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February 22, 2007


Goat sex.


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"If you can't have a joke at Christmas time with your mates ... it is un-Australian," he said. "

ahhh, christmas porn jokes, just like dear ole dad used to make.

Cheney is on his way to Oz. Just have him take everyone out hunting when he gets there. I'm sure this can all be sorted out.

During all of our flaming bokken chatter over the holidays, wasn't there a poster called "goatf*****downunder"?


Mr. Blog,
I understand that there will be an article by you in tomorrow's Herald about Anna Nicole Smith. Is there any chance that the blog will get an advance copy?


Okay, so who's going to re-print the joke here? Or at least some linkage to it?

Just what is that country coming to when an innocent joke involving goat sex gets everyone's panties in a wad? I tell you, this is taking political correctness too far!

Now if it were sheep, he may not have gotten in as much trouble.

Today: Goat and its sex life story.

Tomorrow: Cow and her sexy life story

I bet it was a really Baaaaaad joke (like this one!).

BTW, note that so far I have managed to avoid the gentle killer hornets and I suspect you other bloggers missed my post saying enough with the jokes about France surrendering. ;-))

And I'm sure the French would like to point out that the US is a big country with Mexico and Canada bordering it, not Germany. When did either threaten to invade? OK, Mexico, but that's immigration, not invasion. ;-)

They would also like it noted that they now have a nuclear navy that kicks butt.

Vive la France!

Merci pour votre attention. ;-)

That simply was a baaaaaaaaad idea on his part.

I guess in Oz they take sex with farm animals seriously.

"If you can't have a joke at Christmas time with your mates ... it is un-Australian," he said.

Talk about your creeping fascism! Australia is getting positively... American, and not in a good way.

There once was a pol from Australia
Whose humorous side never failed ya
But his off-color joke
About poking a goat
Put the kibosh on his campaign trail, ah.

Sorry. [wanders off in search of more coffee]

Deck the calls with jokes of folly,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.
Tis the season to film Dolly,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.

Dialing now his mates in Contacts,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.
Scroll the text, with photos attached
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.

See the pleading fool implore us,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.
Privacy completely porous.
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.

Follow up punitive measures,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.
While he seeks the flesh's pleasure,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.

Fast away the career passes,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.
Grit your teeth, endorse the b@stids,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.

Sing we joyous, all together,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.
C'est la vie, let's don the leather,
Baa baa baa baa baa, baa baa baa baa.

*snork snork snork*

Is this working??? cuz I\\\'m LOVING the bot today!!!!

Meanie: I think you've penned a new Kristmas Klassic. You should forward it to Sweden, immediately.

Lol, lairbo and meanie.

LMAO good one, Meanie!

Oh Sioux, not the slashes AGAIN!

Brill! Meanie. I wonder if the SMS joke included the bit about tucking the back legs of the goat into your wellies.

yep, ec! IP banned again....lucky me! Hey I\'m happy to be there even If I show my \'s

Labor party? Not Labour?

She's ovine
Wish she were mine
That lithesome goat over there
The one with the hind so fair...

(apologies to the Chiffons)

Was a can of orange spray paint involved?

StvW: I think you have to apologize to more than just the Chiffons...

I also think that Brenton Pavier's upcoming autobiography should be entitled "Look Back in Angora."

Off to bed, and hopefully no dreams of naughty ungulate action. *shudder*

Mr Jaeschke (The Sacker) MUST have been in that video!

NT you might try counting sheep. Or maybe not.

G'night Nurse Tammy!

PS. Please move the louffa sponge in your shower about an inch to the left.

Typepoop update: I have received a reply from their tech support. They will be reporting my IP address again for whitelisting.

I am not holding my breath.

It\\\'s cold here. That is all.

We can tell, Siouxie. ;)


Here in Washington, DC, we frown on goat sex, but a male page is always up our alleys.

Goat Porn => Patron Go => Pant or Go => Goop Rant => Top Groan

***SNORK*** @ Hammie

Siouxie! Girl, put them pointy things away! Everyone can see.

poor guy was obviously kidding

I sent an Update link in which included the actual text message. Hopefully DB/SB will spot it. If it doesn't turn up I will post it over on Blogits [thanks THCguy!].

Hey, not all of us object to that, Suzy! EG™

mudstuffin is back to crack wise bring you the rhymes - talkin\' smack - that robot is wack - this you realize, i gonna tell you no lies - here come that rhyme about which you fantasize - the proxy server gave me admission so that the blog won\'t miss submission of juvenile verse - can\'t get no worse - a day without your mudder is a 24 hour curse - the bot he got nothin\' can\'t keep up with old mudstuffin - he give props where props is due and now he gonna shout out to the rest of the crew you got tammy (in her shirt a double whammy) cut and paste for me some nasty rhymes without being asked you got clean hands give mudstuffin a clue about the proxy server and how to bust on through and in the nick of time - you know i gotta rhyme - i started posting this crap eventually to find i\'m addicted (i said ad-dic-ted) sweep your mind up out the gutter contemplate what i have said

really. i was about to overload and start talking in rhyme around the office which would not have been good. not good at all.

wooo hoooo! mud\'s showing his \'s too!!!

welcome to my h*ll!!!

Mud, baby - you're back! YAY!!!!!!!!

I had that happen to me once too. I sent out a dirty joke to several friends (including a couple of girls). No one thought the joke was as funny as I did and I lost friends and my girlfriend because of it. Moral of the story: political correctness is now international.

Speaking of goat sex, whatever happened to Federal Duck?

I posted on the wrong thread, but it wasn't worth it anyway.

Farm Sluts..

And for the love of JHVH do NOT click here. Seriously, don't. It's apropos, but it's completely horrible and NSFW and all that.

You have been warned.

Seriously, don't click the second link.

Otis is right, and not because I clicked there now, but because I have learned and never forgotten.



Seriously though, it's the first thing that popped into my head when I RTFA.

And yes, with modern meds you can actually have a relatively high-function lifestyle after experiencing that...

(and don't ask about tubgirl, I'm warning you...)

No, otis, I didn't click it, but I did once from an email, and someone earlier in this thread posted a Wikipedia link that reminded me of it. So when I checked out the URL of your link I knew what it was without clicking.

Don't wanna know 'bout no tubgirl.

Yes, mouseover is definitely your friend.. ;)

That Farm Sluts video came out awhile ago, it's got Chris Parnell and it's actually pretty funny... And is relatively SFW.

Otis, that 'Farm Sluts' was great! I actually watched the whole thing.

That "Farm Sluts" video was just awsomeful. I couldn't watch it all in one sitting, it was so bad. I think I watched in 4 minute increments or something like that. *preps handbasket*

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