmmm. Thought you were blaming the weather on Mud Tammy, I dunno but Mud seems to be off his medication recently and is even wierder than normal. Maybe Mud and normal should not be used in the same sentence.

Alrighty Mot, I have emailed myself your days, and will begin a forecast in the next day or two....it will, of course, be subject to change at any moment! (Just a typical weather clause there!) The closer I get to the end of the month the better the forecast will be.

1) I remember Smile A Little Smile For Me! Nice job, JD!
2) Pre-SNORK!@ Stevie - there will surely be more to follow.
3) [I can't say it]
4) MOT, NT & others: If you've never heard of these, er, guys, check 'em out. Outrageously fun and talented.
5) Good morning!

Meanie, they sound absolutely delightful. Of course the chances of finding their CD's on this side of the world are worse than me falling pregnant. I'll have to see about trying to get them during my travels.

SNORK@ya later, I'm off to the mine.

Mornin'! Breakfast is coffee and girl scout cookies. Soamoas, All Abouts, Thin Mints (all tm thingies) and add your favorites. Nothing healthy this morning.
Lotsa coffee, though, 100% colombian.

*spots some bliglits snorting 100% pure columbian, wonders if MrsTheBlog is somehow connected*

Coffee. Coffee! What did you think I meant? *Hmph!*

mm, I'm not familiar with Soamoas and All Abouts. I know about Samoosas however.

ok I'll show you mine, if...no wait! Samoas are cookies with a minimum of cookie covered in caramel, chocolate, and coconut. More like a piece of candy, really. What is a samoosa?

A Samoosa is like a tortilla filled with spicy stuff folded into a triangle. The spicy stuff could be curried mutton, beef, chicken, potato etc. It is a traditional Indian snack. Very popular wherever there are Indian communities.

Mmmmmmm. I'll have one of each. Actually, samoas are really tiny, so I'll have to have a few of those.

Ok we get samoas here too but I think they're known by another name here.

I think samosas and cookies for breakfast sounds like a good idea. Savory and sweet, mmmm. I have a couple of each, thanks.

I was just reading that in our area robbers are using hot coffee as a weapon in convenience store robberies. They are getting a cuppa from the coffee area, then throwing it in the face of the clerk as the register is opened. Scary to be a convenience store clerk.

This might work on the bot, however. I'm sure the old coffeemaker would cooperate.

The bot is definitely in its cranky time. This must be busy prime-time somewhere.

Mornin' people!!

mm! Mot the Hoople Grandaddy! Tammy!

Mot, how's the baby motlette doing?? and mom?

I LOVE the Indian samoosas or samoas or however you spell it. Not so much the cookie version. I don't like coconut as a dessert. Coconut milk, yes and the actual coconut "meat"...yes. Nothing sweet though.

Anywho...where's the coffee???

mm, robbers in the rest of the world have a long way to go before they even come close to the ones we get here. Using food as weapons is old hat here. One of the new tricks is to throw raw eggs and bacon onto your windshield as they drive past. You automatically switch on your wipers and promptly create a totally opague smear on your windshield, so you pull over and then they nail you and hijack your car.

Sooz, mom and daughter are doing well, little Bronwyn weighed in at 7 lb 10 oz and we saw her on the webcam last night. I'm already totally besotted and can't wait to spoil her rotten pick her up and cuddle her.

Good evening everyone.

Morning all!

Miss you guys - new job has been extremely intense. My brain is heavy with new information - and it kinda throbs a little.

Will check in when I can!

Congrats to Mot!!!!!!!

congrats mot!
wishes someone would throw breakfast at her car as she drives to work.
if no one wants the thin mints, can i have them all? one package is about right for a serving.

Awwww.....you mentioned her surname is Garcia?? That is my maiden name...my Dad's. Is daughter's husband hispanic? I may have missed if you've said this before.

Btw...we are anxiously awaiting photos of this new little motlette. So take plenty.

Mornin' FAW!

Mornin' Punkin!! missssssssss youuuuuuu!!! smooochies!

Mornin' cg!

Morning, blogits!

TH.com guy just saved my emailing fingers a lot of work.

Yup, son-in-law is of (mostly) Hispanic descent with the rest WASP and a teeny bit of Native American.

Mot do you have any little mots in school? I know its hard enough moving but its twice as hard with kids in school and even more so in the middle of the year and going to another culture.

TH Guy, please check your email in a minute. Thanks.

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